"Auld Acquaintance" is the 26th and final episode of the first season of Young Justice, and the 26th of the overall series. Batman reveals that Red Arrow was the mole. He betrayed the League to Vandal Savage by attempting to infect them with mind-controlling bio-nanotech chips. Young Justice Season 1 Episode 26 – Auld Acquaintance.

Picking up with the revelation from last week that was in fact the oft-discussed mole on the team, "Auld Acquaintance" shows us that Roy is now on the run from the Justice League, all of whom are under the Starro-powered mind control of. R&R please:) Rated: - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Conner K.

You know how in a lot of things being will assume certain forms because "It's what we expect/can understand? You weren't the only one old chum! Zatanna trying to remove the helmet of fate was nice little emotional moment that totally didn't make me choke up nope what are you talking about.

  1. After a fierce battle in the Watchtower, they succeed in saving them, and Savage and Klarion (who was pulling the strings on the controlled League members) flee.
  2. Ahh I see, thanks for clearing that up.
  3. All season 1-2 spoilers ARE allowed ONLY WITHIN THE COMMENTS!
  4. And also it's great that season 2 will air next week without any delay.
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    Could it have something to do with an Invasion? Despite lacking a clear leader, the Team is assigned its first mission by. Didn't seem to gel well with the episode. Does invasion start next week? Don't post links to unofficial streams, download links, or torrents of the TV show.

    • More interesting, however, is the mystery of where those Justice Leaguers were during those missing 16 hours.
    • Young Justice" Season 1, Episode 26 - " Auld Acquaintance" Preview.

    Meanwhile, the members of Young Justice are lucky to have as their school master, because it's only through his computerized brain that he's able to break the Starro programming, thereby preventing them from becoming mind-controlled as well. Moving forward, we'll be setting an automod to post them by itself when the show resumes. Ninja edit: Loved the rest of the episode, though. No flaming, trolling, arguing, or insulting other users.

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    So it doesn't bother me that Robin and Superboy could beat him when he's not in full control of himself. Spot on, always wanted those two to hook up. Superboy, Miss Martian, and arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.

    Blue Beetle tries to intercept his friend, Tye, before he boards a bus, but the boy is abducted before Jaime can reach him.But IMO the League should have figured that one out earlier (or at least implied suspicion?

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    Ra's al Ghul is also removed from direct implication because, while he runs the League of Shadows, it's well-known that the Shadows are for hire; the fact that the team and the Justice League keep having to deal with Shadows doesn't prove that Ra's is working directly with the Light.

    The lightning comes form the clouds when it can, because that makes sense. The series follows the lives of teenaged heroes who are members of a team that takes orders from the. The sticks were totally unexpected to me so I was like "SHIT!

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    The team finally learns the identity of the traitor in their midst, forcing a battle against an enemy more dangerous than any they've ever faced before! This episode of young justice is one of the best episodes. This was like my entire comment.

    As the circus moves location, the Team encounter the thief:.

    Though, of course, that's not really Roy; he's actually another Cadmus clone like, programmed from the start to infiltrate the League. To keep content fresh, reposts will be removed at the moderator's discretion. Use the HTML below. We've known all season that they were going to hook up. We've known all season that they were going to hook up. We've seen her in small Cameos over the season (plant monsters, kid heroes, and nomination for the League), but her introduction was a little rushed IMO.

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    While there, the sidekicks find a clone of known as and are captured. With help from some allies, they manage to create a cure, and sneak into the League’s space headquarters where they must battle the possessed heroes to save them. Yeah, I had no idea that A) this was the end of the season, and B) the new season was starting so soon. Yet Ra's al Ghul, Ocean Master, and the Brain have not "shown their hand" in the same way.

    But one question: when does season 2 start?! But that's the thing about Young Justice. Could be another surprise for them in season 2 heh heh.

    Eventually the team is able to piece together what's really been going on, and while by all accounts Roy is now a rogue agent, they nonetheless decide to track him down as he is a team member and they feel a loyalty to him. Excerpts, clips, and artwork must be sourced. Follow him on Twitter at, on and subscribe to his. Following a battle, Miss Martian incapacitates a and uncovers the truth about what the six Justice League members did during their missing 16 hours.

    • (a disguised Artemis), and the Terror Twins are sent by to capture for the Partner, but they are thwarted due to 's interference.
    • (now affiliated with the Light) learns that teenagers have been abducted in order to test a human's ability to develop meta-human powers.
    • A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current.

