's rumored side piece, Bernice Burgos. Really dating Bernice Burgos than that's petty but go ahead Tiny get. This week, rumors have been swirling that the rapper turned actor is low-key dating model Bernice Burgos, who.

We’ve got him grilling both Trump fans and haters, right here. We’ve got him grilling both Trump fans and haters, right here. We’ve seen all kinds of sexy versions of Fergie but this one has to take the cake! While he’s still legally married to have been circulating for months, with Tiny recently going so far as to call her a “pass around bitch.

Were spotted ‘liking’ each other’s Instagram photos. We’re finally getting a sneak peek at former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Jordan Klepper’s new late night program ‘The Opposition’ and the video is hilarious. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on if her boyfriend The Weeknd is freaking out with jealousy. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on if her boyfriend The Weeknd is freaking out with jealousy.

Out of respect for fellow rapper who also joined the company as its recording artist. Paris Jackson and Keegan Allen were spotted on a flirty coffee date on Sept. Peep the comments accusing her of homewrecking. Php/2017/04/04/daddy-duty-t-i-totes-precious-lil-princess-heiress-to-dinner-in-lalaland/ Daddy Duty: T. President Donald Trump has some nerve calling Stephen Colbert a "no-talent guy" with a "filthy" mouth. Rumors of model Bernice Burgos dating. Rumors ran rampant that T.

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Can you figure out which little guy turned into some of the hottest celebrity guys in the game?

We were all left hanging at the end of ‘Famous in Love’ — will Paige choose her BFF, Jake, or the gorgeous A-lister, Rainer? We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Well it seems like it's working!

Shares children Messiah, Domani and Deyjah with two different women. She also claims she’s never dealt with a married man while insisting the act of filing for divorce indicates the marriage has already failed. She was once arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She’s got to look her best so that TIP has his eyes on her and only her!

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  1. And Tiny will officially put a nail in the coffin of their marriage?
  2. And all we can say is these ladies look FINE.
  3. And ex-wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle-Harris in December 2016, and although there were rumors the two reconciled, they both ultimately decided to move forward with the split.
  4. BOSSIP spoke with a source close to the rapper who exclusively confirmed the rumors.
  5. Bernice Burgos Has Her Choice Of Smoking Hot Men But She’s ‘Beyond Crazy’ About T.
  6. Look, Bernice may be younger and even hotter than Tiny, 41, but make no mistake, she sees Tiny as a threat,” the insider admits. May not be ready for a serious relationship right now. No one can deny that hustles hard when it comes to her family and her career. Not a good track record! On 25th September, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia, he is famous for Trap Muzik. On September 25, 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia, to Violeta Morgan and Clifford "Buddy" Harris, Sr.

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    Dozens of celebrities are joining forces to help raise money in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and you can watch the hour-long ‘Hand In Hand’ fundraiser LIVE and for FREE right here. Earlier this year, the couple reportedly reconciled. Every time a new ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast is announced, fans think someone has a disadvantage. Everyone wants a piece of her, especially, but that doesn’t matter to her because she’s totally set her heart on T.

    Is A Marriage Really Over The Moment One Files For Divorce? Is Dating Drake's Ex Girlfriend Bernice. Is Now Dating A Popular NFL PLAYER. Is a member of the following lists:, and. Is currently married to Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris. Is having a blast in Florida at Disney World with his kids, Heiress and Deyjah, to celebrate Deyjah's sweet sixteenth birthday. Is just her friend, and that she's been there for him as a friend and definitely not as a "pass around bitch.

    Labeled from the South by, unquestionably possesses all the quality needed to receive such title looking from the superb talent and skills he has shown through his growing career in American music industry. Lady Gaga gets candid in her new Netflix documentary, ‘Five Foot Two’, where she reveals her fibromyalgia diagnosis in painful scenes. Lo Dating Rumors Began To Fly 93.

    • "I'm just focusing in on the kids and giving them all the time and then something comes my way.
    • (And for the record, Bernice does look amazing.
    • A relationship like that may take time for T.
    • A version of his childhood nickname Tip, he later shortened it to T.
    • According to, the charges came after a December 2010 incident during which she allegedly struck a 14-year-old female acquaintance.

