A Single Man is a 2009 American drama film based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. It is directed by Tom Ford in his directorial debut. Drama · An English professor, one year after the sudden death of his boyfriend, is unable to. Julianne Moore and Anne Hathaway at an event for A Single Man (2009) Julianne Moore and Tom Ford at an event for A Single Man (2009). Sep 2009 - 2 min - Uploaded by ROPtvA SINGLE MAN (2009) DIRECTED BY TOM FORD SCREENPLAY BY TOM FORD NOVEL BY.

When Jim dies suddenly at the beginning of the film, George wrestles with how to go on without his true love--and with never being able ever to express his grief openly. When the young man finally spends the night at Firth's home, he sleeps on the couch with Firth's gun next to him. While watching Kenny, George discovers that he had fallen asleep holding George's gun, to keep George from committing suicide.

("Not everybody can do it, I know that.(It also intimates that the director and the audience belong to the same cine club, which can seem like a form of pandering.

Along the way, he passes in and out of the Los Angeles area college where he teaches Huxley to bored students who stare at him with curiosity when the subject turns to invisible minorities and fear. Also sporting his designer stubble, the Texan-born star was impossibly handsome. An initial in the United States commenced on December 11, 2009, to qualify it for the with a in early 2010.

A Single Man [DVD]: Amazon.

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The film opens with an image of George slowly sinking naked in water, a vision suggestive of rebirth and fatal submersion. The film's strongest section is George's boozily intimate night with fellow expat Charley (Julianne Moore), his best friend and female old flame – the person closest to him but who still fundamentally, and devastatingly, doesn't get him. The script was quite sparse and it left a lot of space,” says Firth.

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A Single Man is a 2009 American based on the by.

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Whoever was on the other end of the call informed George he was not invited to the "family only" funeral. Wong’s films and contributed to this one. You can't have men kissing each other without it being considered adult content. You have to communicate that to a team of people to help you realize that vision and you have to create an environment that allows those people to give the very best that they can give.

Set in early-’60s Los Angeles, “A Single Man,” which displays the the sexy texture of Almodovar, follows a day in the life of a gay British English professor (Colin Firth), who copes with the sudden death of his longtime partner with the help of a female friend (played by Julianne Moore). So is A Single Man a designer's film? So it was great to have Don and it was great to have Don’s vote of confidence.

Now, all of a sudden he’s connecting and people are responding to him in a different way. Part of Firth's performance is the crisp grace with which he wears his black suit – armour that protects George from the world and expresses his stylish detachment. Pick up your parcel at a time and place that suits you. Please reload or try later.

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Was there ever more consideration to going full frontal like you’ve done in some of your ads? We are no longer accepting comments on this article. We have so many eyes in the film because George hasn’t been looking people in the eyes. What a beautifully unique film. What you do, the power of it, lasts [another click] that long. When George decides to take his own life all of a sudden the beauty of the world starts to pull at him because he’s really looking and seeing for the first time.

Question: Is there an iconography for Colin’s wardrobe that you used? Question: Looking at the movie and this story we’d like to think that we’ve come a long way since the ’50’s. Question: You have a long term partner. Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe.

Something Amazon hopes you'll especially enjoy: FBA items are eligible for and for Amazon Prime just as if they were Amazon items. Speaking with, Ford reveals he’s adapting a not very well known book which he “refuses to name,” but that it’s a thriller. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. Star explains how he found new success by poking fun at his (and Diplo’s) celebrity.

But it seems that Julianne Moore and designer-turned-director Tom Ford are more than just former co-stars of the smash-hit film A Single Man. But other things distinguish George, including his profound grief over the death of his longtime lover, Jim (Matthew Goode), seen in intermittent flashback. During the school day George comes into contact with a student, Kenny Potter, who shows interest in George and disregards conventional boundaries of student-professor discussion.

