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Shruti she gave me an advice and replied promptly. Sir, I have noticed spread if dandruff and scaling hair falling and darkening of skin on both whiskers sides and forehead. So much better than going to doctor's clinic Couldn't have been easier. The app had one job to do and it failed at it miserably.

Hate it Don't like App said your 1st consultation would be free but when I wrote my question it said share your question with 5 people then you can get free chat with doctor, how disgusting is this. Here are three great sites where you can have your medical questions answered for free. Hey, im 20 years old, I was on the implanion implant for 3 years, during which my periods stopped entirely after a year or so being on it.

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I have painful red toes on all toes and swollen with intense burning sensation. I have post nasal drip and soar throat. I have taken a seven day supply of antibiotics and my doctor says we have to wait and see. I have to elevate feet and put a fan on them to keep feeling cool and swelling down. I paid for 5 dollars with all my questions answered. I run into this nonsense all the time looking to answer tech questions too. I shared with more than 5 and it still wanted me to pay.

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Even after one week of meditation,no improvement has been seen.
Explained my ailment, a itch & sore rash around groin.First of all you should take a chest X-ray.For the past few months, I've noticed my upper left abdomen just below my rib cage almost feel slightly swollen at times.
  2. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.
  3. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.
  4. Doctor never got back to me.
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    Is it possible that he had blood strains of previous patient on his fingers and when he touched my skin before injecting the needle the blood might remain on my skin and when my blood drops touched them I became infected by HIV. Is it possible to get it this way if i have it. Is it something I should be worried about? It has been a month since ct scan and still no improvements. It interferes with sleep which in turn is affecting life in general with two young toddlers.

    I'm glad I'd talked with a professional in this app because I've been needing it right now. I've contacted a few times and they've always been really helpful. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

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    More strangely my face get more darkness. My daughter's due date was today. My ex does not have herpes either, but we had very rough sex, and it left me sore down there in my vagina (that was not the first time). My father who is a heavy smoker had such problems twice in his life. My sister lost her 44 year old husband last Tuesday to oropharyngeal cancer due to him bleeding to death.

    • Skin rashes are there in body frequent urination is also occuring.
    • Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?
    • There are thousands of answered questions in its database, and it may be worth to have a look at it.

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    What I liked most about this site was that the community answers questions as well as experts. When you first log onto the site, click “˜Ask and Expert’ in the left-hand column. Why should I share my problem with 5 people. Will she get pregnant? Will there any side effects?

    With 24* 7 service you can ask a physician / web MD on pregnancy, period problems, ovia lation, child care, child feeding timing, skin problems like Diabetes, scabies, warts, allergies and cure, period tracker, woman calendar, baby calendar and many more with an ease. You can reach our highly qualified wed MD anytime from anywhere and consult a doctor. You don't have permission to view this page. Your answer arrives in less than 15 minutes from top doctors.

    If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you like Superdoc, please take a moment to rate the app! Is it possible for her to get pregnant while i stick the head inside but didnt release inside her? Is it possible that I could have contracted herpes from having virgorous unprotected sex even though none of us have the virus?

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    Then he took a fresh needle sanitized my skin. There is also a vast library of previously answered questions, like the sites above. There should be privacy about patients problem.

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    The bumps were very painful and it made peeing, taking showers and even laying or walking a certain way very painful. The community is made up of users and experts (experts are clearly marked). The community on MedHelp are supportive, mature and above all else, backed up by experts in their fields who keep the conversation accurate and dole out excellent advice to those who need it. The homepage consists mainly of this question form which you enter your medical query into.

    I had unprotected sex with ma partner on 20th of may 2017 and she told me dat she had sex with another guys unprotected and aftr dat i was worried i took her to clinic and got her tested for TRIDOT HIV TEST. I have discontinued my medicines for a week and this did nothing to help. I have had a very hoarse voice and my voice is deepened and I have pain only on left side of my throat plus I also notice a clicking feeling when I swallow.

