See photos, floor plans and more details about Sussex Square Apartments in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Com® now for rental rates and other information. See all available apartments for rent at Sussex Square Apartments in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Sussex Square Apartments has rental units ranging from 782-953.

  1. " After about a month you could almost gag everytime you opened your door.
  2. "My husband and I learned about Karrie Gavin through the Mt.
  3. After the cops were called by, bobby and whitney, we figured we might-as-well move.
  4. Also teenage kids hangout where ever and don't care what time it is.
  5. Also teenage kids hangout where ever and don't care what time it is.
  6. I really think experiences are from building to building. I said to her that I would have someone else on the lease in order to qualify and then she said that they did not have any 2 bedroom apts available anyway. I said to her that I would have someone else on the lease in order to qualify and then she said that they did not have any 2 bedroom apts available anyway.

    People have everything from baby carriages to washer and dryers on their porces. Pet deposit is $200 with a $20/month cat rent. Please send me more information. Property grounds feature lush landscaping. Reading back thru all the postings for Sussex Square, one person wrote that she has lived there for most of her life. Recommend and Sussex Square go together like Frosted Flakes and broccoli, it just doesn't mix. Refresh this Yelp page and try your search again.

    Disclaimer: Floor Plans data have been collected from Internet users and may not be a reliable indicator of current or comprehensive floor plans offered. Disclaimer: Pet Policy data have been collected from Internet users and may not be a reliable indicator of current or comprehensive pet policies offered. Easy access to freeway - you can hit 276 or 476 in just 2 mins. Especially for the price. For the money, I am sure there are much better complexes in the area. For the price, this is awesome!

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    She did it to me on two occasions. She'll promise you something to your face, but will litteraly gossip to you to other residents! Sometimes noisy outside you wont hear it inside the apartment: If you don't like kids playing outside then this community is not for you. Sorry, this pisses me off, because I can't stand when people LIKE YOU don't pick up after their dogs. Staff is very rude and they will start behaving differently the moment you say I am vacating the apartment for good.

    The floors are thick so I can't hear my upstairs neighbor at all as the floors are nice and thick (no creaking noises at all, which is great compared to my last complex where you could hear every single step upstairs). The hallways constantly smell like --- and have trashy teenage kids hanging out in them making out or dealing out some kind of drug. The kids in the area all seem to get along fine and play at a low noise level. The maintenance chief is a competent and pleasant individual.

    If you're on the first floor, it will sound like your neighbors are going to fall through your ceiling. If you're still having trouble, check out. In rent and would had gotten better service from Motel 6- they ONLY reason I stayed is so my daugter could complete her senior year, and we moved as soon as she graduated. Issue with pool lifeguards summer of 2012-pool felt like closed often because there weren't 2 guards available.

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    • I lived at this apartment complex for a year.
    • When I asked why that hadn't happened already, the line just went silent and I was told it would be taken care of.
    • If you're still having trouble, check out.
    • The people who were kicked out were so disruptive 2 different sets of people lived below them and had to be moved into different units because of the noise and smell.
    And there are dumpsters around the entire complex so stop complaining.Anytime I have something go wrong, maintenance is here to fix it, usually within minutes.Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.
    And full of friendly people!

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    We now are always on alert and take caution walking in and out of our front door because of this unpredictable female that now lives next to us. We talked to a woman named Monica who was very sweet but unfortunately couldn't explained to us why every building we went through either smelled like Chinese food or garbage. We were dying and my dog actually got sick because he was so over-heated. We were there last weekend looking at possibly renting at this complex.

    Besides that, it's no where near the price.Better yet, buy a house.

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    Needless to say we have decided to leave this place and its smell behind us. Nice ladies in the leasing office. Nice that the heat is free as well and can't beat the price (I was in a 1 BR and it was less than $950).

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    Have you complained to the office about this? Hi,I found your apartment on ApartmentRatings. I am going to miss this lifestyle. I cannot believe that it is year 2007 and that office felt like 1930s to me. I didn't have the cockroach problems I see in other reviews at all.

    You simply can't spray enough RAID to get rid of them. You're currently using an outdated web browser.

    Other people had complained about the hallways smelling like garbage--they actually just smell like people had been cooking different kinds of food--something unavoidable. Our property is conveniently located near supermarkets, banks, restaurants and schools. Parking was no issue in my unit which was closer to the road.

    I do not expect a teenager to be giving me orders. I had to have my father come over and fix the severe plumming problem I endured for over a year. I have been living here for past 15 years. I have come back to edit my review because recently my friend reminded of the biggest issue I had while living here.

    Iv made management aware theyve sent letter after letter. Living in the front of the complex is better than living in the back. Maintenance is pretty speedy with their responsiveness, too. Maintenance responds pretty quickly to inquiries. Maintenance was usually good when I had a problem, but their maintenance staff has changed and I'm not a fan of a few of them. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location.

    The maintenance crew was great - fixed things immediately. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. The staff here is horrible- the office politics are insane.

