Crime · As Vic hopes his immunity deal will help keep his family together, and Shane takes extreme measures to keep his pregnant wife from being charged with. "Family Meeting" is the 13th and final episode of the seventh season and the series finale of The Shield. The episode aired on FX on November 25, 2008, and. At the end of The Shield, after Vic Mackey tucked his gun behind his. We all know what the title "Family Meeting" refers to, and it's a scene that.

He just seemed that "that fourth guy" - perfect criminal, but perhaps too loyal for his own good. He looked on him, like the rest of the team, as a brother. He looked on him, like the rest of the team, as a brother. He returns to his desk and sits quietly for a while looking more and more emotional. He then calls Vic for help.

The last three episodes of the series were really just amazing. The return of Andre Benjamin's character Robert Huggins – a comic book store owner turned mayoral candidate – initially seemed out of place given what needed to be dealt with, but in retrospect, it led to some good scenes for some of the supporting cast, including his face off with Aceveda. There are no apologies I can make, no explanations I can give. There is a note next to Shane's body.

Throughout the course of the series one of Vic’s redeeming qualities was his loyalty to his team. Unfortunately, the ONLY person in his strike team that understood that was the one he burned in the end – Ronnie. Vic always stuck by his team even when it would have been easier to ditch them to save himself. Vic and Ronnie get Santiago to give up the location of Beltran.

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As for Ronnie, assuming again that Vic’s testimony would be credible enough to put him away, he would be a cop in prison.As much as I hate to be all lawyer-y, his deal with the feds would NOT have granted him immunity from STATE prosecution.

In his own way, he wanted to preserve some “good” in LA; even if it meant rubbing elbows with gang members and organised crime. In the end Vic lost it all but something tells me he made it through the ICE purgatory and went on to create a new life for himself. It took me a while to find this. It was the last bargaining chip he had. It's tragic, sad, and absolutely insane.

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His reaction to finding out Vic killed Terry? I agree with Gung Ho, the Strike Team was extremely proficient at covering up their crimes and leaving no evidence of their even having been at crime scenes. I agree with Gung Ho, the Strike Team was extremely proficient at covering up their crimes and leaving no evidence of their even having been at crime scenes.

Billing's attorney meets with Dutch and asks him to change his statement because it's not helpful to his case against the department. But I fear that it would just be a disappointment. By using this site, you agree to the and. Didn’t he have a real yen for latinas?

One of the best shows and best finales ever. Running 998edcf country code: NL. Seems such a long time ago. Shame to waste that talent. Shane calls the attorney and finds out that Claudette is only willing to offer reduced charges for Mara.

The episode starts with meeting and telling him that Shane didn't show up to the drop off and that his wife Corinne was arrested. The final moments of Vic in a suit and tie being walked through the ICE offices looking like a zombie was like a real life “Office Space”. The finale of one of the finest bits of television writing and acting ever.

Join us Sunday for IMDb LIVE After the Emmys for exclusive winners interviews and more. Justice has been served, to an extent, for all the main characters and their stories are closed. Let sleeping Lems lie. Lloyd Denton shows up at the barn to report his mother Rita missing and Dutch believes he killed her. Looks like I will have to wait a while at least. Mackey got the ultimate punishment for Mackey: a desk jockey, his friends and family gone.

As soon as they enter, Shane kills himself with a.At the exchange, Beltran doesn't show up and sends his men instead.

Don’t forget Detective Kevin Hiatt who left the Strike Team to move to Hawaii and start his own task force. Dutch, while arresting Ronnie says, “For the last 3 years. Dutch-Boy could catch on to the new wave of vigilante behavior and be chasing Vic down with his new partner, Detective Danny Sofer. Episode director appears briefly as the federal agent who introduces Corinne and family to their new home.

Slight machinations aside, I always think of The Shield as one of the best-executed and most satisfying series finales of any show I’ve ever watched, especially considering just how difficult good endings are to pull off. Spoiler Warning: If you haven't seen finale yet, let it be known – it is discussed in detail here. Still, when I after the finale, he compared Vic to a shark and noted that, “ I think as long as a shark’s alive it can find some place to swim to. Subreddit:aww site:imgur.

