Open and honest government is fundamental to a free society. The Idaho Legislature formalized our state's commitment to open government by enacting the Idaho Open Meeting Law in 1974. My Office is committed to assisting Idaho's state and local officials in complying with their obligation under this law. Executive sessions — When authorized.

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Answer: It must be noted that executive sessions take place only at meetings. Answer: No decision at any meeting of a governing body of a public agency may be made by secret ballot. Answer: The governing body should follow the steps outlined in Idaho Code § 67-2347(7) to "cure" the violation. Answer: What constitutes an "agenda" to satisfy the posting requirement is not set forth in the Open Meeting Law.

Answer: For "special meetings," or when only an "executive session" will be held, meeting and agenda notice must be posted at least twenty-four (24) hours before the meeting, unless an emergency exists. Answer: If a voice vote is taken, the minutes of the meeting must reflect the results of all votes, but the minutes need not indicate how each member voted, unless a member of the governing body requests such an indication.

What I do not support is using public dollars to reward a corporation for something they could do for free (set up a conservation easement on their own, allow public access and harvest timber). What are the notice requirements of the Open Meeting Law? What commissioners do after that, he couldn’t say. Who enforces the Open Meeting Law?

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  • (i) To engage in communications with a representative of the public agency's risk manager or insurance provider to discuss the adjustment of a pending claim or prevention of a claim imminently likely to be filed.
  • "4 "Public agency" is defined to encompass various categories of governmental entities and subdivisions at all levels of government.
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  • Thus, even if a statute requires all meetings of a governing body to be open, executive sessions may still be held.

Further, any subsequent negotiation sessions may continue without further public notice, notwithstanding the notice requirements of section 67-2343. Gigray explained he felt there shouldn’t be a cloud over the board’s candidate selection. Gigray said it was his understanding the error concerned how the agenda reflected the meeting. Idaho Code § 67-2341(1) (emphasis added). Idaho State Dep't of Agriculture, 145 Idaho 164, 177 P.

It is the Attorney General's opinion that a public agency cannot conduct an executive session to consider general personnel matters, but can only meet in executive session to consider those specifically enumerated personnel matters found at section 67-2345(1)(a) and (b); that is, "to consider hiring a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent" or "to consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member, individual agent or public school student.

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An executive session may be held to consider acquiring an interest in real property that is not owned by a public agency.And it’s there for a reason, explained Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden on Tuesday night.
  • "relating to any matter on which foreseeable action will be taken, occur openly and publicly.
  • "relating to any matter on which foreseeable action will be taken, occur openly and publicly.
  • (The law) has helped us gain timely access to information,” he said, speaking to a crowd of citizens, reporters and government employees at the Spokesman Review building.

Section 67-2345(f) expressly provides that an executive session may be held "[t]o communicate with legal counsel for the public agency to discuss the legal ramifications of and legal options for pending litigation, or controversies not yet being litigated but imminently likely to be litigated. Similarly, members of a public board may not use computers or texting to conduct private conversations among themselves about board business.

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Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. County prosecuting attorneys enforce the Open Meeting Law in relation to the local public agencies within their respective jurisdictions. Currently, these panels are not required to let the public know when they're meeting, post an agenda or allow the public to attend the meeting.

  1. Accessible records include handwritten and typewritten documents, photographs, photostats, emails, phone texts and Facebook pages, property tax records and government credit cards.
  2. According to the Idaho Public Records Act all agencies that are considered part of the government of Idaho including both state and local agencies are covered with the exception of the state militia.
  3. According to the legislation, boards and commissions created by executive order would be subjected to the Idaho Open Meeting Law.
  4. The county commissioners did not talk to Stimson before they opposed the deal, Kelly said. The court held that this was a violation, stating that "Idaho's open meeting laws. The court held that, under the language "created by or pursuant to," it is not necessary that a statute, ordinance or other legislative act expressly create a subagency so long as there is an enabling provision which allows that subagency to come into existence at some future time.

    BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A measure expanding Idaho's open meeting laws has won unanimous support from House lawmakers. But the Freedom Foundation suggested the Legacy program is a part of a conspiracy. CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS (501C(3)) AND HOMEOWNER'S ASSOCIATIONS Question No.

    Idaho’s open meeting and public records laws might seem like dry subjects. If an executive session only will be held, a twenty-four (24) hour meeting and agenda notice shall be given according to the notice provisions stated in subsection (2) of this section and shall state the reason and the specific provision of law authorizing the executive session. If the Idaho Open Meeting Law is violated, the suit must be filed within 30 days of the violation.

