Tips from CEOs: How to Run Effective All-Hands Meetings (With Agenda Template) As a company grows, communication becomes more complicated. Whirling around in a chair to communicate key points to your team one-on-one just doesn't scale efficiently once you get beyond 10 or more team members. Our team has grown fast, and All-Hands meetings have been a key factor. Notice of the meeting and a meeting agenda (tentative but flexible).

  • A face-to-face all-hands meeting creates a feeling of togetherness in your employees that simply cannot be created via Skype or a Webinar.
  • Absolutely no one likes staring at plain text on a screen for an hour.
  • After all, all-hands meetings are about your employees, so give them a chance to shine.

The key part is finding the right format for that communication, one that works for your team. The meeting for employees. The message loses its clarity and people switch off. Them decided to join forces. Then hand over the meeting to team leads to give updates, or even their team members where relevant. There are always interesting stories to share.

This creates a sense of inclusion. This might involve the employees voting for their favorites amongst all of the groups’ solutions. This way, you avoid wasting time between speaker switchovers, and trust me, that’s frustrating for the audience. Tips for Organizing a Killer All- Hands Meeting Juraj Holub. To put it simply, let them co-create the meeting.

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If negative issues or problems arise, address them directly of course. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. If you have a number of people in the office for your all-hands meeting, using this microphone will help remote team members hear what’s being said in person.

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Each question could be given votes, so that the event’s moderator could focus on the questions that the audience most cared about. Elaborate slides of random 3-D graphs (or even worse 3-D pie charts) or detailed spreadsheets with granular financial details raise more questions than they answer. Equal and no question is off the table. Everyone then has an opportunity for individual response. Experiment and see what works for your team.

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Getting everybody in your company in the same room in the same town for two or three days on a regular basis is an unbeatable opportunity to demonstrate your company culture. Getting the technology right (i. Give an overview of what each team is working on and how it impacts the overall company goal to motivate them to prioritize the right work. Gone above and beyond. Here are 8 tips for planning effective all-hands meetings which will yield many benefits for your organization.

Try to create a desire in people to attend, rather than simply announcing ‘a mandatory meeting’. Unless you want to run your business as a dictator, this is one of the fastest ways to poison company culture and stifle growth. Video conferencing tool that makes it easy for remote team members to participate and simple to record your meetings.

It also encourages others to speak up and be candid - both with ideas and feedback. It also is a critical element in establishing your corporate culture, a key element to a company's success. Jot down your key points on a 3x5 card to help you stay on track or even run through your content beforehand to make sure it’s as concise as possible. Live video will make the whole session more engaging for remote team members. Make sure the conversation is actually a conversation.

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By using crowdsourcing tools, questions get archived so that you can bring them up at any time and discuss further on. CEO and Founder of Geckoboard 3. Can we send you a short bi-weekly email with lessons learned from other founders scaling their business? Can we send you a short bi-weekly email with lessons learned from other founders scaling their business?

And what you believe in as a company?Aren’t shy about asking during the meeting and questions get addressed.As a result, your business will thrive, along with your employees.

We’d love to hear how you run all-hands meetings at your company and what you’ve learned along the way. What do you want to leave everyone with? What is an ALL-HANDS MEETING & and Why Most Suck? When we talk about meetings or events, the first thing we think of is a presentation – and usually a very long and boring one. When you have everyone remote, it changes a lot of things. While this is headed in the right direction, it’s below our goal of Z.

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Focus on distilling progress against those metrics down to 2-3 simple and clear data visualizations that are easy for team members to digest at the beginning of every all-hands meeting. For example, “We achieved X revenue and Y growth rate month over month. For months, we had the meeting in the same office where we worked, sitting in the same places. For not only the company, but the individual(s) presenting.

  1. After all, that’s why they came to the meeting – to get answers they can’t find in their daily jobs.
  2. After each one I’ve included a quick tip to help you avoid these communication fumbles.
  3. All-hands meetings are a critical component of the corporate culture of many successful companies, and a key element to their success.
  4. All-hands meetings are a great opportunity to dial up the fun.
  5. Vision, and mission to their employees. We could see the change instantly – the meeting was much more lively, engaging and effective. We take our own experience, and what we've learned from the largest brands to show you how to design and implement an effective All-Hands Meeting at your company.

    As a result, you’re more likely to achieve a positive outcome and even to deliver a memorable experience for your employees.At our company we call this “giving props.

    Before we dive into what to do, a quick note from the trenches: I’ve worked for a number of different companies and experienced a wide variety of all-hands meetings. Bma conference all hands meeting 2. Build and reinforce company culture. Business is now, and where we want to be in the future. By bringing your employees into a discussion, not only do you discover what worries them but you also get a chance to give them the answers they’re looking for.

