This compilation of Scouting activities is made up of challenges and games which can be incorporated into troop meetings to help satisfy that objective. An individual Scout, a patrol, or an entire troop can purposely enter into a situation that tests their abilities. In so doing, they're accepting a challenge!

This plan starts with an opening ceremony (flag followed by the scout oath and law), followed by a brief skill instruction for the entire group. Those guys have ideas about where to take the troop and you have to listen. Troop 111 in GSC 085 (Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge). Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and.

When the troop gets a hang of the game you can start calling two numbers for added strategy and passing or everyone for chaos. Who do you typically unvite to the planning meetings, or do you have any? With a unit that big, you are better off having patrols run their own meetings. Wow, reading through the comments, many of you had an entirely different experience. You break into two groups and give all kids in both groups numbers. You can add your own rank icon!

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. On the issue of boredom, that's something we went through, as well. One of the larger Troops in my area uses the. Ooooh that sounds pretty fun actually. Our scoutmaster also attends. Patrol breakout to plan for future meetings or camp outs.

BSA National Council suggests a fairly structured.Beyond that, I suggest you have a theme for each month, then create "skill instruction" presentations to match (or complement) each month's theme.Bring these three volumes to annual planning (or your next PLC) and start picking themes; then delegate a (potentially short) presentation for each meeting that matches the theme for the month.

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  • A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.
  • A ref/judge calls out a number and the kid assigned that number on both sides run out and try to grab the item and return to their side with out the other tagging them.
  • After that we break up for patrol corners where the patrols work towards their next skill lesson or what they are doing for an upcoming campout.
  • All throughout last year, there were a lot of complaints that the meetings were boring.
  • All troop meeting activities, whether a Scout Skills Challenge, Team Building Opportunity, or Scout Game should contribute towards ensuring the troop meeting is fun with positive outcomes.

I think the issue was less boredom and more repetition, the same basic setup every week. I was SPL of a 50 person troop, and people are right, you need to use the patrol method here. I was recently elected SPL of my rather large (50ish people) troop.

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Ask for ideas for themes, presentations and games and don't hesitate to delegate some responsibilities to the scouts in your PLC and adults.

Most troops use this to some degree or another. My troop at it's height I think was maybe 20-25 guys. My troop loved playing frisbee, but after playing it for 3 months in a row it got old. My troop starts together with flags, announcements, and one patrol does a short skill lesson in front of the troop. Older (more experience) scouts and/or a knowledgeable adults should be able to do fun, short and informative presentations.

Announcements (These take FOREVER.Apparently they're up to 60 boys now and advanced almost 15 Eagles in the last few years.

I especially like Backpacking, Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Winter Camping, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Pioneering. I found another Troop that has a nice. I loved it when I was staff. I think it's important to remember to be flexible - some weeks you'll need to devote more time to Patrol Meetings (immediately prior to a big camping trip, for instance) while other meetings Patrol break-outs can be more brief.

Choose edit next to your username above. Com find submissions from "example.

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It's like summer camp without the 11 year olds and with leadership skills instead of merit badges. Last is game followed by closing announcements, flags, and the scoutmaster minute. Live in a different area now, I wonder why my son's future troop is like.

Patrols, a 4 person SPL plus a "venture crew" of older scouts. Planning the meetings out shouldn't be done with just the SPL and the scoutmaster like I have seen way too many times. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Repeated offenders may be banned from. So we didn't have "Patrol Meetings", the meeting was with the entire troop because at any given meeting you had maybe 15 guys there.

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Get you PLC together to plan meetings and activities well in advance. Give them some lashings to do, or the complicated knots like the monkey's paw. Has an extensive list that is derived from a BSA National Troop Program Features documents - see, and. Have you and your PLC been to NYLT? He is responsible for getting your new scouts acclimated and should probably have a voice at these meetings. How long do your meetings have?

We do have game time built in, but there's also a lot of complaints about the games being boring. We have PLC meetings once a month where we plan our meetings. We hover around forty boys and never get comments about boring meetings.

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  • If you have adults who are qualified in fun merit badges, such as Space Exploration, you could ask them to teach the merit badge over the course of several meetings.
  • On our PLC we have patrol leaders, SPL/ASPL, and the Scribe.

