How do I reach a customer service representative? You can contact Page Plus customer care by calling 1-800-550-2436 (press “2” when prompted) from any phone, or by dialing #737 (press “4” when prompted) from your mobile phone. Our customer service agents are available Monday through Sunday from 8 AM – 12 AM EST.

  1. Although they previously stated the phone was compatible and it worked perfectly fine the 14 days it was on (before they stopped the service that is), now all of a sudden it isn't compatible.
  2. And activated phone #2 on Dec 15, paid $60.
  3. And no details about delivery time or carrier!
  4. And she say "if phone calls you got service!
    • " For that reason I must search for another place to pay my bill or just change my carrier.
    • " He became RUDE and wanted to explain to me that as long as I dealt with the automated system, so I must take the receipt from the automated system.
    • " He just kept saying "no one can give you a receipt.
    • " I'm going all American even if I got to talk through a cup and string!

    Upon contacting Page Plus Cellular to correct the concern I found out this was the beginning of a nightmare with the worst cell phone company I've ever dealt with. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. WHAT IS IN THE BOX: One approximately 2” by 1¼” light-weight. Wait 3 days need money to feed my 7 kids that was my good money called no refund was processed. We have been Page Plus customers for about four years.

    Can you believe that? Com does not evaluate or endorse the products and services advertised. Connected to Wi-Fi -> open Safari -> ivzwinternet. Consider checking out my for my opinion on them and how to get activated on their network. Contacted customer service said, Page Plus Cellular not responsible for dealer mistakes.

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    Bought new from Verizon.

    Then I explained in Chinese how I don't have the signal I used to when I became a customer 2 years ago. There is nothing more convenient for a parent than having a camera and a telephone at hand at all times. There is nowhere you can update your credit card info. These people are unreal. These two LG android phones are new but a 2014 mode. They aren't that competitive anymore anyway. They got their money, what do they care.

    Had to take a quick course in Chinese arithmetic to communicate with the rudest ignorant communist **. I DO NOT have an acct with Page Plus. I again had to waste valuable time with the first level support who insisted on not transferring me to a supervisor before we went through all the "idiot" steps. I am done with this pathetic company. I am in Mexico for vacation for a month and have no service options down here, and they just upgraded their software which cut off my voice mail.

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    The customer service person told me that I had to have a new phone because the one I had was active with another carrier (meaning I had to buy a new phone in order to port my number, obviously not happening). The first time I had to fix it consumed a good hour of time on the phone with the non-English speaking support. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.

    1. Again, please consider very carefully before you give these people your business.
    2. Also, if they don't apply the PIN to your phone, they don't let you know that you've been switched to their cash payment plan.
    3. Alternatively, you may call us at 1-866-773-0221.
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      For the bargain purchase price, plus the good news about our Verizon bill not increasing, we are getting our money's worth. Granted, I'm still looking for the shipping price and grand total of my order to verify. Group together and save!

      This experience cost me hundreds of dollars and a near heart attack running through the streets of Chicago trying to catch a train, and ultimately sleeping in a chair in an airport. This is the best live chat for Page Plus Cellular, but it's the #2 way to contact them overall according to 620298 GetHuman users. This last time though was the last straw. This saved a lot of money on our Verizon bill, but that turned out to be something of a trade-off.

      I've had this phone for 3 years using the same phone number. It appears from the many other reviews that I am not the only customer to receive this level of treatment. It is a hollow shell of what it used to be. It is easy to download my favorite apps and I love the the voice activated Google search. It is very sad how this company sold out to some faceless non-American mega corporation.

      Thank you for the great phone. The Ohio people would! The battery back up time is also good. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. The currently activated 4G phone that I can still make calls with that was working fine an hour ago?

      Just a quick edit: the SIM free model will come factory unlocked and ready to work on all US carriers. Just transferred my phone number from a different provider. Mine did not come with a sim card. My data quit working mid day like it does. My phone is the iPhone 7 Plus and it did not make a difference at all in the way my case fit on my phone. My phones have now been moved to a different company, was a Page Plus Cellular customer for less than a month. Not acceptable supervisor please.

      They refused to set things right and when I complained about their lack of notices they said, "We don't do that", so they simply don't let you know when they're changing your service. Third time, same routine! This company could have made so much more from me by providing a legitimate service in which they would have received $243. This company is a huge rip-off and their staff is worthless.

      • I have had to call customer service every single month to make my 4G work again which is beyond ridiculous.
      • Eventually found out I had to download an APN.
      • Suddenly they started turning off all four of our phones each month saying they hadn't received payment.
      Been using Page Plus for a year now, with a HTC phone I got from Verizon 3 years ago.
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      Page Plus has absolutely NO INTEREST in identifying employees who give "fake" advice. Please do Not use this company. Please don't do this to yourself! Problem with 2nd phone - purchased phone online at Page Plus Cellular. Put money on account by pin -- China or Isis didn't apply cause service date not up but min up?

      I did ask for credit to my account for the $60 overdraft fees and was told more than once as I ask to speak with a retention specialist or a manager that they could not help me and it was my bank's responsibility to credit it back. I get passed along a couple of times to the "refund" department and was told I couldn't get a refund on the SIM card. I had been a customer for several years and had no issues with the automatic payment set up.

      I then reached a supervisor who reset something in their system (a black box mystery that was never explained). I thought it was a great price. I told each of the people that was NOT acceptable.