    Here’s why she’s so worried. He’s always creeping on her social! His debut album, "", afterwards was released in October 2001 and did moderately well as it managed to enter the top 30 of Billboard Top R&B Hip-Hop chart, evoking people to begin taking notice on him. His original stage name, T. Hit the flip to see Bernice at her finest. I mean at some point I will be ready to date," she said. If he were to move on to the video vixen.

    The music veteran has reacted to growing speculation about her estranged husband having something stirring with vixen. The reality star shared two clips of KashDoll's song "For Everybody," and the lyrics seem to be directly aimed at Instagram model Bernice Burgos, who's rumored to be the rapper's new girlfriend. The songstress dropped the music video for her track ‘You Already Know,’ featuring Nicki Minaj, on Sept.

    1. And Bernice Burgos, 37, reportedly started seeing each other not long after he and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41, filed for divorce in December 2016 — longer than that if she really was his side chick when they were still together — but a source close to the “Live Your Life” rapper tells us he just isn’t ready to commit to her yet.
    2. And Bernice Instagram posts.
    3. And Bernice also left an affectionate emoji under one of T.
    4. And Tiny In The Hamptons [With Pictures] – dmfashionbook.
    5. And Tiny guaranteed their "safe travels" over the holiday by rolling into a Detroit club with security guards packing heavy artillery.
    6. This week, reports surfaced that the rapper turned actor was low-key dating the popular video model who was once romantically linked to rapper Drake. This week, rumors have been swirling that the rapper turned actor is low-key dating model Bernice Burgos, who was once. Tiny Responds To Bernice Burgos & T. Tiny also has a daughter named Zonnique Pullins from a previous relationship, and T.

      Can you figure out which little guy turned into some of the hottest celebrity guys in the game? Check out the rumor below. Chilling together in sunny Malibu. Com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that she’s ‘crazy’ about the rapper and isn’t interested in anybody else. Com/daddy-duty-t-i-totes-precious-lil-princess-heiress-to-dinner-in-lalaland/ Daddy Duty: T. Com/heres-what-tiny-thinks-about-rumors-t-i-s-smashing-bernice-burgos-to-smithereens/ Here’s What Tiny Thinks About Rumors T.

      S head is buried in work and making new tracks at the record studio, he doesn’t want more drama to arise with his estranged wife. S photos, which further fueled rumors that something may be going on. Says he's over the hate he got for his Tupac-inspired outfit at the Rock and Roll HOF ceremony. Scroll down to learn more about T. See her full explanation below.

      It’s National Chocolate Milkshake Day, AKA a day that you probably didn’t know about but will be happy exists. It’s crazy because they don’t really care. It’s driving Bernice absolutely crazy that her man is still walking on eggshells nearly half a year after going public with his Tiny divorce. It’s tough though because she’s beyond crazy about him. Jennifer Lopez Hooking Up with T. King Of The South, Rubberband Man, T.

      1. After a 3 years engagement they married on 30th Jul 2010.
      2. Although she's not focused on dating again at the moment, when she is ready to get back out there, the 41-year-old said she's going to need a man with a sense of humor to keep her happy.
      3. An unconfirmed tip was sent to, claiming that the pair were spotted together in Las Vegas.
      4. If you want to learn more about Bernice, follow her on Instagram along with 3 million other people — @! In the chorus of people who believe Donald Trump is in bed with white supremacists and neo-Nazis. In the emotional series finale, the singers mutually agree that they’ve grown apart and don’t have that much in common anymore. In total, they have a big blended family of 7 with both Tiny and T.

        Signed to Atlantic Records and subsequently became the co-chief executive officer (CEO) of his own label imprint, Grand Hustle Records, which he launched in 2003. So how can a man [resist]? So, are these two stunners dating? Subscribe to our for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of your favorite stars’ younger years!

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        Birth Name: Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

        Unfortunately, the “Whatever You Like” rapper doesn’t have the exact same outlook on their romance. Until then, Tip has been plagued with “side chick” rumors, with his estranged wife calling out one model who may or may not be the rapper's new bae. Upon being released from Arista, T. VH1 reality TV star is not losing any sleep over dating rumors. Wants to have his cake and eat it too. Watch our EXCLUSIVE interview!