    Obviously, the veterans were toned down in powers because Klarion was controlling them, but the fluidity and pace of the fights was perfect. Off-topic, but: I just started rewatching the scenes in "Agendas" where the Justice League discusses new candidates for membership - how great is? On November 7, 2016, confirmed that the show will return for a third season. On the advice of his majordomo, sets his sights on Earth's champions.

    Thank you for reading! The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. The Team is sent to the Tower of Fate by to find Kent Nelson and prevent the helmet of Doctor Fate from falling into the hands of Abra Kadabra and. The Team learn the Justice League is brainwashed after Red Arrow tries to infect them with biotech. The boy, /, soon gatecrashes the wedding anniversary party and reveals his identity.

    At 's request, Artemis rejoins the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of 's communications satellites, which Black Manta has sent Aqualad and his men to destroy.Black Beetle laments the setbacks that the Reach have suffered, such as the loss of most of their fleet, while on another part of the War World, Arsenal continues to flee from the Reach's forces.

    I have no problem with them getting together because like you said, it's been hinted at heavily, it was just the way it was executed I guess. I know they released the dvd in separate volumes, but will there be a complete season 1 dvd? I see a lot of people bitching about the Artemis/Kid Flash kiss. I was a little bit confused about when they manufactured the "antidote," but I figure the producers had to edit it out for time.

    I've only read a few of the teen titan comics (pre-reboot) and I always loved the Superboy and Robin friendship and I think you really saw that after the fight. Image - Young Justice - Auld Acquaintance. In exchange for his life, Luthor gives Roy a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. In fact, unless I misremember, outside of the most recent tie-in comic story the team hasn't even faced Ocean Master, and certainly not in a way which suggested he was working with other villains.

    Maybe Cloy (I here by dub Clone-Roy as Cloy) will remain as Red Arrow and the original will become Arsenal. Meanwhile, 's pet Sphere comes to the attention of the people who previously possessed it called the. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire travel to a League of Shadows base in where they finally find the original Roy Harper.

    The council of Rimbor has finally made its decision and declares the Justice League to be guilty, but Superboy and Miss Martian provide new evidence which sways their decision. The episode does deliver on the action front, however. The fact that everyone got paired up all at once really ticked me off, yea we all wanted them to be paired eventually, but the key word is EVENTUALLY, as in gradually over time. The girls arrive in Bialya and learn that is active again.

    1. Artemis is given an amulet that will disguise her looks to everyone except Nightwing, Aqualad and Wally, after which she and Aqualad leave together.
    2. As Guardian is discussing his plans with Dubbilex and Dr.
    3. As a batman fan, i liked this episode the best.
    4. As for Wally/Artemis I agree completely I didnt have a problem with it.
    5. Well, she only kissed him on the cheek, but it's not surprising that she finds him attractive (as was obvious in previous episodes). What can I do to prevent this in the future? When Blockbuster is defeated by Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, the arrive. Which suggests one explanation as to why Greg Weisman has refused to say (over at Ask Greg) whether or not Guardian is a clone, as he is in the comics - both of the people with control word programming of this kind are clones.

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      Robin alerts some of the other heroes to the fact that six Justice League members' whereabouts for 16 hours while under Savage's control cannot be accounted for, leaving Batman asking the question of what they did during that time. Roquette from the League of Shadows (a mission brought to them by Red Arrow) as she prepares to make a program to counter the FOG. So does the conclusion of The Light storyline satisfy?

      For instance when the 6 justice league members returned to the watchtower to do battle with there protégé's, that was one of the best scene in the series. He attacks the Hall of Justice while the members of the Team who used to live at the Cave are at the Hall to remove their belongings. He just can't catch a break this season. I absolutely loved the fight between Batman and Robin.

      Aside from the typical world domination thing, that is?

      It was also nice to see a episode where there was plenty of action and less talking. It's basically a throwaway line: oh snap, turns out Hugo Strange is actually helping out the villains in Belle Reve! It's basically the same thing. It's because they weren't anywhere near that point in their relationship yet. It's too bad that we didn't get a good sequence of the team visiting the Batcave, but beggars can't be choosers. Little late to the party, but this was an awesome episode.

      1. And are welcomed into the while Icon's protégé joins the Team.
      2. Any discussion or mention of piracy, even off-hand, will be removed.
      3. Aqualad travels home to to reevaluate whether he should continue leading the Team or living with below the ocean's surface.
      4. Aqualad's defection from the Team and "killing" of Artemis was part of a ruse to ensure that the pair could go undercover to learn more about the Light and their Partner.
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