Find Dell Support channels like email, chat, and telephone numbers for your Dell computer. Tech Support Troubleshoot and fix hardware. Check on the status or view the history of your Dell Product Support Requests or Technician or Part being sent to your home or office.

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I will spend my time blogging about this issue and raise awareness how bad this company is. If you have an onsite warranty and they refuse service, you ask for a supervisor. If you just signed up, we're still likely creating your account. If you just signed up, we're still likely creating your account. If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time.

Was told too bad - cannot reinstate. We've been playing this dance with them for 9 months! Went to their website to file a support request and the system couldn't process it(After nth times of attempt). What's the point of a warranty if it doesn't cover things breaking?

  • I'm researching an article for Laptop Magazine.
  • Following that, they then tried to do remote access to reformat my computer and hell, it made my computer worse.
  • Then I told him why I was calling and asked if he could help me with it; because at this point I want a refund.
  • So anyone considering buying a dell Inspiron 2 in 1 tablet, think twice.
  • NEVER buying from them again, and will never buy new computers at any retailer.

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When you crack your windshield do you expect Caddilac to fix it? Who can you tell about the poor dell tech support you can not get in touch with U.

If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time. If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time. If you've completed the steps above, or need more help, please and we can help get your site up and running in no time. In 4 days a full 31 days, a month will have passed.

I read all these negative comments with great amusement, I broke my laptop screen, and expect Dell to repair it for free. I should buy one in the store and send the current XPS back, for 120€ more than I paid two weeks ago. I spent about 90 minutes on the phone and spoke with 8 different people before I finally gave up. I spoke to Andrea, also in the Philippines, who managed to answer my question correctly without transferring me.

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I called back the next day at 12:27 p. I do not know how much clearer I can be. I have feedback my experience with dell via email but they have yet to respond to my email. I hope they go out of business because they give the label "made in the USA" a bad name.

This guy spends the next week telling me he can do this and issue me a replacement in his department but to inquire about a refund I need to call this number. This is not at all an experience I am happy to have paid for. This is what your company has come to? Ultimately, she said, it would be easier to find software to download. Unfortunately, this information was incorrect, because the Killer Network Manager app that comes with the XPS 13 does allow you to control bandwidth usage.

He wanted to put me on hold again, when I suggested that because it was a software question, he could help me without my warranty status. Hoping to get the audio question answered. However, the quality of the service seemed based on the luck of the draw, especially on the phone, and it was frustrating when representatives didn’t know about the software the company has on its own laptops.

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Called sales and explained sad story.

The first day I got my Dell Precision 3510 which is hella expensive and not so great specs and it already has faulty battery issue. The other half of the time they don't solve any problem at all. The repair service is outsourced to a company which does not carry stock. The service engineer, who was due to arrive yesterday telephoned to say that the parts will be procured in five days. The software that makes my computer connect to the internet does not work.

They also didn't work when we tried them so the Indian fellow quietly hung up the phone and left me momentarily thinking he was still there. They directed me to download it, I did, ran it, and it said corrupted data. They do not honor product warranty. They even said I should install Linux Mint or buy a Windows license. They have 1,400 of my dollars and I have equipment that is worthless because even the Ethernet will not work for internet connection.

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So you are just telling dell tech. Sonny put me on hold for 2 and a half minutes to check my service-tag information a second time, when he came back with questions about my warranty status. Suffice to say I will be doing a lot of reconsidering before I purchase my next computer from them. That didn't fix the problem.

  1. Basic support gives you phone support during business hours; ProSupport extends that time to 24 hours a day; and ProSupport Plus adds accidental damage protection.
  2. Being the only laptop that I've had wifi card issues in.
  3. Best tech decision I've ever made.
  4. Then he send a message to his boss; who after a day handed it off to his assistant or something this is the 26th now. There's a major issue with the screen connections that messes up whatever you r doing at the moment, you get these round circles going up and down your screen, the keyboard freezes, you can't close apps. There’s no Dell Audio app — instead, I was hoping he’d send me to the pre-loaded Waves MaxxAudio Pro.