        That being said, she’s trying to act cool with him because playing hard to get might be the best way to reel him in. The 41-year-old simply captioned the photo, "Whelp! The Grand Hustle MC first fought off as a photo with a female NFL exec led many to believe he was dating the corporate beauty. The clips show a conversation between a side chick and the wife, or wifey, where the wife let's the side chick know that she's not special. The fans have definitely heard the rumors.

        The meeting house rochester

        He shared SEVEN years with Tiny, that love doesn’t just magically disappear. He signed his first major-label record deal in 1999, with Arista Records subsidiary, LaFace Records. He was dubbed "the Jay-Z of the South" by Pharrell Williams, T. Here’s everything to know about the chronic illness. Here’s everything to know about the chronic illness. Here’s why she’s so worried.

        Facts,” the insider said of stories that T. Facts,” the insider said of stories that T. Flew Bernice to LA to join him on tour and is reportedly spoiling her with shopping sprees. Fortunately, at the end of the day, T. Give us all your thoughts below!

        Bernice Burgos has her choice of plenty potential suitors, including Chris Brown, but she only has eyes for T.Bernice appeared in Rick Ross’ music video for “Diced Pineapples,” which came out in 2012.Bernice was even in ATL this week for Medusa Lounge’s anniversary event.

        Grabbed the mic at his daughter's birthday bash, but instead of dropping lines. Gradually established himself as one of rap's greatest and most successful MCs during the early 2000s. Guess you really don’ t know what you got till it’s gone. Has a PSA for all the fellas out there. Has advice for Lonzo Ball when it comes to his brand new rap career. Has been active with helping the community especially with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, T.

        You are a strong woman Tameka cause I would’ve buss Tip side his head with a bottle of Hennessy.

        The two were in Australia back in 2015, and she was believed to be his girlfriend at the time. The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ star is completely stunning, and yet she fears she ‘will never find love again’ after having her heart broken by Robby Hayes. The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ star is completely stunning, and yet she fears she ‘will never find love again’ after having her heart broken by Robby Hayes. They dated for 5 years after getting together in Sep 2001.

        Com/the-bitter-end-ti-and-tiny-the-family-hustle-to-end-after-upcoming-season. Could this be the hottest new couple of 2017? Could this be the hottest new couple of 2017? Dating Rumor: “Ain’t Losing Any Sleep Over No Pass Around B*tch!

        Born Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.But what's next for her love life?
        Bernice’s name stays out of their conversation, but we’re willing to bet she’s a factor in his decision.

        Tiny gave birth to TIP’s children. Tiny is happy to just be his baby momma and nothing else. Tip's alleged new bae reportedly 'can't understand how that could even be possible' and can't just bring herself to believe that Tiny is pregnant with Tip's baby amid their messy divorce. To wait until after he and Tiny to start a full on relationship with Bernice, and that might take a while based on how things are going now.

        Has been nothing but amazing to Bernice and never gave her any indication that he’d leave her for Tiny, or any other woman for that matter,” the insider shares. Has had encounters with (2016) and (2009 - 2010). Have exchanged comments on each others social media. Having children from previous relationships. He definitely likes Bernice and enjoys her company, but he still feels the need to around Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

        They keep throwing it and keep throwing it. They tied the knot in Miami Beach, Florida of 2010 and have three children together--King, Major and Heiress. They’ve lived under the same roof since the beginning of time. This guy better make his choice and stick to it before both and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41, both grow tired of his indecisiveness and say goodbye. This is a ruthless game and Bernice plans on winning.

        He doesn’t need another headache,” a different insider EXCLUSIVELY told us, adding, “He’s trying to focus on his music and tour. He likes to see her sexy photos and guys all over her, it makes him proud that all those dudes are after her, but he’s the one who can have her anytime he wants [but] his head is still all about Tiny,” the source tells HollywoodLife. He may not be planning on it for a while though if he just can’t keep his mind from wandering back to his wife.

        Is perhaps best known as one of the artists who popularized the hip hop subgenre, trap music, along with Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, respectively. It appears has a new love. It seems calling out hubby 's alleged side chick has really gotten under the model's skin. It was only a matter of time because she comes down here so much.

        • Harris filed for divorce shortly after Christmas to terminate she and the rapper's 7-year union.
        • While discussing the end of her marriage to her husband, rapper T.
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