    Any governing body member who knowingly violates a provision of this act is subject to a civil penalty of not more than five hundred dollars ($500). As a "list of things to be done, as items to be considered at a meeting, [usually] arranged in order of consideration. As explained above, members of the City Council are free to take phone calls from concerned citizens and listen to their opinions and arguments prior to a quasi-judicial proceeding.

    Since the substance of the telephone calls received by the members of the City Council was not recorded or disclosed at the public hearing, the Commission had no opportunity to rebut any evidence or arguments the City Council may have received from the callers. So long as a quorum is present and the intent is to deliberate or make a decision, then the meeting must be open.

    There, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) invited representatives from federal, state, and tribal agencies to a meeting to discuss issues surrounding crop residue burning. Therefore, in the event that unsolicited information is received and considered by a governing board member, the appropriate action is to disclose the source of the information and the substance of the information so that it may be included within the public record.

    Kane noted that though officials can be charged up to $500 for knowingly violating the open meeting law, they can avoid fees by admitting error and holding a meeting again properly. Kootenai County, a board of commissioners conducted a site visit to a proposed subdivision. Loertscher added that people are often surprised when he tells them that these panels are not required to let the public know when they're meeting, post an agenda or allow the public to attend the meeting.

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    These times vary, depending on the type of meeting being held. Tom Loertscher, a Republican from Iona, told the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday that councils, boards and commissions created by executive order should be subjected to the Idaho Open Meeting Law. Viewers with disabilities can get assistance accessing this station's FCC Public Inspection File by contacting the station with the information listed below.

    It is important to remember that section 67-2345(1) sets forth specific procedural steps to be followed in order to have a valid executive session.

    Why are you urging the state government to block us from concluding free-market agreements we have reached on the use of our property on a willing seller/willing buyer basis? You’ve been trusted with the public’s right to watch you conduct your business,” he said.

    It shall be a violation of this act to change the subject within the executive session to one not identified within the motion to enter the executive session or to any topic for which an executive session is not provided. It should be noted that the Open Meeting Law establishes circumstances where executive sessions are permissible. It's a time of year around James Madison's birthday, March 16, honoring his advocacy for the Bill of Rights. Just own it and fix it quickly,” Kane said.

    The only public agencies that are statutorily exempt from the Open Meeting Law are the courts and their agencies and divisions, the judicial council and the district magistrates commission. The only restriction on the use of open records is the creation of mailing or phoning lists. The procedure depends on when the agenda is amended.

    State bureaucrats, with the aid of timber interests who may stand to profit, are using federal and state money to advance the interests of green radicals — including funders of Greenpeace — in rural Idaho. Stimson CEO Andrew Miller, in a March 8 letter to the Freedom Foundation obtained by the Idaho Statesman, asked why the foundation decided to inject itself into the business of the company that employs more than 300 people in the state and owns 148,000 acres of timberland.

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    • " (Of course, the attorney's "presence" may be facilitated via a telecommunications device.
    • " Agenda items should be listed with specificity and not buried in catchall categories such as "director's report.
    • "3 "Governing body" is defined to mean the members of any public agency "with the authority to make decisions for or recommendations to a public agency regarding any matter.

    Members should consult their association documents and bylaws to determine the association rules for meetings. Monday at the district office board meeting room. Must the governing body's attorney be present during an executive session? No entity should try to "shoehorn" an issue into an executive session exception. No executive session may be held for the purpose of taking any final action or making any final decision.

    In overturning the City's decision, the Court stated: [W]hen a governing body sits in a quasi-judicial capacity, it must confine its decision to the record produced at the public hearing, and that failing to do so violates procedural due process of law. In reviewing an appeal from the City's Preservation Commission, members of the City Council stated at the public [open] meeting that they had received numerous telephone calls concerning the issue.

    Since any meeting of two county commissioners constitutes a quorum under Idaho law, are county commissioners prohibited from having any contact with each other outside of a duly organized open meeting? Since the deal would maintain the land and uses as is, supporters say, there would be no impacts.

    As for Idaho’s open records law, Wasden said, the custodian of a government document can’t deny a record request or question its intent, unless about it being used as a mailing list. As most of you know I fully support the timber industry and private property rights,” Scott wrote in her newsletter. As operative criteria, formality and informality are alien to the law's design, exposing it to the very evasions it was designed to prevent.

    The California court then reasoned and ruled: An informal conference or caucus permits crystallization of secret decisions to a point just short of ceremonial acceptance. The Idaho Supreme Court has addressed this specific question. The board also approved Gigray notifying the chief prosecutor about the board’s course of action. The county commission has scheduled and noticed a discussion Tuesday, prompting many calls in favor of the sale since, Kelly said.