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Vic’s sacrifice of Ronnie was indicative of how far he’d fallen after having lost almost every ounce of power and favor he’d accrued over the years. What a sight: Vic, dresseduncomfortably in a suit, trapped in his drab office cubicle, watchingas those familiar cop cars whiz by on the streets below. When whole channels, such as Five USA, do not make their own programmes, there are no creative people left in the mix; no one with any pride in the station's output.

From Heroes and Prison Break, to Breaking Bad and so many more unforgettable experiences. Getting his gun at the end of the day–the one he was supposed to be using to get bad guys–was (to me) a symbol of the end of his usefulness as a police officer. Having any kind of plot that tied everyone together would be unrealistic and therefore against everything the show stood for. He gives the presents he bought to his family.

  • Both Dutch and Aceveda could be under investigation and maybe even found guilty of murder.
  • Bill good call on Hiatt.
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  1. (Also, it was really dumb of Shane not to get the hell out of California ASAF’nP.
  2. A couple of small scenes were added in part one that didn't appear in the US, featuring Julian and his partner, breaking up a fight between two women.
  3. Above all, how many other US TV programmes are chopped and changed for export?
  4. Although Vic’s loyalty to the team, which he often described as his family, was shown time and time again, the pecking order always had his family and kids just above the team.
  5. They also find Mara and Jackson dead lying on the bed. Think about all the possibilities! This final season encouraged me that there are still excellent television writers who aren’t looking to go down the path of least resistance, and who are willing to genuinely surprise viewers. This past summer, largely due to my love for justified, i decided to give it a shot.

    Surely he could have at least warned Ronnie in such a way that ICE couldn’t prove that he did. THE SHIELD's Final Episodes: “Possible Kill Screen”/” Family. That means that Vic’s ICE “sentence” ended in 2008, or about the same time the show ended. The Shield in my opinion is one of the few shows that had a pretty solid level of consistency throughout the seasons. The Shield” is one of the best television series of all time.

    Back at the barn, Billings thanks Dutch for changing his statement and informs him that he got a good settlement.

    I liked the idea of the finale, but wasn’t wild about the plot machinations to get there. I loved the finale too, but I still feel the show sort of went off the rails after the 5th season. I must say that I squirmedin enjoyment watching Ronnie be rewarded for his blind loyalty to Vicwith a big, fat betrayal, and seeing Vic feebly apologize to him as hewas taken into custody. I own all the DVD's and am very tempted to give it another watch through.

    1. Amazing finale, though I still have to give the crown for “best finale” to “Six Feet under.
    2. Amusing, I like your comments.
    3. I always viewed his execution of Crowley as motivated as much by a desire to protect his team and outrage at the betrayal of his trust as it was about protecting himself. I am sure these crimes would never lead to a sentence of anything close to a life term, leave alone death penalty. I can only think of Breaking Bad and Justified as shows on that could compete with the Shield. I completely agree with Svetlana. I could have watched it forEVER.

      With all due respect tio a certain show’s running joke SEVEN seasons & NO MOVIE is perfect. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

      And BTW, none of these other shows I have heard mentioned here could ever, EVER, hold a candle to The Barn/Shield.And yet he had made a promise, both lovingly to and furiously to Vic, that he would keep his family together and that they would not be split up.As a sociologist, I know that media texts aren't pristine authentic documents, but subject to rewriting and rereading.

      I personally would have loved to see a refocused Vic manipulate ICE the way he did at the Barn. I rechecked with my recorded copy of the UK part one, and these scenes did not appear. I wouldn’t put it in that the wire-deadwood-breaking bad-the sopranos-mad men tier but it’s right below there, somewhere w/ homicide (which the shield pretty heavily apes at first) and hill st. In a twisted sense, Ronnie was the perfect strike team member.

      Shane shows up to surprise Steve Billings and asks him to deliver a message: Mara shot the woman in self-defense. Shane’s final wistful look at the Strike Team room on his way out the Barn for the final time. Shawn Ryan recently stated we fans should really stop hoping for a reunion. She also reveals to Dutch that she's dying.

      The finale was perfect in the same way the sopranos finale was perfect as was the wire. The first word that comes to mind is S#@! The had just begun and as a Guild member, Ryan was obliged to take part in the strike. The last 6 episodes of the show are some of the best suspense I’ve ever experienced.

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