Big Tigger And Lisa Wu, lisa wu hartwell, big tigger, big tigger keshia. Lisa Wu After Their Exes Tie The Knot—But Are They Secretly Dating? Lisa Wu news, gossip, photos of Lisa Wu, biography, Lisa Wu boyfriend list 2016. Days after Keshia Knight Pulliam confirmed she and Ed Hartwell tied the knot, Lisa Wu (Ed's ex) was spotted on a red carpet with Big Tigger.

But Sandra’s source is going to only look out for Keith Sweat b/c that’s where his loyalty lies (and where his checks come from). But not much revealing has been done regarding their relationship from either party. Can a person change their MIND. Damn some of you act like y’all know them personally! Do you want to go to the French edition? ESPECIALLY THE BABY YOU 37 YEARS OLD AND HAVE YOUR FUTURE GOING.

That’s my main concern but not my only. The Ol let me pick a fight before I go outta town game. The former Cosby Show star recently addressed Lisa in her podcast "Kandidly Keshia," after hearing Wu discussed Keshia and Ed's marriage on an episode of Hollywood Divas. Then tried to lie and said he been working out since the New Year.

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  • "I thank you, thank you so much for the village—my family, my friends, people who I don't even know who have reached out, who have supported me, who have sent love, who have sent blessings, who have sent words of encouragement through every way known to man," she continued during the segment.
  • Absolutely, but I take pictures with people every day.
  • According to our records, Lisa Wu is possibly single.

Or did she start dating Ed while he was with Sharon(Lisa Wu)? Oscar winning actress Viola Davis appears to have it all. Other than that, I agree with ELOVE. Page Six TV” airs in the following: Atlanta – FOX 5 at 7 p.

  • According to the insider, he has never seen Lisa Wu do drugs, and he could see why an accusation of that sort might make Lisa upset enough to go after Kim.
  • Ain’t nothin bizarre about that, that’s being a compassionate, loving REAL MAN!
  • All she was a mad about was, ‘You don’t want to have a baby, but you’re mad about her baby.

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His mom is alive & well, but when i have to go to his school, the parents ask about his “mom,” referring to my mother. I agree with you in hoping its not true. I can say she wanted to get in vitro, I can say she wanted to do some things to make sure she got pregnant. I can’t believe she has the audacity to say Keshia is thirsty for a reality show LOL!

These women need help! They were like oh my God it’s you, it looks like you, sounds like you! This is an incredibly messed up situation to be screwed over like that, and left pregnant out there, by someone in the public eye. Those are her rights. Unless she intentionally tries to prove the blogs (you) wrong? Was she on some Britney Spears s hit?

I think everybody has the dislexia syndrome today! I think the discussion on the kids were a sidebar. I thought she was dealing wit Big Tiga too wowwchild hood Star.

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Plus if Keith was being disrespectful I applaude him for doing that. Posed for several photos together and, at one point, Big Tigger had his hand on the small of Lisa’s back. Rumors have continued to swirl that the woman in the video was former RHOA cast member Lisa Wu, and this weekend at the BET Awards, the couple came face to face with Wu for the first time since the video went viral! She gotta protect that Cosby Show money.

Keisha seem like she was very smart with her money and she invested it wisely unlike other former child stars. Keisha stop talking, because the story or the show you’re portraying is not adding up. Keith sweathmmm, not so much.

And, some men only seek custody for personal gain.Anyone who truly knew Keith Sweat and was speaking on behalf of him would have known more than what was said on the show.

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Lisa also warns Keshia to keep her name and her child’s name out of her mouth. Lisa can’t say Keisha is any more thirsty than she is on that Hollywood Diva dull a$$ show. Lisa does not negate anything Keisha has said, so what was her point? Lisa shouldn’t be coming for anyone being she used both Keith Sweat and Ed Hartwell as stepping stones to her non-career.

Build yourself and grow together. But Lisa has stayed busy.