    Right now, state boards and commissions created by executive order are not subject to Idaho Open Meeting law. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors: It [California's open meeting law] declares the law's intent that deliberation as well as action occur openly and publicly.

    1. (j) To consider labor contract matters authorized under section 67-2345A (1)(a) and (b), Idaho Code.
    2. A homeowner checks out Lambertson Lake in what is known as Clagstone Meadows in rural Bonner County.
    3. A one-way e-mail or text communication from one city council member to another, when it does not result in the exchange of council members' comments or responses on subjects requiring council action, does not constitute a meeting subject to the Open Meeting Law; however, such e-mail or text communications are public records and must be maintained by the records custodian for public inspection and copying.
      1. According to the legislation, boards and commissions created by executive order would be subjected to the Idaho Open Meeting Law.
      2. Additionally, it may subject the board members to liability for those actions.
      3. After commencement of the meeting, the agenda may be amended to accommodate unforeseen issues, provided that: (1) there is a motion made that states the good faith reason the new item was not on the original agenda, and (2) the motion to amend is adopted by the governing body.
      4. After the session, the board resumed open session to vote on course of action regarding the claim.
      5. Chairman Chuck Stout offered Shalene French, director of human resources for the Bonneville Joint School District 93, the Caldwell school district superintendent position. Click 'play' to hear the audio version of this story. Closed: Personnel matters; labor negotiations; matters of competitive trade or commerce with other states or nations; and pending or probable litigation.

        The notice requirement for meetings and agendas shall be satisfied by posting such notices and agendas in a prominent place at the principal office of the public agency, or if no such office exists, at the building where the meeting is to be held. The notice requirements are satisfied by posting meeting notices and agendas in a prominent place at the principal office of the public agency, or, if no such office exists, at the building where the meeting is to be held.

        The proposal is one of the rare bills introduced this legislative session that increases the state's laws protecting the public's right to an open and transparent government. The use of a telephone to conduct such discussions does not remove the conversation from the requirements of the Open Meeting Law. There shall be a roll call vote on the motion and the vote shall be recorded in the minutes.

        Agenda notice must still be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting.An agenda may be amended, provided that a good faith effort is made to include, in the original agenda notice, all items known to be probable items of discussion.An emergency is a situation which involves injury or damage to persons or property, or immediate financial loss, or the likelihood of such injury, damage or loss, when the notice requirements of the section would make such notice impractical, or increase the likelihood or severity of such injury, damage or loss, and the reason for the emergency is stated at the outset of the meeting.
        Answer: As noted above, a "meeting" is the convening of a governing body to make a decision or deliberate toward a decision.

        The maximum civil penalty for a subsequent violation is five hundred dollars ($500). The notice of an executive session must state the authorizing provision of law. The notice required under this section shall include at a minimum the meeting date, time, place and name of the public agency calling for the meeting.

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        Prior to such vote, the presiding officer must identify the authorization under the Open Meeting Law for the holding of an executive session. Procedurally, the presiding officer must identify the specific authorization under the Open Meeting Law for the holding of an executive session and at least a two-thirds (? Questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC's online public file system should be directed to the FCC at 888-225-5322, 888-835-5322 (TTY), or.

        No less than a five (5) calendar day meeting notice and a forty-eight (48) hour agenda notice shall be given unless otherwise provided by statute. No special meeting shall be held without at least a twenty-four (24) hour meeting and agenda notice, unless an emergency exists. Other statutes may provide more specific requirements for particular entities. PENALTIES FOR NONCOMPLIANCE Question No.

        Deliberation thus connotes not only collective discussion, but the collective acquisition and exchange of facts preliminary to the ultimate decision. Does the term "meeting" include such things as informal gatherings, briefing sessions, informal discussions, attendance at social functions, etc.? Even the receipt of information relating to a "decision"-i. Failure to do so will invalidate any action taken as a result of the executive session.

        Stimson Lumber deserves the respect and support due to any private landowner for exercising our rights to choose how to best use our property,” Miller said. The 1992 Legislature added the "deliberation or decision making that leads to an action" language to the provisions of section 67-2347(1). The California Court of Appeals discussed the dual facets of deliberation and action in Sacramento Newspaper Guild v.

        If there is a violation of the Open Meeting Law at an early stage in the process, will all subsequent actions be null and void? If they’re making a decision, make yourself at home. In our company’s 166 year history we have been dedicated and consistent advocates of free enterprise and private property rights — both by our actions and our words supporting numerous organizations and initiatives to protect private property and property rights.

        Answer: As discussed in this manual, the Open Meeting Law applies to the deliberations and discussions between two or more members of a board or commission on some matter which foreseeably will come before that board or commission for action.
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