I DON'T OWN Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 because I'm not that awesome. The game is by:iconnummyz: and you can go play the game on. This would be my first ever post and guide here (○´ω`○) This would be my guide for the dating sim "Kaleidoscope 2" by Mayuiki. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim II is a fantasy game released by Nummyz.

Riri was the only girl he'd gone back to see, but only because they hadn't actually talked before with her terrible attitude. She chuckled weakly, "Well, did you find what you were looking for? She had been a little apprehensive about it, but she decided maybe it was time to drink it.

  1. " Cero shrugged and moved around the table.
  2. " She said and stood up, waving goodbye.
  3. " Soffie asked, a little worried now.
  4. " That'll be, um, five dollars and fifty cents," Xam would always say with a smile.
  5. But he didn't care; the voice did say true love. But it didn't matter, he felt safe having Cero know about his past. But she took the vial now and opened it. But there was no one. But today was different. But with the few naps that he could manage, he still managed to keep up an appearance.

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    It was Cero who climaxed first, but the feeling, the gush of hot seed rushing into Xam's body pushed him to his second one. It was a particular night where they had slept separately—because Cero had some big plan. It was always there though. Kai always dressed up too, usually in some sort of casual sports jacket or suit. Kai was right, he did look like some street bum, but he hadn't eaten in a couple days—all the money he got from the gas station had to go to rent towards his apartment.

    And they proved to make him want to go further down. And when I woke up, that portrait was there to mock me," he grumbled and looked away now. Behind him was a small house, his name written atop the door. But Cero wouldn't ever believe that possibility and he relentlessly kept searching for anyone who might know who she was, where he could find her. But Rylee perked right back up. But apparently he stood quiet enough as he heard Riri's angry voice come out beneath her breath.

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    He was having a hard time pulling himself away, as Kai had really paid attention to him for the first few weeks and that's what he wanted, the attention, someone to look at him and not look past. He wasn't in his loft like he expected, but he was in a completely white room, beeping machines. He'd left Xam, left him alone in that world that he so desperately wanted to escape. His eyes closed and he collapsed onto the floor of the loft.

    " he muttered, he couldn't believe what he was hearing." she said and walked inside."Afterwards, we would go to the beach again, escaping Riri like the first time.

    "Ah, another victim," he said under his breath and crossed his arms.

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    "Ah-no, no I need to stay here and wait for Xam" he muttered, but he couldn't fight Riri's otherworldly strength. "Alright, I'll try it," Xam smiled and took a small piece. "C-C'mon I" he muttered, but said no more. "Don't worry," Cero whispered and moved forward to catch his lips in a kiss as he began to pull the clothes down. "I can't wait to explore," she smiled and moved towards the building in front of her.

    He still couldn't open the door, but he watched as the door, and only the door, vanished from his sight. He took out the small wallet in the back pocket of his pants and took out what he needed, counting up from the adding he'd done in his head from the prices on the wall. He wanted desperately to paint something.

    "Yeah, we didn't really get introduced. "Yes, it's lovely," he whispered and looked at the flower. A couple days passed and Soffie kept looking back to that vial. A talking mushroom," she laughed and picked the mushroom up, only to see it smile.

    Cero's eye's widened, "So did I! Choosing stay provides you with the insomnia ending. Combined, it was enough to make Xam cry out again, though he'd been trembling this entire time. Except the very far one and it wasn't too interesting either, so he left it alone. Fanfic written for a dating sim game. Fifty dollars and he'd dropped in five mushrooms.

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    1. " Xam asked quietly, causing Cero to look right up at him.
    2. " an old voice asked, broken down from the years of a hard life.
    3. What he didn't know is that it had been near two months. What would you think of a red tie? When Kai came to pick Xam up from work again, he didn't fight it and he didn't question it. When they got there, Cero was the first to sit down and he got a chance to look at Xam really for the first time. Which would've been a long shot, but he shrugged anyway and nodded.

      "I come here for you," Cero replied seriously and moved his arm from Xam's grip, only to wrap it around Xam's shoulders. "I had a crush on someone," he said quietly, "he didn't exactly know I existed. "That is not what happened," Cero growled and came up, grabbing Xam by the wrist to keep him where he was. "Well, tell me what you think," he said then and pushed Cero to the other side of the counter as the customer should be, "the other souls don't look as good as me, yeah?

      His tightened grip on Xam's wrists made him re-think ignoring the request and he hesitantly began. How could this possibly happen to him? I promised I'd take him with me, when I left. I'll come back if I wanna buy something," he said and waved as he left. In his hand now he had the pair of black glasses that Xam had asked for, his final present for the man. It always made Xam giddy, the idea of riding in it.

      She must've thought she scared him off with her first comments. She was a little shorter than he was, so it proved not difficult to eye-search him. Six doors to be exact, each glowing a special color. Soffie didn't seem at all scared though, she smiled.