Tom Ford has made a film he can truly be proud of and we can be grateful to him. Tom Ford said as he greeted Speakeasy last night before a private viewing of his new film “A Single Man” hosted by Mike Nichols on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Tom didn’t tell me how to do anything and didn’t bombard us with verbal instructions. Touching, sometimes humorous and always beautifully observed - a triumph.

You have to have a vision. You have to inspire people and get the best out of them. You tend to think of Colin Firth as a good sport. You’re so perfect for this role.

  1. " He incautiously invokes Hitchcock as a comparison – "everything was always artificial and I love that" – but quickly retreats.
  2. " would only say, when asked about marketing a gay romance, " Brokeback Mountain did pretty well.
  3. "I guess I'm just one of these people who when I decide I'm going to do something, I just do it.
  4. "I read every screenplay in town and because I'm a fashion designer, people sent me very superficial, slick, beautiful but not a lot of substance things and nothing was speaking to me," he said.
  5. "Oh, a couple of people wrote it was 'too beautiful'.' And his agent ripped me apart like you can't imagine.'A Single Man’ is released on Feb 12.

    He had been my absolute first choice. He has a best friend, who like him is an ex pat Brit Julianne Moore. He pulled out all these pictures of Iris Tree and he said, ‘Christopher didn’t want her to know that she was the inspiration for this part so he changed her physically, but this is who the real woman was. He read it and emailed me back the very next day.

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    Ford even steered clear of hiring an experienced cinematographer, the first-timer's traditional safety blanket – he ended up with someone almost as inexperienced as himself, young Spanish cameraman Eduard Grau, whose only credit of any consequence is an as-yet-unreleased low-budget British film called Kicks. Ford has also earned plenty of attention for his provocative advertising, which often uses erotic imagery (including plenty of nudity) to sell fashion and fragrances.

    He repeatedly discovers during what he intends to be his last day on earth that what really matters are the moments of real human connection: with his old friend and ex-lover Charley (a dazzling Julianne Moore), a handsome Spanish stranger and a bi-curious young student (Nicholas Hoult, all grown up from his About a Boy days). He said, ‘The funny thing is she was based on Iris Tree who was very stylish.

    Fashion designer, as a first-time director, financed the film himself. Firth plays George as a man whose intelligence and humour enable him to play the outsider role that straight America demands of him, and make it his own.

    Ford is committed to getting inside his hero's perceptions, as George's grief and isolation paint conformist America in dull beige and brown. Ford spoke with Smith about his secret passion for redheads, the genetic superiority of Texas, and the challenges of making a film about an America that wasn’t just “tits and ass. Ford's talent for celebrities goes back a long way.

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    I had to make this movie. I have to say that we live in a society that's pretty weird. I have you, and if you weren't such a God damned poof we could have all been happy! I tell him that, intellectual snobbery aside, the last thing I'd ever have expected to have emerged from the fashion world was a sensitive, empathetic and important film.

    George, who has never recovered from the death of his long time lover, Jim, several months before, has since become increasingly and unbearably isolated from the world around him. Golden Globe nominations include Colin Firth (Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama), Julianne Moore (Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture) and Best Original Score - Motion Picture.

    • The story is a romantic tale of love interrupted, the isolation that is an inherent part of the human condition, and, ultimately, the importance of the seemingly smaller moments in life.
    • But Ford uses fashion because it's expressive.
    • By using this site, you agree to the and.
    • Manny The Movie Guy - Director Tom Ford Talks About "A Single Man.

    A flamboyantly louche Englishwoman who plays Serge Gainsbourg records and swans around at home in evening gowns and stacked birds'-nest coiffure, Moore's Charley is up for a lark, desolately so. A new poster with Moore relocated to the background was issued. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.

    He talks about how he came to the material, why he wanted to make the film, casting, the technical side of filmmaking, and a lot more. He’s doing that and that. His 24 hour odyssey, interspersed with poignant flashbacks, includes a suicide attempt, a chance encounter with a male hooker, a pivotal meet-up with a handsome male student who has his own personal agenda; and a highly emotional scene involving a beautiful short haired fox terrier named India.

