Brides By Demetrios-herald Square. Bridal Salon New York NY 10001. Macy's Bridal Salon By Demetrios is a Bridal Salon in NEW YORK, NY.

I decided to make a phonecall upstairs to the bridal salon to check on the status of my dress. I felt like a bride very single time! I found my dress here on my first visit to Demetrios!

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Alyssa managed to get it for me from another store and I went back a few weeks later to try it on.

Emily was my alterations person, and she was great! Enter now to be our next winner! Evidently the ordering process is totally out of their hands and they are blind to everything that happens between the credit card transaction and the dresses arriving at their department.

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I had 4 fittings within 5 weeks. I have an email out to see if they can guarantee that my dress will arrive in time for the wedding - my hopes are not high. I knew exactly what I was looking for and after trying on a few dresses, Angela, my wonderful bridal consultant, asked me to describe to her the dress that I had in mind.

The rush fee now apparently is to guarantee it would come "1 month" before the wedding not on the date they told me. The sales associates were very helpful, but they would not allow pictures to be taken. The staff at Macy's was great, very experienced.

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I was hesitant at first to go to Macy's because I didn't know if I'd get the best deal on a dress, but my dress ended up being on sale, and there was a 20% off coupon. I was told it would arrive by mid-June. I was told the alterations department ran separate and could not waive the fees, but he COULD guarantee some sort of discount.

And the Macy's salon, they just treat you so well. And the rest of the dresses from $150 and up. Angela is amazing and bobby is a total.

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  1. " I have a very difficult time believing this to be true given that an associate told me today that a tracking number didn't even exist for my order.
  2. "Every Bride has specific needs and deserves to feel special throughout the entire process of acquiring her bridal gown.
  3. (I later found out you could get one in a timely manner at //www.
  4. A few weeks ago when she still had not received the dress she started reaching out to see when she would be getting it.
  5. A few weeks ago when she still had not received the dress she started reaching out to see when she would be getting it.
  6. I really like the Demetrios collection - they have a nice variety of gowns that could appeal to many different people, and their prices are lower than other designer gowns, but they are higher quality than something like David's Bridal, and it shows. I received perfect customer service from initial booking of the appointment, through front desk (Ivy) to my stylist Ashley and (I believe) the manager Lauren. I was VERY upset about this!

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    I'm scared it's going to end up like this situation: //www. If so, i was wondering do they only sell Demetrios gowns? If you'd like to see your wedding dress more than one month before your wedding date, I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere. In January and fell in love with a dress. In minor terms, the salon is dirty the carpet has holes everwhere, the changing rooms are poorly kept, the service is pretty terrible as above and even when going to pick the dress.

    I worked with Sonia who did an absolutely amazing job with getting my rush order in which arrived a month earlier than expected (rush orders are 4 months compared to 6 month regular orders) whenever i had doubts or questions and needed to phone the service desk all of the associates were quick to aid my help and never seemed frustrated. I would not ask my worst enemy to get her dress or bridesmaid dresses here. I'm having two weddings, one in Australia and one in the USA.

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    She goes on to tell me to look through the dresses and pick out five. She pinned each dress perfectly and made each dress look beautiful on me. She was an older, short white woman, with short dark hair with glasses.

    As far as Demetrios, the selection is a little too "traditional bridal" for me; the dresses and accessories didn't have enough variety for my taste. As th e designer and owner, Demetrios is a fashion icon in the bridal gown industry. Attention all brides-to-be, are you still on the hunt for your dream wedding gown?

    She was an older, short white woman, with short dark hair with glasses. Somehow, they not only managed to find a dress for me, but it happened to be coming to the distribution center in both the size AND the color I wanted! Such a sweet interesting lady. Sure enough I did, and I'm absolutely in love with my dress.

    All of my other bridesmaids who ordered theirs elsewhere (for cheaper mind you) ordered later and received them earlier.Also, I know the Lake Grove location received new dresses in Nov/Dec, and I would assume those were from the 2012 line so you may want to call that location to see if they have the dresses you are interested in.

    Following up, the date magically moved to early May, late May, early June, 4th of July, until finally arriving two days before the wedding with no time for alterations. Foresee last-minute blunders! Hands down, the worst bridesmaid dress experience I've ever had.

    You can also search near a city, place, or address instead.

    This leadership and expertise in bridal marketing continues to expand. This review is mostly for my consultant Ivy. We had a great time with the Demetrios 2014 collection this weekend.