      The doctor looked at him, "Are you sure? The rains came and they passed, the flowers and the trees bloomed up and released their seeds, new plants were planted and they grew. The tears began to fall when he saw everything around him disappearing, the doors, the floor, the walls, everything. Then he dressed and helped Xam as well. Then he shook his head, "And I never used you.

      Cero didn't say a word then, his mind wandering in the thoughts of death. Cero followed to continue talking. Cero hummed as he thought over it, "It might look good," he said with a nod. Cero jerked slightly and let go of Xam then as he sat down beside him, "I would choose love," he said, very sure of himself. Cero kept moving his fingers apart, pushing the walls more open until his two fingers seemed to slip with ease and left Xam whining again. Cero looked around; he was indeed on a beach.

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      Then, Cero went even farther and took it into his mouth, gently holding it between his teeth as he sucked on it. There were some days they didn't speak, just sat together in the Shop. This had made Angel smile though, the thought that he was listening and had some respect for the dead. This reaction surprised Cero a little, because he had meant it, but he still left easily and waved to Xam who's face seemed to have only gotten redder.

      It didn't take long before they were off and Xam was bare, but Cero got no time to explore with his eyes as Xam made sure to keep him down, gripping his shoulders. It doesn't need to be sad, looking for inspiration and love is special," she said, pulling her knees to her chest and leaning against them. It looked so familiar and familiar things began to happen. It made Xam gag and his whines grew louder. It made Xam look back at him. It made Xam's lips perk up very little into a smile.

      Cero looked at him, blinking and pretending he hadn't just spent what felt like forever staring at his crotch, trying to figure out the two-toned pants. Cero ran to it, he didn't even bother undressing or getting into bed or anything that would waste time. Cero was absolutely dumbfounded and he had no words to say now, only stutters and partial words.

      Lunar Beach, if he remembered correctly. Mostly anything with black and red. No, he couldn't let himself fall into that.

      From there he fell into a deadly routine. Go to sleep, I'll be here when you come back," he said. He collapsed into Cero's arms then, sliding off the counter to be held. He flew up and sat, "I uh, hear Xam likes boys," he muttered and rubbed the back of his neck.

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      This sleeplessness was becoming overrated and Cero was tired of it, as he'd been for the weeks and the months. This was something different and within moments Xam was left a complete moaning and dripping mess. This was the month in which he had found that woman. What Cero didn't realize, is that when he woke up the next day and stretched, yawning away the groggy feeling of the morning, that it was day three, and not day two like he thought.

      After trying to get Xam to his feet, he ended up carrying him while he had the container in his lap. And he was pretty sure he was done going to see everyone else, he just wanted to spend his time in Xam's realm. And now she was reduced to a disability. And sometimes, in the really bad times, Xam wouldn't be able to shower and would come in looking like it. And suddenly the illness struck and she became mute. And the story of how he found his way into Dream World wasn't at all sad.

      Xam threw his head back with a moan when Cero pressed inside, and now his lips locked onto the former's neck, sucked as his hips quickly rocked against Xam. Xam was nowhere to be found. Xam was sure if he spoke what needed to happen he would die more than he was going to already with just showing what he had to happen. You said you were going to help me make sure I slept and, if you had to, would work to pay for things. You were my first, and so far, my only.

      Xam gave up on his anger then and clung to Cero tightly, "Thank you so much the gifts, they were keys," he whispered. Xam gulped and tightly closed his eyes now, blushing heavily as he moved the single finger to its target. Xam jerked when he heard the sudden greeting and hit his head on the shelf above him.

      Soffie nodded, "Of course," she said. Something easily understandable that she couldn't speak. Strange, but can you please leave? The building had a checkered floor with tan and dark brown, and a deep eggplant colored wall.

      " he asked then, to fix Xam's confusion as to why he seemed to just be stripping in front of him." he cried out and wrapped his limbs around Cero as if he was absolutely refusing to let him go.

      He looked down then, into the lush green grass to see it covered in little mushrooms. He looked up at the door, having now collapsed on the small porch. He pushed himself up and looked around, he didn't recognize this place. He remembered being asked that a few times as well.

      • Cero was a twenty-five year old artist on the rise; at least he had been until the insomnia kicked in.
      • And he wasn't so nice," she chuckled.
      • "Do you do anything else for fun?
      • " she asked and stepped up to the counter.
      • He was fidgeting, continually shifting about on the couch to get comfortable or to pick at some imaginary dirt.

      While it was definitely a guarantee that this handsome young man enjoyed that kind of company, Xam cursed him for having someone else after he'd never gotten a chance to make his move. Why are you crying? Xam froze and propped himself up slightly, staring at Cero with a red face and worried eyes.

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