I DON'T OWN Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 because I'm not that awesome. Best Endings (YOU MUST GIVE THEM THEIR GIFTS ON A DATE *I. This would be my first ever post and guide here (○´ω`○) This would be my guide for the dating sim "Kaleidoscope 2" by Mayuiki. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 1 ok ok ok YAOI!

It was then that he retreated to his room and settled down in his bed to read a book. It wasn't that she was annoying; it was just that all the sudden she wanted to him to be there, and almost immediately decided to try and insult Xam right in front of him. Kai always dressed up too, usually in some sort of casual sports jacket or suit. Kai grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside the apartment, shutting and locking the door tightly. Kai knew already so what was the point?

There was a wallet sitting on the table with his name on it as well. There was just something about them, or maybe that it was just that they were female, but he didn't like them. They would go to the park or just walk. This isn't very good. This was different—the look in Cero's eye was one of love and care. Was everyone here in Dream World dead?

Back in the small house with his name on it, he crawled into the bed and went to really sleep. But Cero smiled, "I'd like to go home now. But I came into the building and I heard a voice telling me that it was the last day! But Kai still didn't slow. But apparently he stood quiet enough as he heard Riri's angry voice come out beneath her breath. But as he walked away, then dared to look back, it wasn't there anymore.

Cero didn't say a word then, his mind wandering in the thoughts of death. Cero followed to continue talking. Cero had no last minute gift, no last minute plans. Cero huffed, "I don't know, I've been trying to cure myself," he said.

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  • Soffie nodded, "I can see that.
  • Page 2, glasses black vest checkered vest, page 3 red tie necklace and red marble.
  • " I said make it up to me, and that means I want you to suck," he growled.
"Hello," she chimed back, "I'm Rylee, nice to meet youuh Cero was it?

He didn't want to stand still upon finally coming out to see what there was to offer, and he was jittery as they walked down along the street, but part of it was nerves. He had nothing left anymore. He knew the doctor was being a bit negligent, but he didn't care. He liked being like this, and he was sure he'd still be able to help from here. He looked at the wonderful landscape Cero had painted, then laughed. He might not be here when Cero returned in the morning.

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What Cero didn't realize, is that when he woke up the next day and stretched, yawning away the groggy feeling of the morning, that it was day three, and not day two like he thought. When I first got here, I passed out," he said. When he finally pulled himself from his sulking a day later, he came to find that he'd really been gone for 30 days, asleep in his bed for that long.

Buy me something then—a black vest. Cero chuckled, Xam was trying so hard, "They'd look good on you," he commented. Cero definitely knew he was starting to like this guy a lot, maybe more than he should have. Cero didn't protest that, even though he hadn't even tried to do that.

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"Stop chatting, if you're here you'd better buy something," he said. "There was no time forlove," he muttered. "They are amazing" he muttered, entranced. "Try eating another mushroom! "Um" came Xam's quiet confusion, but it was enough to make Cero jerk his hand back. "Xam" he whispered and let his forehead hit the door, watching it vanish before his eyes. "Yeah, the one you so rudely trapped me in," he teased.

It made Cero shudder, watching as Xam's eyes slowly drooped and he got more enthusiastic in sucking, soon even forgetting why it was he brought the fingers into his mouth. It made Xam's lips perk up very little into a smile. It quickly became heated and they began to feel each other.

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Within minutes, Xam was wrapped completely around Cero and being taken to his bed where they fell together. Xam chuckled and kissed the wonderful brown hair, "I don't regret it," he said and pointed to a spot on the canvas, right in the grass. Xam couldn't have been happier and he put away his apron, clocked out, and barely controlled himself from dashing right out to meet Kai. Xam didn't react the way he should've; he should've been so excited and jumped around to embrace Cero as well.

After that, Xam really saw what this was about, and it was about ways to get more money out of people, ways to use them. Again, totally embarrassed, Xam pushed Cero off and rolled into his side to pout. Also having an issue saving as well. And because this lack of sleep was affecting his health, he wore a stylish yellow belt to match his outfit; it had a diamond pattern on one side and the other was a mix-mash of buckles. And from there things got worse.

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He opened his eyes and sat up, looking around. He remembered being asked that a few times as well. He used the blanket to clean them both off before tossing it off somewhere. He walked calmly to the convertible and climbed into the passenger seat.

That worried Cero now—had he done something wrong? The mushroom went silent for a moment, thinking about what had happened. The very same vial he had come into contact with a year ago. The whole thing was a dream; it had to be a dream. Then he shook his head, "And I never used you.

Kai was never impressed with him to say the least, and would drop the bag of chips along with the soda bottle on the counter, then turn his back and lean his finely muscled rear against it to talk with his boyfriend. Make sure you get your sleep, and I'll work to help bring in money," he smiled. Making money is also very simplistic and boring. Maybe you should make some money and buy some stuff," he teased. Nothing too new or interesting.

When he woke up, Cero was lying on a couch in what looked to be a modern apartment, but it definitely wasn't as the window showed a picture of the city that was outside, and, now that he had a chance to look, was more like a photo than a real city. When it wasn't working, he used his feet instead, but finally got them off. With a sudden jerk, Cero woke up.

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"Maybeif we get closer," Soffie muttered and shrugged. "Perhapsyou should go and rest," she smiled, signaling that was all for the day.