Sometimes something as simple as "how to pack your backpack" can be fun and informative. Steal the Bacon is a favorite at my troop. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. That can get real interesting. The most important aspect of a good troop meeting is a productive PLC meeting prior. The target audience is Troop adults, but I think it might help you.

  1. Also know that you are not alone - ask your Patrol Leaders, Troop Guide(s), Scoutmaster and ASMs what they think.
  2. Also, I found that the most boring meetings were the ones the SPL pulled out of his ass instead of the ones that were planned for and everything was ready.
  3. And I still use some of the lessons now that I'm an adult.
  4. And heck, if you call more than one number, it becomes very skillful with passing.
  5. For instance, if you're doing knots one meeting, sure, the new scouts need to work on their square knots and clove hitch, but the life scouts will be bored. From another direction, this time slot can afford a golden opportunity to put Scout skills into action in a way that is involving and challenging—often relative to a monthly theme. Games are always fun, and in the early days of my now-defunct troop we played a game at the end of every meeting.

    In its most simple context, this portion of the meeting provides a chance to have some good, clean fun serving to change the pace of the meeting, and/or allow Scouts to happily let off a little steam. In keeping with the principles of the Scout Oath and Law, posts and comments may be removed if they do not treat others with respect. In my troop we have always had the structure listed below. It's a rather structured way of preparing (over multiple weeks) for upcoming camping trips.

    This doesn't speak to your original issue but I would recommend including your troop guide in your meetings. This is a reddit for things relating to the Boy Scouts of America. This is followed by patrol meetings (usually to plan the details of the next camping trip), then everybody comes back together to play a game or something similar ("interpatrol activity"), then closing. This isn't some "tackle" version of steal the bacon, is it? This leads to great stand offs.

    I was wondering what you all do to make your meetings/meeting activities fun? I would suggest, if you have Troop Guides and Instructors, have them organize Skills Contests for the younger patrols/Scouts. I'd imagine you'd have a similar issue playing at the beginning, because the Scouts would be all riled up. I've played a variation of that before but this sounds a lot more fun.

    The trick is that you can't tag the other person until they touch the ball. Then the younger kids get to work on their skills, the older guys get to improve skills they already have, and the younger guys have something to look forward to. These can consist of Knot Tying Competitions, First Aid Scenarios(Judged on the patrol's effectiveness and team work), and Timed Fire Building Contests. These have been effective strategies for my home troop and I hope that this helps you.

    Well, Bread Basket makes it a free for all. What’s referred to as the “Games” section of the Troop Meeting Planning Sheet can be approached from a variety of directions and in a variety of ways. When I was SPL if my troop in 2010-11, we were pushing about 60 youth. When I was a scout my Troop was never this formal, but the idea of having patrols prepare for upcoming campouts is an important part of the Patrol Meeting time.

    I LOVE steal the bacon, my troop never plays it because our flippin' spl thinks it's "too violent. I agree with this, but I'm not entirely sure how to fix it. I also want to recommend a book: by Shane R. I could rant for pages and pages but I won't, for now I'll just say he's the "safety = more fun" type.

    Come together as a troop for only a small portion of the meeting when you have something troop focused. Dear god, you have no idea just how bad my spl is (nicest way possible). EDIT: Looked up and checked in on my old troop. Each patrol gets 20 minutes to themselves to sort out their own business, have patrol compete for things (whether things like uniform inspections or winning the spirit stick or campout cooking competitions) so they have a drive to improve.

    You're not in this alone. Your troop likes to play games, they can only play a given game once a month so it stays fresh.

    Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. We (I was an APL) began to have issues when my fellow scouts were looking forward to the games the entire time (like when a teacher says they'll give back tests when there are five minutes left). We also have a brief PLC meeting after each troop meeting.

    Even switching around the order of activities and who was in charge helped a bit. First time commenting here. For a game I would recommend Googling for some ideas.

    You could also divide the patrols up and have the more experienced Scouts help the younger ones practice for requirements, such as knot tying and first aid, or orienteering. You guys meeting once a month to figure out what you're going to do? You have to use your PLC. You line up both teams apart from each other and place an item(ball, hat if you forgot a ball, ect). You need things for the older guys to do and things for the younger guys to do.

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