A live chat representative is standing by to provide assistance. So that we can better assist you, please provide some information about your reason for chatting. Comcast Customer Service is here to provide Help and Support for your.

I can take escalated calls for issues with all 3 products and am still expected to at least make an attempt at sales even if it is to offer information on services they may not of known about. I guess that this is a good reason for using chat, i. I have no idea what the means. I just spent a very long time with someone who said I just need to pay an extra $9. I just spent almost two hours now finalizing this entitre order and now you are telling me it is going to be $15.

How much more patient should they have been? I agree that OP could have handled the issue better, but blame Comcast's for not allowing "customer support" reps to perform "sales" functions. I agree that OP could have handled the issue better, but blame Comcast's for not allowing "customer support" reps to perform "sales" functions. I also had a chat about upgrading to blast that I believe went from 2:03 am to 4:26 am. I am sorry that you have been routed to Internet and Phone Department.

  • Are there any options available for that?
  • Below given are the links to Xfinity social profiles, you can try contacting them using the power of social media.
  • Thank you so much Karen!

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That's nearly two hours. The first guy quoted you $13 and then you find out it's $9, then you find out it's $15. The on-line chat is another example of Comcast's lack of respect for customers. The only thing that they are good at is keeping their patience on the chat, i.

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You'd get an apology that the first rep gave you incorrect information, assurance that the representative would be coached on the correct rates, and a restatement of what the actual rates for your market are.

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Now press ‘ 0′, it must take you to a live person in Xfinity customer service. Of the transcript i read, the rep was very polite. Ok sounds good, I would like to add the HD and DVR $9. Online chats with comcast never feels natural. Only an ***** wouldn't realize that it's more logical and quicker. Please give me one moment to review your information.

How are you doing? How much extra would I need to pay a month for that? How much extra would it be to add HD alone?

I need a supervisor this instance! I need a supervisor this instance! I need to speak to your supervisor.

I would be happy to give you the information you need. I'll be connecting you with Sales so your request will be accommodated. If a price isn't in the data base, it cannot be applied. If commend Comcast for making an effort to offer chat support, but they did a half-assed job implementing the service, which just leads to frustration for customers.

I spent a long time asking about upgrading to HD and DVR and was quoted $9. I think the chat line is for questions like when I ask them through chat if I could use a modem for HSI and one for Digital voice but in your case that is what I call doing business. I totally understand, no worries, I am trying my best on this. I understand that you want to upgrade your cable service. I will be your Comcast Analyst today and it is with great pleasure that I'll be assisting you today.

  1. Does that include DVR or just HD?
  2. Even hardcore Comcast employees and fanboys should be able to at least admit Comcast failed their customer in this chat.
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    1. And when you say "many more," I would like to know specifically what channels.
    2. As others have stated, use the phone.
    3. Below given are the various Xfinity cusomer service numbers, which you can use to contact Xfinity customer service for help on specific departments.
    4. Can you please get to the chase?
    5. Chances are, your question has already been asked and answered.
    6. HD addon, how much would that be?HD addon, would I have to sign a contract or no?Hello Karen_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support.
      Even the highest management at my office doesn't have the ability to create a special promo.Except for the one that got attitude and hung up on my mom.For an upgrade to a higher package Karen, I would need to connect you to my Sales partner to finalize the upgrade for you.

      Karen, I have tried all I could but we can only offer the HDDVR for only $9. Karen, I have tried all I could but we can only offer the HDDVR for only $9. Karen, I have tried to add the HDDVR but it seems that the rate for your specific market would be $15. Karen, I have tried to add the HDDVR but it seems that the rate for your specific market would be $15. Last question, what if I wanted to add DVR to the $5. Let me get the detailed amount for you Karen.

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      Should she have called instead? So that was all the ways by which you can contact Xfinity customer service. So the next step up would be the HD digital preferred? Some prices are only available via retention, and I sometimes work in that department.

      Getting upset isn't going to increase the chance of your issue being addressed.Given below is the Comcast Xfinity mailing address, which you can use to contact Xfinity.HD addon, how much would that be?

      If not, post your question and get answers from Comcast experts and customers like you. If you can't, live with it like the rest of us. Is there a delay in sending and receiving these messages? Is there a special pricing you can give to me as an existing customer no longer on contract? It is a pleasure to have you on chat! It is the same as as both are the same.

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      Sure, OP probably could have a different attitude, but I don't feel it is their fault. Thank you for asking! That is all I know and that is all I want. That would be for HD only Kare.

      1. Chat is an excellent idea, but the service is very, very, bad.
      2. Click on the button below.
      3. Did you look at the time stamps on the original chat?
      4. Different markets have different prices.
        • After seeing all the info on the site for packages, pricing and channels, call and see if you could get a better deal.
        • And only an ***** would act so impatient and selfish over a chat.
        • And what is the one more good thing?

        Let me get the detailed amount for you Karen. May I have your account number so I can pull up the accurate information for you? No, the link shows me all channels (963 of them). Notice, until this point Karen is not being rude and seems pleased with the information she has been given.

        The original transcript was a big enough Comcast fail, but you guys are just compounding it by blaming her for it. There is currently no text in this page. There must be a typo in your last statement. This is a almost 2 and a half hour chat with customer support. This is the best live chat for Comcast, but it's the #2 way to contact them overall according to 5181606 GetHuman users. Those channels are not free and that is not a special deal if I have to pay for them.

        To protect your privacy by ensuring we do not discuss account information or make changes to your account without your knowledge and consent, could you please verify the last 4 digits of your SSN together with your full account number? Wait till the menu options in the IVR is complete. Wanting to ask about upgrades. We catalog the best ways through tough customer service issues. We may be able to tell you the right questions to ask or things to say. Will be right back so please stay online.

        Will be right back so please stay online. Would you happen to know how much my bill would be each month after taxes if I add the $5. Xx, are you able to do better for me? Yes its easier for Comcast to train people to perform a limited role in the short run, but it seems a waste to have two people do a job that could be easier performed by one.

        I am trying to double check if I could provide a discount for you. I am waiting for this link. I can nearly guarantee that the supervisor did not have the power to give you your $9. I can see here you wish to add one HDDVR to your service is that right?

        It's classic Comcast--they give a lot of lip service to improving customer service, but they don't honestly try that hard. It's times like this, where you brought the frustration onto yourself. Karen, I can see here you would like to upgrade your cable services, is that right?

        Please include your IP address in your email. Pretty typical responses when speaking with a Convergys rep. Regardless of whether or not the CS Rep could do anything about it or if a Supervisor cannot do anything about it, the customer was completely failed by this whole interaction. She has resisted the up sale and saw through the Sales speak about free channels. She should have known better than to call our support is not a valid answer to what happened to her.

        Yes the first representative was wrong but there was no need to flip your lid over it. You are most welcome Karen! You can get in touch with Comcast Xfinity customer service using the following Xfinity customer service phone numbers, live chat & email support given in this page. You do notice that most of the replies are canned messages right? You may double check though.

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