A live chat representative is standing by to provide assistance. So that we can better assist you, please provide some information about your reason for chatting. Get help from the Customer Forums and the Online Support portal or contact a Comcast Agent by Phone or Online Chat.

  • An e-mail has been sent to your address with a link to the map.
  • As he was leaving he said "Do you still want a new modem?
  • Back in June, we were moving to a larger warehouse.
  • Bundling options: Comcast offers many options for bundling services.
  • Changed out an end-of-life (EOL) modem rented from Comcast and got a new gateway that replaced both the Ubee modem and our Cisco e2500 router.

Public wifi, overloaded nodes are the issue. See the for more information. Seven people and over two hours later still unresolved. Some attempts even result in a perpetually turning circle (my browser is Chrome)/never connects. Terms of Use Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the. That one updated fine. The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions.

How they this monopoly be allowed to exist and rape its customers? However, I stay up very late. I agreed to the new rate, for the SAME service. I am pretty much sure they not gonna have a name like that.

Join the ConsumerAffairs Community! My bill went from a promised 2 year price of $119. NOW - the install tech is here. NOW once again we prepared ourselves before my wife signed a contract.

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Timothy was patient with my complaint (remember there is 6 months of annoyance built up) and not only fixed my problem but educated me on which frequency to connect to - and why. To a newer version or other web browser. Today, my life was made so much easier by a very knowledgeable associate at Xfinity. Today, the service has been out all day.

We're a small business - just 2 people. Well my contract is up On August 8, 2017, I received my new bill on July 31, 2017 showing the new price would be $207. When I checked my account, I discovered that I had been downgraded to 10 Mbps. When I got 2 weeks of service and it got dropped out for week and half just to be told that Denver server was out.

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We now have been receiving a bill for 29. We pay extra for sports channel, Recording box and higher speed. We recorded conversations and screen shot of every single chat with live agent. We told him that we were supposed to get a new cable from post to house and a new modem. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. We wonder if the software upgrades are throttling service to force upgrades in service.

I signed up for the X1 Triple Play bundle. I signed up on 08/08/2015 and tried for several weeks to get these issues resolved but with no success. I thought it would be good and spoke with them, when I spoke with them, they were nice and they said "you will be charged $55/Month" but now I received the first bill $65. I thought maybe I should try using Comcast mail, but it has a list of problems that would make this review way too long.

I told them what was going on and I told the tech that I was talking to customer service. I was told again today that someone will call me back within 48 hours. I was told that they would review my previous call, and call me within 48 hours, but I did not receive a call. I was told they were going to put in a new cable from the post to the house and they were going to bring a new modem. I was unaware and my home has been unprotected for months. I was very happy in getting our internet at first.

Never using them again. Now after canceling they're trying to charge me. Old saying - if you expect nothing you will never be disappointed. On top of that they put you on hold for more than 10 mins. Our third technician visit is scheduled for Monday and we are not holding our breath. Overpriced, bad service, incompetent, etc. Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands If your company has a page on our site, we invite you to to respond to your customers directly.

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I guess we are back to the same scenario. I had an appointment today set for 4 - 6. I had internet since my internet didn't work. I have had several technicians come to the house, new cable boxes and new modems.

I bought a prepaid modem two weeks ago. I called and called and called, they would promise to fix the bill which would last 1 to 2 months then it would start all over again. I called them back again because I was entitled to my cable through 08/07/2017, as I had already paid through that date.

Don't ever get Xfinity for your home. Don't know why Comcast is hiring representatives from India.

They also over charge you for package deals that are suppose to be cheaper and also will not allow you to get discounts that you are qualified for. They are so large that some agency like Consumer Affairs must be assigned the task of monitoring ALL of their services to ensure that the cheating of customers does not continue. They are the only company that provides internet! They can make thousands of dollars from scamming people. They don't share service. They don't tell people at all.

It does not take nearly 6 months for an account to cancel! It even logged out because it took so long to download. It seems anything THEY do, it's with excellence including super customer service. It started with him blocking our neighbor's driveway. It's 9:30 pm now and we can only watch 1 channel. It's worse than satellite and on par with smoke signals.

  1. Com domain in it in the Bcc: box, it bounces: "Permanent error".
  2. Comcast has now damage our credit by not fulfilling the 12 month contract we signed up for.
  3. Comcast has the most unstable internet.
  4. Comcast in short is a consumer scam.
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    Comcast service suck and hire the people for cheap and they don't know what they are doing.Comcast, should be the steadiest service out there.

    They refused to waive the charge although I told them I was never advised that only one jack would be activated. They said you need to have it in this area. They send someone to get the equipment if you late on a bill without and warning but they will say "Oh we sent this" or "We sent that". They send you equipment that don't work and they send someone who doesn't know what they are doing to install it. They still wasted a week for inspections.