Xam gave a sigh then, but smiled, "You're a horrible customer. Xam hadn't softened at all through the entire tirade about what had happened, but upon hearing that, his shoulders drooped a little bit and his frown seemingly disappeared. Xam moved closer too, his hand going to rest on Cero's bare chest, his eyes slipping closed as their lips touched in a sweet and innocent kiss. Xam was becoming more sure of himself the longer Cero stayed with him. Xam was nowhere to be found.

  1. " Will you ever leave me?
  2. " Xam asked again about the shop, for as far as he knew, Cero hadn't purchased a thing.
  3. "You know, you would look great with a red tie" Xam suddenly said, hiding behind the glass of his drink now when he said it. "You weren't always, uh, speech-impaired? "You're a terrible customer," he added, but of course he didn't mean it either. Absolutely no improvement from the first game except that making money in the "Luck" room is slightly less boring.

    If it could be called morning, it looked more like the evening, with a dark gray sky and the wind blowing. Inside was her name and fifty dollars. Instead of wandering the isles like always, he went straight to the back and opened the freezer. It doesn't need to be sad, looking for inspiration and love is special," she said, pulling her knees to her chest and leaning against them.

    "Hey, you," she said and waved Cero over and onto the beach."I can't wait to explore," she smiled and moved towards the building in front of her."I mean, it's another vict—customer for me, right?

    Cero stood up then and smiled, "well, thank you. Cero waited a moment before sitting down beside him. Cero walked over and bent over the counter to look down at Xam, who was again humming a tune and subtly swaying to it.

    He was having a hard time not just leaving at this point. He was immediately met with the moist air of the waves, low tide seeming to come to an end as the moved up onto the beach. He was in some sort of city, but it didn't look like any city he'd ever seen before.

    Cero was gone, he wasn't there anymore, after he promised to be there for Xam, not even the day before. Cero was starting to worry about Xam, more than he before. Come to the Beach with me," she coaxed and tried to pull Cero. Did the power go out? Don't you care about me? Even though I had never asked, you wanted to! Eventually he let them close and a sound sleep came to him.

    He was on some sort of a balcony and at the rail-less edge was a girl with long fiery hair, tied into a low pony-tail and a headband to keep her bangs spiked up away from her face. He was recognizable by the roar of his sports car's engine. Hidden behind his mask of anger was pain, and he could see it clearly in those eyes. His goal today was to find some way to fall asleep, something that could force him into dreamland again; anything to get some sleep.

    Everything I needed, the man who wanted to care for me! He decided to try on Riri again, as she was the only one he hadn't actually had a conversation with, so he should at least give a thought. He didn't see how that could happen, but he shrugged it off.

    1. " he called out and waited.
    2. " he cried the name over again, his eyes welling up with tears at the thought that he was going to be the person that left him behind without a goodbye, a second word to tell him he was sorry or that he cared.
    3. "Ah, sorry," he chuckled and stood up, helping Xam to his feet too.
    4. "And I'd slip them on your face," he continued and opened the glasses up to do just that, slipping them onto Xam's face and over his ears to rest gently.
    5. "Do youreally want to know more?
    6. It simply read his name. It took some time, but soon Xam was groaning instead of wincing, and his little hips moved to try to get more inside. It was an awkward moment and he had to move off Xam to do it, but the longer he went at it, the better it got. It was new to see Xam keep eye contact locked, but he did as he gingerly sucked on the fingers, moving his tongue around them, between them—coating them wonderfully in saliva.

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      You should get to sleep," Xam smiled and stood up, pulling Cero up as well.

      But he did return every week, and at first, Xam had a hard time judging if this man was straight or not. But he knew it now, the room he had had a year ago in the Dream World. But he wasn't about to spill out that story to Soffie. But it didn't take long to find him as Cero was tackled into the water. But the next thing he knew, this knot had formed in his stomach and he groaned outright, tossing his head back with his quick orgasm. But there was no one.

      His nervousness showed and Xam sat up slightly, taking Cero's wrist with his hand and pulling it to himself, placing it on his chest. His story wasn't for her. How could this possibly happen to him? However, when she woke up, she was in an unfamiliar place. Hugging back would've been murder the way Cero was holding him, his face buried into Xam's neck and arms wrapped tightly around Xam's own arms as well as his waist. I don't think I have enough money for anything yet," she smiled.

      She looked in amazement at the other side of the river to see lots of mushrooms. Soffie shook her head, "Oh! Soffie shrugged, "You were a human once. Suddenly, Xam's chin was taken into Cero's hand and he moved his own fingers, exploring Xam's mouth with them, thrusting them in and out. That last sentence had shocked Xam a little.

      • " Cero said, but suddenly went quiet.
      • " Now, why don't you make it up to me—having the audacity to mock my wealth with your absolute disgusting poverty," Kai growled and moved his hips.
      • " That's what you decided to look like today?

      One of the most beautiful original Flash dating simulations, created by artist Mayuiki. People find this review helpful! She chuckled weakly, "Well, did you find what you were looking for?

      Cero jerked, then nodded, "Yeah right, that's the rule," he sighed. Cero let his hand be taken now, and his pinky and thumb bent to leave just this other three fingers up. Cero looked around; he was indeed on a beach. Cero pouted, "Thanks for the reminder, missy," he huffed and sighed again. Cero shook his head though. Cero smiled and leaned down again to kiss Xam, "Me neither," he whispered against those smooth lips. Cero smiled, "Wow, like Magic?

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