    Months later, they were still living above us and we just decided to find somewhere else to live. My 4 yr old and i have been contained to now living a life as if we are walking on eggshells. Naturally you are going to hear some noise when living in an apartment. Needless to say I called for the next 3 weeks to put the work orders in since it was somehow my fault I hadn't know how ineffective their pest control is.

    You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. You can not beat the price and location. You must be talking about Charlene, the old woman who's been there for like 10 years.

    Reload this Yelp page and try your search again. Rent is reasonable and I'm glad I found this place. Requests were resolved the same day they were received. Safe Environment, Kids can play without fear of any traffic, Amenities inside the apartment are above average (may not be the best in town) and well maintained and leasing office is always responsive to your queries.

    The apartment itself is spacious, but you can tell the owner goes the cheapest way out. The apt was very clean when we moved in and everything was in working order. The bugs just keep coming! The construction is a bit old and you can hear your neighbors but it is not something that anybody can't live with. The first thing you will notice when you walk into any of the buildings is the smell.

    Stayed here for 6 months. Stayed here for 6 months. Stupid me not knowing that they never worked because I needed to scrub them upon moving in. Sussex Square apartments is strategically located, easy access to big mall (Plymouth meeting mall, Metroplex mall. Thankfully as of this date both residents are still living here without incident. The apartment above me is a one bedroom place and there must have been atleast 10 chinese kids living in there with their grandparents.

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    This provider has not enabled messaging on Yelp. Transit Score ® measures access to public transit. Walk to nearby shopping and schools. We have friendly neighbors and have not had many problems.

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    I have had no problems until summertime. I have had no problems until summertime. I have read some of these other reviews and find them rather humorous.

    No security what so ever here either. None of this is exaggerated, BELIEVE ME. None of this is exaggerated, BELIEVE ME. Nothing they use is quality. Oh yeah, the maintenance blows, they still havent fixed my toilet.

    It can be boring I suppose but you can drive a few minutes down to Conshy area or take the train from there into Center City. It has basically done nothing no changes. It is always closed on Mondays - open Memorial Day thru Labor Day. It's true, but the negative comments posted about Sussex Square or any rental place are usually correct. It's true, but the negative comments posted about Sussex Square or any rental place are usually correct. Its in a very safe area.

    I just wanted to touch on a few things. I lived in the front though. I lived in this complex for four years trust me when I say DON'T MOVE HERE! I lived there for a year with my partner and made the mistake of not knowing this website prior to leasing an apartment at Sussex Square.

    We've lived here for about 9 months now and have no real reason to complain. Well, use your imagination. What is a Walk Score ® & Transit Score ®? When my AC stopped working once, the one guy said that it was *only* 84 degrees in my apartment, as if that wasn't too hot. While looking for an apt, my roommate and I used this website often, and found it very useful.

    There are several better choice in the area, I opted for Sherry Lake, and so far I'm very happy! There are several better choice in the area, I opted for Sherry Lake, and so far I'm very happy! There is a night security man. There is another guy who works there Dominic whos adult child is a theif, the kid was arrested for stealing from a tenant and them complex didn't even make her move out.

    I wrote a letter to management and everything. I wrote a letter to management and everything. I'm a fan of this site and frequently check out postings from different locations throughout the region. I'm not prejudice, but you're lucky if you have an American neighbor. If you don't mind the shock of a $230 electric bill, (I live ALONE, in a one bedroom, and turned the thermostat UP every morning) then move on in.

    The views expressed in reviews are the opinion of each respective reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the view of DexYP. Their kid would also wake up in the middle of every single night SCREAMING at the top of her lungs (literally like she was being murdered). There are many children in the complex- that sometimes create problems. There are many many negatives and only one positive about Sussex Square.

    If you have a problem and need to contact the office, call during the WEEK hours and speak with Charlene. If you have a problem with noise after a certain time, continue calling the police. If you'd rather use that $200 for something like a dedicated parking spot, more kitchen cabinet space or a bigger apartment altogether, keep looking. If you're a heavy sleeper or someone who is oblivious to noise, you'll be fine.

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    But overall its good. Com into the search bar. Comes with patio/ balcony, central heat/cool air, washer / dryer.

    These similar nearby apartments have available units. They are completely worthless and think that by spraying a can of lysol in our hallways for 10 minutes a day will take care of the smell that would make oprah naesuous. They had to sit in the baby pool. They listen/blast they're crappy music and they just come across to me like morons. They will nickle and dime you to death when you move out, this has happened to two other residents that I know personally, and they certainly did it to me.

    I think it's totally unfair that they were accommodating people that were breaking the rules, while I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, and suffering all the while. I think some of the places are more updated than others, mine was semi-updated or done so in the last 3-4 years. I think you need to have a good spot with good neighbors though or else any apt can be bad; mine were fine and respectful. I used to like it here, but things have changed. I was very young at the time.

    This apartment complex is a ripoff. This apartment complex is a ripoff. This person is obviously the manager of the place.

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