      It works without any changes to my existing data/voice plan (still unlimited). It's borderline fraud for it to claim that it has "award winning support" when that applied to the OHIO folks who quickly understood a customer's concern and fixed it with pride. It's not the reps' fault.

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      Doesn't care is rude barely understand him. Each person told me to wait and get it fixed by the next person and that they would pass on the information I just gave them. Easy activation with online chat agent. Factory at fault as they installed Sim Card. For service and activated phone #1 on Dec 8, paid $60.

      Before I did anything else, I unwrapped.
      • A year ago my job required me to change pager service.
      • After all, you get what you.
      • After reading reviews I see why.
      • After ten minutes hold, I asked what was going on and she said, "I cannot help you and need to transfer you to another department.
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      I was correct and to my dismay the charge was $29. I was on a recent trip, traveling by train across country. I will recommend this phone to my friends and I rate this as a 5***** phone.

      We have had 2 accounts for over a year his never has internet even right after we pay 80 for 10 GB. When I asked the date that they credited it back they stated Dec 31, 2016. With great difficulty, I purchased a ATT phone but it would not activate until the FOURTH attempt. Would rather not have a phone than deal with this. Yesterday I received an email stating that my payment did not go through.

      You mean the phone I've been using for a year is not compatible? You will not get an explanation of why this is needed at all. You'll probably need to order a Page Plus SIM card if you find have one already.

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      Running 998edcf country code: NL. STAY AWAY FROM THE BELOW COMPANY: I am posting a recommendation that you stay as far away as possible from this company. Seems like a lot of work for a service that other phone companies have done easily with no problems (porting the number from one service to the next yet keeping it on the same device).

      Only then, can I transfer the number to my current device at which point I would have to return the other phone. Page Plus Cellular and Straight Talk have the worst customer service I've ever experienced and they should return the jobs back to English speaking employees and hire people that do more than answer a phone and put customers on hold! Page Plus did say they will be reimbursing my account and it will take 4-6 days to process.

      But the company needs to hire people who speak and hear well enough in English to do the job. But then the same issue happened again.

      I told her I will just call back in a few days so I called the boost mobile store where I purchased the phone. I told him if I pay y'all $55 a month for unlimited service then I want my unlimited which is 4 weeks of unlimited service not 1 week. I tried three times to get through to a Customer Service Supervisor when I finally called Page Plus. I usually get it by email when paying online. I wanted this handled right away, not wait for 2-3 days.

      1. As a client, I have the right to receive a receipt after paying and because I use it in my tax return.
      2. At the end of the entry it stated that there was a problem with process.
      3. At this price is a fantastic deal, particularly for a Page Plus account.
      4. Now I can be in pictures with my kids! Now, for some inexplicable reason every few months my 4G connection will drop permanently. On Dec 2 2016 I purchased 4 SIM cards from Page Plus Cellular after checking that my phones were compatible. On Dec 28 I finally asked for a refund back to my credit card for phone #4 since they would not activate it, they stated the service had already expired (No way a service expired that was only 2 days old and never activated).

        I had to contact customer service to get it. I have a $55 unlimited plan and for some odd reason my phone calls was being dropped which wasn't normal in my area. I have been with Page Plus Cellular for more than 8 years. I have only been a customer for a week and this has been the worst experience I've had to deal with as far as a cellular company goes.

        She transferred me to a guy who was telling me that he can't give me a receipt as it was paid from the automated system. She went on to tell me my Page Plus service was not good outside my "service area"! So I argued with them and eventually ask to transfer to a manager. So I cannot retrieve my voice mail, and cannot tell anyone who will leave a message that their message won't be heard. So I entered the information through an automated process on my phone.

        I am so glad that I bought this. I bought the CamKix Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control with Wrist Strap for Smartphones. I can see better with these and there are the most comfortable of the others that I have. I chatted and they said "sorry we can't email your receipt from the chat system" so they gave me to call the customer service.

        So I ignored it and said ok maybe they will get it right so it's done. So I told him "the automated system is just technical. So even though I KNOW I applied my PIN last month they claim I haven't. Still not activated and out of my money of phone cost. Support ticket to request replacement sim card at N/C.

        Coverage is ok for FL but on a recent trip to Hawaii I couldn't use the phone in LA or Hawaii. Customer service is a pitiful excuse for service and in violation of laws regarding portability of lines, they hold you phone number hostage if you want to leave the service. Dealer went out of business same week. Dec 29, service stopped working on phone #2, called Page Plus Cellular and once again was told that the service on this phone had also expired.

        I immediately found customer service contact info, cringing because I went through a situation with Straight Talk's "customer service" and "refund department" (I don't think the refund dept exists, but that another nightmarish story. I just went to my local Verizon store and bought one and they activated my phone and also backed up all of my contacts! I paid online like instructed. I put the square metal place between the phone cover and phone just to have more space for the magnet to connect.

        This time they wouldn't refund the extra payment. Two different customer service personnel gave me two different excuses for why I got ripped off for 20 mb of data. Unfortunately, a few years ago the company was bought out by some European conglomerate, fired all the good people in their customer service department, and outsourced it to some non-English speaking country.

        The only option she gave me was that if I wanted to port my number over the same device I am using now, I have to buy a new phone that is compatible, port the number to the new phone, at which time my present phone will become inactive with its current carrier. The only thing I had to do with other phone companies was to switch out the SIM card and other than that everything went smoothly. The problems came afterwards. The slide out keyboard is great!

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