    It's like Sylvia had a 6th sense about what dress would look good and fit my personality. It's now July 28th and I have been getting mixed messages from the bridal salon manager, Julio, since following up on the 22nd. Loved my consultant, Ashley, who took a look at a couple dresses I liked and then found me THE ONE. Macy's had a HUGE selection of costume jewelry at great prices that looked much more expensive then they were in reality.

    Is in the office at odd hours and random days 2. Is it an attempt to secure work for their in-house tailor? It as far too small, old materials and awful lighting. It is 3 weeks before the wedding, the dresses just came, my weekend are full of vacations and what do you know. It took awhile for anyone to notice I was there at first and then they found me a bridal consultant.

    • Then they scheduled my appointments with the seamstress and I began the alterations process.
    • They only sell Demetrios – but they sell all of the Demetrios lines, I think there are 9 of them.
    • Enjoy exclusive savings of 15% off, plus an extra $50 off your Demetrios or Cosmobella special-order gown purchase available during this event only.
    • Admittedly, Tammy, the manager, was wonderful and responsive.
    AVOID for bridesmaids dresses.After deciding to spend a little more, then next dress she brought out was it!

    However, after ordering dresses five months before the date of the wedding nobody was able to give me an answer on when the dresses would arrive that was more specific than "4-6 weeks before the wedding". I called to ensure they had a particular dress to which they said yes, went into the city to try it on, only to get there and find out they didn't. I couldn't believe it, she found the dress I had envisioned walking down the aisle in.

    My bridal consultant was super checked out and lackluster. My sister felt uncomfortable and wasn't happy with the customer service we were receiving. My wedding is in Sept, and the dress is set to arrive mid-June. No one apologized or called to explain why I never received a call about my dress. No one else seemed to understand what I was looking for. Prices are very affordable from $1,500-$3,900 Bridal Gowns. Reload this Yelp page and try your search again.

    I loved working with her! I loved working with them. I never knew there was a bridal salon at the 34th street Macys until a few months ago and I had high expectations for the bridal salon since it was affiliated with Macy's in some type of way, but my expectations and my sister's (the bride) expectations was crushed. I only tried on two dresses there before deciding on the one I wanted, but it was exactly what I was hoping for.

    I got a gorgeous dress and they made my experience dress shopping very easy! I got my dress after a trunk sale and still got the 15% off. I got my dress from the lake grove location and every dress i tried on was at least a size 10.

    Being a clueless, newly engaged girl I thought I could just call and go to any bridal salonWRONG. Brides typically require three fitting consultations with a seamstress. Can or can they not make decisions on behalf of the alterations department? Come by to admire their beautiful high fashion gowns that will suit any bride-to-be. During your appointment your sales associate will find out what your price range and vision for the style of your dress and start pulling dresses for you to try on.

    First off, the salon was shabby with stained carpets, gross changing rooms that was littered with poor quality dresses presumably to "try on" even though you just end up trying on a "one-size fits all" prototype - this renders the point of going to a physical salon (vs online) completely pointless. First, I was told there was an issue with production and I would have an update by Monday the 25th.

    Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. His collections offer women the widest and most versatile styles and are on the cutting edge of the fashion world. However, I had a Pronovias appt the following day that I was dying to go to.

    We were greeted by one of the women in the front and asked how can she help us? When I am told I will pay a rush fee to receive the dress mid-end of May everything else will get planned around that. When I found my dress my consultant was so helpful. While we were waiting for her, I was looking around, and to be honest, I didn't automatically fall in love with any particular dress I saw while perusing and didn't think I was going to find what I was looking for here.

    The staff there was very nice. Then they sent it to Orlando Demetrios to be pressed for my family to bring up to Lexington. They have been showcased in all leading bridal magazines, including his own publication, For The Bride. They help a lot and I'm very excited to go now. They provided me with the patience that I hoped for when searching for such an important dress. This has by far been the worst experience throughout the wedding process and I cannot wait to cut ties with Demetrios.

    Sylvia was such a fun presence while deciding on a dress and she picked the dress I ultimately went with after describing the style I was after. Thank you for sharing your day with us! The dress I eventually fell in love with was a dress she picked out! The poor upkeep, staff that don't seem to be motivated at all, the poor quality of service in a hypercompetitive market in NYC. The prices were reasonable and definitely within the budget I had specified.

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