    And an overall mood boost to our meeting.And how it affects the community.

    Regular all-hands meetings are a unique opportunity to build an open culture and transparency in your company. Retain information and take-aways. See our and for details. Short meetings are the best meetings. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

    Together, as a focused team, you can grow faster (and smarter). Topic for 5 to 10 minutes during the meeting. Town Hall meetings are not all business. Transparency and openness to take an honest look at what’s going on.

    Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Put time into concluding. Q&A tools like can easily be embedded next to the live stream to allow the online audience to submit their questions and express their opinions on live polls. Quick tip to avoid being a data bore: Take the time to really understand what your are that drive growth.

    Combining conference room content with casual evening events creates an atmosphere for effective learning and team building. Company for major accomplishments. Connection can take the meeting from a 10 to a 1.

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    Without clear communication, that focus won’t happen. You can even take it a step further and allow them to participate from their desk. You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics. You can use different Q&A tools to collect audience questions and make sure that you tackle all the topics that your employees are eager to discuss.

    In fact, shows that 74% of adults are frightened of speaking up in front of the crowd, which leaves the majority out of a conversation. Individuals and teams when it’s warranted. Is one of the biggest factors for enabling each person to not just listen/watch, but also participate.

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    Facebook uses its own social network in exactly the same way, while other innovative companies such as Eventbrite, Prezi or Zappos are using at their all-hands meetings. Feedback on how you are doing in living out your vision and values. Finally, if you aim to build an open culture in your company, it is not enough to organize all-hands meetings only once a quarter.

    Meeting, and keep it interesting. Most rapidly-growing young companies have the "work hard" part of the mix down pretty well. Naturally not everyone is comfortable with public speaking. Not only is that important for each department to more fully grasp what its goals are, it is also invaluable because everyone gains a deeper understanding of where they fit and how much interdependence is required to achieve the overall corporate goals. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

    Speakers can only have 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. Stage for employees to grow in their personal interests and talents. The environment of the meeting can have a major impact on the outcome, and on the mood of all employees. The fear here is that people might interpret that as weakness, particularly if they are unaware of how much uncertainty is really​ involved in running a startup. The first rule of all-hands meetings is that all employees are invited.

    Be prepared and feel included.

    Coupled with Q&As in each office, the occasional all-hands, pre-recorded videos etc. Crowdsourcing questions also solves another common problem. Depending on the size of your company, an all-hands meeting can cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. Developing an exciting and innovative corporate culture allows you to build an enthusiastic team, which is motivated to work hard and as a result help your business to thrive.

    So why not do the same? Some examples include the Sales team walking us through what it takes to close a deal, the Marketing team sharing results from the latest campaign, and the Engineering team doing demos of upcoming features they’re working on. Some were amazing and inspiring and others were quite the opposite (a couple actually brought me to tears).

    His creative design agency called eLearning Mind to the next level. Homeplug: keep your wifi steady by using a homeplug to give your laptop a wired connection to the internet. Honesty and openness work well for me.

    1. An all-hands meeting is especially effective for getting new people indoctrinated into your company philosophy and the way you do things.
    2. An all-hands meeting is the perfect venue for communicating critical results as well as your company's overall strategy and key tactics for the coming quarters.
      • Keep it concise - it’s no fun for anyone when a short amount of content is dragged out.
      • With a team spread around the globe, finding a time that works for everyone is a challenge.

      Quick tip to avoid being a dictator: Don’t make your all-hands meeting the CEO show. Quick tip to avoid being a public disciplinarian: The old adage reprimand in private, praise in public is always a good policy. Quick tip to avoid being a time waster: Agree on the agenda with strict timelines for each section prior to the meeting, including specific periods for Q&As. Recognizing the effort of your team and the milestones they’ve achieved is encouraging and motivating for everyone.

      If you think about the key points you want the audience to walk away with, your focus should be on curating the story (agenda and content) to ensure you get people there as quickly as possible. Ignore remote team members. In fact, all-hands meetings create a virtuous cycle.

      These are essential to keeping people onboard. They also have virtual workers with home offices, and these workers may not see fellow employees for months at a time. Think of all-hands meetings as events, not just meetings.

      Now this isn’t to say that every all-hands needs to be a Q&A or that everyone has to speak in every meeting. On a practical level, it’s also important to try to get all content on one computer or in one slide deck, if you’re using slides. Once the allocated time is over, let each group share their outcome with the rest. Opportunity for comments and questions around hot topics. Over time, it has become a routine for all of us, so we decided to refresh it.

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