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  1. Also I can’t see Lisa wanting/allowing her sons to call Ed dad.
  2. And again I am still wondering what happened w/ Lisa?
  3. She will run to be on any reality show that will have her -um, hollywood divas? So Lisa needs to take several seats! Sometimes catching someone on the upswing is not the best timing. Sure, you don’t have to tell every bit of your business, but anything that could impact the future of your child is something that should be shared with the other party. Thank you for your inspirational testimony. That’s double the father figures and positive male influences for those young men.

    I was disappointed, but life moves on. I would not accept any money for it because truth is priceless," she added. I woulda called you a bust but you were a senventh round pick. If this story is true, then nothing good will come out of this marriage.

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    Explains that Lisa was surprised when she found out that they were getting married because her and Keshia were friends and she introduced her to Ed. False Alarm: News On Lisa Wu Hartwell and Malcolm Jamal Warner's. Had to screenshot our messages with the receipts that today was the first day? He been eating healthy and everything.

    My son has his biological father in his life but he calls my husband “Dad” as well and no one has a problem with this. Now marrying Hartwell after dating briefly. On the call he says to her, “Like I told you before, I promised my wife I will never be with one of her friends or family even if we never get back together, please stop calling me or I am going to tell her.

    Keshia Knight Pulliam just can't get a break. LOL So she starts creeping with him and making excuses for it. Life and also listening and observing other people’s experiences makes you wise. Lisa Wu (and obviously you as well, Ms. Lisa Wu and Big Tigger Are Dating? Lisa Wu and I have never, will never, be friends.

    He has two television shows coming out. He let me hear one of them(I grew up with her) On the phone asking him why he chose to talk to me and not her the day we met him, telling him she looks better than me etc. He spends time with them, he takes them places, he pays his support and does extra.

    • Lisa Wu and Big Tigger are now an item.
    • Private matters, especially when there are children involved, should stay private.
    • Have I taken a picture with her?
    • This website is part of the entertainment community.
    • I am so happy for my crazy first marriage because it led me to a greater sense of self and I am where I should be with my battle scars.
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    If you and I meet and speak about a business venture that we want to get into together and eventually we start meeting for lunches to discuss the project. It looked phatter cuz his waist line was smaller in college, but still. It takes alot for a woman to lose her kids. It was an unfortunate ruling that was handed to me. It's ironic that someone is trying 2 avoid 'this type of media & drama when she has been the one that keeps this going.

    As a man married to the mother of these young men, he’s taking care of them, as any responsible adult would do.

    Its a sketchy pattern he has. It’s clear in the tears that fall from her face when she said, “We’re better than that! I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’ve been on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and I was married,” she said after confessing she is actually “shy” when it comes to putting her romantic life out there. KEISHA NET WORTH IS 12 MILLION, ED COUPLE OF THOUSANDS LIKE 100,000 A LITTLE MORE.

    I don’t justify or agree with how Brad and Angelina and Alicia and Swizz got together but both marriages are transparent with the men looking to settle down more than they were by their own definitions. I have no ill will for her, I don’t know her like that it was never a situation of stealing anyone’s husband," Pulliam said. I hope this marriage blesses her with motherhood. I think I may allow myself to have a boyfriend,” she added.

    1. And hearing this major information for the first time from the former couple’s 8-year-old son, EJ, made it all the more “heartbreaking.
    2. And here’s the thing, what “MAN” abandoneds his wife (young Wife with no Children at that) because she gets pregnant?
    3. And if you were categorized as friends with everyone you took a picture with, would that be accurate?
    4. Well the man that have now does not play that at all. What is her claim to fame baby by a football player that doesn’t play anymore. When I seen cities where a handful of men have all these women acting like alley cats I get so disgusted.

      You can’t talk to her 13-year-old daughter. You should definitely write a book I will be one of the frist ones to purchase it!

      Who dated Keshia before she suddenly shared that she was engaged to Ed, took to the birthday party of of R&B Divas/RHOA fame and posed happily alongside her. Would you like to view this in our UK edition? Wu said it also hurt because she and Hartwell were working on a friendship.

      She is in for a treat,” said the source, referring to Ed’s notorious womanizing ways. She picks them up on the 1st and the 3rd weekend of every month. She reinforces that he only gets one mom, and Wu is that. She was a cold fish and that was cool.

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