    Jim's family were not going to tell George of the death or accident, let alone allow him to attend the funeral. Jim, his personal partner of sixteen years, died in a car accident eight months earlier when he was visiting with family. Learn more about the early careers of Emmy nominees and. More happily, it was also the day Obama was elected president, which made it a little harder for Firth to summon hysterical tears.

    1. " Conversely, Colin Firth said, "[The marketing] is deceptive.
    2. " He doesn't seem even to have dabbled in the film industry's traditional practice grounds for wannabe directors: short films ("Didn't interest me") or commercials.
    3. That of course made feel better about altering that character to the extent that I did. That seemed absolutely perfect to me for George. The film has received an overall positive reception from critics, with most reviews singling out Colin Firth's performance. The film is extremely evocative of what it might have meant to be gay – and English and intellectual – in Sixties California.

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      I'm quite frankly not into fashion or designers so I didn't know who Tom Ford was until my wife informed me. If you are in Firefox click "disable on independent. If you know how to market, you can market. In fact – and it should come as no surprise – Ford is arguably the most well-connected film director of all time. In the long run, is he going to choose fashion or film? In the past six years, Ford has opened 100 new stores and, oh yes, had a baby, too.

      It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar. It could have been an unholy embarrassment, but instead Ford has come out of it smelling of roses. It seems like he’s playing the idea of adaptation in general, promising a movie in two parts — one that deviates from the source material, and another that remains faithful to it. It’s a great interview for one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

      The sexual preferences of the characters in A Single Man are not exotic or problematic or even constant. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Then reload the page. This beautiful film is set in 1962, with the backdrop of the Cuban missile crisis and the first real societal awakening to the global threat of nuclear war.

      As for his new cinematic baby, Nocturnal Animals made a big splash at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, where the film and its stars— Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal—won a 10-minute standing ovation. As he routinely and fastidiously prepares for the suicide and post suicide, George reminisces about his life with Jim. Better to Look Good than Be Good for Tom Ford's A Single Man. But George, the middle-aged professor and single man of the title whom Mr.

      Ford, who financed the film, his first feature, himself, sparked the British actor’s interest by bypassing agents and contacting him directly. Ford: I don’t want to soundit wasn’t hard. Ford: That’s a good reference.

      Uk to your Trusted Site list. Unable to imagine a future without Jim, George makes detailed arrangements to end his own life--from emptying his safety deposit box to laying out the cuff links in which he wishes to be buried. WITH: (George), (Charley), Matthew Goode (Jim), Nicholas Hoult (Kenny) and Jon Kortajarena (Carlos).

      He crosses paths and wits with a flirty student, Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), and a charming hustler, Carlos (Jon Kortajarena), while also making time for his close friend, Charley, a British expat like George. He directed her in the smash-hit movie A Single Man. He feels that if he can keep his outer world together that he won’t collapse inside. He gave us a lot of freedom, and I felt I was being given a chance to do things I wasn’t normally given a chance to do.

      His insurmountable grief is captured in the intermittent flashbacks chronicling his relationship. I did a little reading too. I don't quite understand why he didn't respond more to me. I don't think they should do that because there's nothing to sanitize. I felt I wanted to write down the observations about life and love, so beautifully and precisely crafted as they were. I gave them a framework, talked to them about their character.

      Start your 30-day free trial to stream thousands of movies & TV shows included with Prime. Thank you for your support. That evening George meets Charley for dinner.

      This for me is a story about love and a story about romance and had there been a need for that kind of nudity then sure, but there wasn’t that need and it didn’t seem to come from the story. Together, they reportedly dined out together for more than two hours - and, even then, couldn't resist a long good bye, which saw them laughing and joking. Tom Ford Talks 'A Simple Man' to V Magazine: Photo 2400746 Colin. Tom Ford and Colin Firth Photos Photos - "A Single Man" Screening.

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