    The infection has cleared up except for the on my upper lip and the skin above it. The response time varies much in the same way replies to comments on a blog vary. The site also offers numerous tools and web apps to help you keep fit and track recovery data. Then I got my period again in January and that too was only 3 days I just can't remember what day.

    NO response from customer care too. Neat app I like your doctors. No swelling or issues with the rest of the both feet. Obviously, the community could only answer general knowledge questions from their own experience. Only a 💻 would make this assumption. Please include your IP address in your email. Ryan profiled those a few months back.

    Lately, for the passed week or two, i've been having gradual pain during and especially after sex. M VERY WORRIED ABT DAT. Misleading bills*it You Wil have to email 5 people that you are incontinent of feces.

    Thereafter he checked both my arms by touching them and finally choose right arm for drawing blood. This website is also great for having your medical questions answered. This year will be the fourth and I'm finally pregnant. VERY HELPFUL This app is as good as it says. Very Helpful Very quick answer to a question giving me a lot of anxiety. We have recently started 24*7 medical advice service.

    1. And i got her testd on 21 of may 2017.
    2. And my husband has 29 years old.
    3. And now so happy with the results.
      • A bone nodule is in the side of wrist which is painful in morning sensitive to cold restrct motion of hand.
      • A day later, I felt a bump, and within a couple hours, one bump turned into multiple bumps around the opening of my vagina & around my anus (we did not have anal sex).
      • Absolute rubbish, 2 useless sentences for $5.
      • After one month and im not feeling any change.
      • Always remember though, information found on the Internet should only be secondary to that of a doctor who you can meet in person and have checks done.
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      Hours would be the maximum you’ll be waiting. However, there are quite a few websites out there owned and run by healthcare professional providing free medical advice and answers to readers questions. I also have diarrhea, sometimes almost black. I also thought maybe suggesting an MRI might help to further investigate but don't know if I should ask my doctor for one. I am trying to find out if this was because he was bleeding out and if he was aware of what was going on and if he was suffering.

      1. And you are only 26.
      2. Anirudha Mohite help me out for all questions.
      3. Awesome App I must say I am fully satisfied by the service Superdoc gave.
      4. But only for primary care.
      5. But with such a large amount of users there is bound to be someone there who went through it before you did.
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        September 27th 2015 I did my first abortion, my pregnancy testing is positive again on November 14. Service and Second Opinion! Shruti she gave me an advice and replied promptly.

        Got proper medical advice. Happy to find this app.

        I thought it may be a technical problem so i asked customer support for the help but i received no response. I usually get my period around the 21st of every month but I missed it so I did another pregnancy test on the 29/2/2016 and it came back positive. I went and got an ultra sound, but nothing turned up. I went to the first site, and I could see all answers for free. I wish I could give less than one.

        It is more noticeable on left foot toes than right toes but right is increasing to the level of the left. It offers a free consultation if that feature doesn't work then its false advertising. It says share with 5 ppl n get it free. It’s just like medscape, live MD and pocket doctor with you all the time.

        Hi, i am coughing up blood a few days, it is small amounts of blood with secretions, that occur after violent coughing because i have been seek a few days, and i also concluded that the i cough up blood after lying down, (in the morning, after sleeping), right now i am feeling pain in the chest and my back (i think that is from bag cough) it occur just 4 time for 6 days, and the last time was today, and it was very very small amount of blood and was not very red (the last 3 times was very red and mucous), I am 26 year old female, and smoker for 8 year.

        I asked 1 question days ago no reply from anyone not even customer service! I find doctors at superdoc very sensible, understanding and caring. I got a minor cut on my lower abdomen while having a shave with trimmer in a hospital (I was being prepared for gall bladder laparoscopy). I had a persistent health problem for 4 years and I visited many local doctors but no cure. I had sex with my girlfriend. I had some questions regarding my skin and Dr.

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