    The brand new replacement computer is also a lemon. The bulk of the call was actually spent getting an automated phone tree to work and giving all of my data, like the laptop’s service tag number, to Justine so she would start providing instructions. The driver for the wifi adapter no longer functions. The ease of custom putting together a computer, ordering it, and getting service for it.

    When I called dell for the upteenth time,the tech has his nerve to say it's my fault for letting him take it home because it's against their policy. When I finally get it back, the computer case had been switched as mine had a silver logo on the cover and the one he returned had a black logo. When buying from Dell, consumers can pay extra to extend the warranty up to four years, and to move from Basic to ProSupport to ProSupport plus plans.

    For 24-hour technical support. From dial tone to hang-up, it took 17 minutes and 34 seconds. Go shop on the website at the higher prices.

    • Additionally, I attempted to simply return the product, and although I filed for a return nearly 2 weeks ago, it says the return is still processing.
    • An amateurish article responded to by amateur Computer users.
    • Arrived with dead Motherboard, took one week for a tech to show up.
    • At first I thought it was my router but after some diagnosis I determined it was the driver for the wifi adapter.

    Not worth the aggravation. Now they have sent guys out to service this thing each one says the guy before has fucked up my system. On Facebook, I went to Dell’s page and asked if I could change my audio-equalizer settings for more bass.

    • ' So much for tell them why I am calling.
    • A week or so later I received a Call from Dell’s Customer Resolution Team on and was told that the item I ordered was not coming due to a problem in the configuration of the system and my order would be cancelled and reordered.

    During the remote access, my notebook crashed again. Every case you gave them was a relatively simple task for anyone who has basic computer skills.

    I am extremely dissatisfied with Dell, specifically their customer support, and doubt I will be buying from them again. I am not one to write complaints and or give bad reviews. I appreciated Dell’s many means of offering technical support, including its social media accounts, phone tree and plethora of information on its website. I bought a dell and was reminded again today why that was a terrible decision. I bought the brand new XPS 13 with Ubuntu.

    I used to be loyal to dell but even now the premium support I paid the price of my laptop for is utterly worthless. I was able to call whenever I wanted, because Dell offers 24/7 support on the phone. I was hoping she would point me to the Waves MaxxAudio Pro app that already came installed on the system. I was on hold for 3 minutes and 40 seconds before the service tag was verified, then was put on hold again for 30 seconds before being connected to Sonny in India.

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    In my opinion if they can't design a keyboard that will last 6 months under normal conditions that sounds like a defect. Instead of just telling me how to make the change, she had me download software to let her take remote control of the laptop and make the changes. It has links to check previous support requests, Windows tips, online diagnostics you can download and run yourself and a library of how-tos and FAQs about common problems.

    I was put on hold again for 5 minutes and 22 seconds while he did a bit more digging. I was second in the queue, and when it was my turn, I asked my support representative, Carlos, how to stop my laptop from going to sleep and asking me for a password everytime I walk away for a few minutes. I was told a replacement was possible send me one so I can sell it and get my money out of it.

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    Over the past decade I've purchased more and more valuable models from them. Phone calls later, it was processed and shipped. Purchasing my first laptop from them in 2005. Site Not Configured 404 Not Found 404 The site you were looking for couldn't be found.

    Needless to say I attempted to get a answer as to why he thought that would work, with no driver how could something run at all? No more Dell purchase for me. Not only did they rob me they refused to do anything to rectify the problem. Not worth for money.

    Could Dell be running 2nds on people w/o telling?Dell's customer service sucks.Dell’s laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, which includes return shipping.
    Did Dell pay you?Did you point DNS to the correct or?Did you point DNS to the correct or?

    They insisted I wipe off the feed tray of my printer with a damp cloth for a wifi connectivity problem. This company should shut down, I am sorry for EMC merger with them. This domain is successfully pointed at WP Engine, but is not configured for an account on our platform.

    It is time US Citizens stood up for themselves and use their hard earned money to buy well made computers that actually last for years. It was April 2nd or 3rd I got out of work to a voice mail very poor quality says some numbers and takes so long to ramble in whatever language they talk in India that the recording cuts off probably half of the speech. May 11 I was trying to render a video while I was at work and when I came home my computer had no internet access.

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