    Customer service is poor at best especially when you request an English speaking representative with no results and find yourself screaming which is unbecoming.
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    Even though my package bundle stated it included HD services they were still billing me $10. Ever since March I have called 3 times to cancel my services each time the rep said it would be taken care of. Every 2 months I was receiving a bill for more and more and more.

    • (No cables are back there) and didn't put it back.
    • Achievement badges and a spot on the public leaderboards.
    • After 12 hours on the phone it was finally straightened out but the customer service was terrible.
    • After we provide them proof of our payment, contract and recording conversation of all our payment.
    • Also, do you think I will hear from them regarding my negative comments.
    Comcast lies about the plans when you bundle - BEWARE!

    When I signed up I was promised a price lock for the 2 years on a contract and was given a complete description of the bundle over the phone with the representative when I agreed to sign up. When the service was activated, I was not getting 200 Mbps download speeds, only 100 Mbps, so I called Comcast to send out a technician. When we call the recorded message on the service line says they expect the service to be operable at 1:15 am.

    I called them many times. I called to have the jack activated, and was told there would be a $60 charge. I got Xfinity X1 4-5 months ago.

    We had CenturyLink - one of THE WORST telecom companies in the country. We have had approximately six service calls each one unable to correct the problem. We needed a amp added to our cable in the house.

    Fast connection speeds: Internet services are offered at speeds of 6 Mbps and higher. For everything go with CenturyLink. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. For your internet and the customer service is a lot better. Got a new Zoom 5345 from the manufacturer. He said that he never uses the Xfinity test.

    They will tell you to ignore the bill, that the account will be closed and a refund check will be issued but takes up to 12 weeks to process. This happens too often. This is a major throttling effort. This lead to our service being cancelled and getting billed for breaking the 2-year contract early ($1200. This was going to help our TV signal.

    Upon returning I tried again to get issues resolved and finally reached an executive in the company who issued a credit to us and got the issue resolved and everything was good for about 3 months and then it all started all over again from there. We contact customer service several times about problem, no response only response is "Please leave a message and will get back within 3 days business days. We guide you Get a tutorial for how to resolve your Comcast question, or we make one for you.

    • It had been scheduled for 08/12/2017.
    • Alternatively, you may call us at 1-866-773-0221.
    • I have been lied to multiple times that I would get a call back.
    • The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission.
    • So far, Xfinity has been the biggest headache of my relocation.

    I wasted my 3 days to get the service from comcast. I would recommend getting another service provider. I've read reviews online of multiple other people who have had the same situation happen as me, don't give this scam of a company your business. If I put the address in the To: box, it goes out, no problem. It baffles me how a company can be so open about being super villain and continue to get away with it.

    1. Checked his speed check app and said it was good.
    2. Click the link on your phone to load the MapMyRun app and do this route.
    3. Click the link within the email to load this route into the app so you can navigate and post times to the Leaderboard.
    4. Com addresses in the Bcc: box go out fine; but most days, "Permanent error".
    5. He uses some other app. Home and business options: There are numerous packages available for both residential and commercial customers, and business customers can get a free quote online. How can a company stay in business while treating their loyal customers this way? How sad is it that a company takes advantage, lies, scams and does nothing to make their customers happy.

      I imagine their to do list would be something like: Ruin the internet for us all, Kick puppies, then build a monument to Hitler. I just called the customer representative. I know sooner hung up with them and they disconnected me right that moment. I paid for only internet but when I moved in February 2017 I wanted to cancel my services. I signed up 2 years ago on 08/08/2015 and yes of course was locked into a 2 year contract.

      The call went to a third party that gave us incorrect information. The fastest connections may reach 150 Mbps or more. The last supervisor on the phone was very rude and certainly does not appreciate Comcast customers. The new location was in a section of the city that had not been updated. The streaming service is inadequate and does not work without extremely high speed connection. There is currently no text in this page. These people get a FAT F and a 0!

      They gladly give you their name but names do not matter because no one is held accountable for the errors made or the promises to fix the errors. They informed me that there was another error. They manipulated people into getting service packs and internet is shared with others. They need to learn and fix their whole business! They offered me a higher rate, which I declined. They refused to turn it back on until midnight without a reconnect fee.

      When we were getting ready to move, we called the Comcast number to get this going. While he was here I showed him how slow it was. You can actually talk to a person who can speak English and understand your issues. You can use Verizon's real time, one-on-one Live Chat to ask a live Verizon agent your question and have it answered immediately. You get to talk to someone who can barely speak English. You must be logged in to be able to export the route out as a Google Earth File (KML) or GPX.

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