Geeks and dorks find love here. Meet nerdy singles in your area. Com is the largest online dating website with for nerds, dorks, and geeks.

Be sure to join various Groups, which are categorizations that highlight your gaming preferences.Being 25 myself, I'd like to select a custom age range between those two, but I can't.

I'm keeping the app and hoping more people will join, however, because i really do love the potential this app has. I've been on this app for about 3-4 days and only came across 3 people online. I've gotten more attention here than other apps, but conversations are stilted and awkward.

The way to fix this is to log out of Cuddli and then log back in. Then Cuddli, the first and only totally free geek mobile dating app, is for you. Then one has to complete the forms provided by the website, write a short profile, complete a one page biography with a detailed account of your personality and preferences, and provide photos.

Instead, focus on his intelligence, faithfulness, and other great traits. It helps if you can include the photo that is giving you trouble in your email. It is casey (dot) tebo (at) LFGdating (dot) com. It is one of the popular ones around and it is designed to give a you an easy experience, searching through the very extensive database of people who have already signed up to meet someone they can date. It was very difficult to communicate.

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Be careful before you give anyone personal information, such as your cellphone number, or home address, and if you are going to meet, drive separately and always, always meet in a busy crowded place.

Well, what can you do. We’ll have to wait and see. What I learned from interviews was that online dating is equally painful for men and for women, but for very different reasons. What it’s about: OtakuBooty is for lovers of all things manga, anime, and cosplaying. When are you going to teach me?

Not good but good with some guys It suck with the women on there. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that you don't have to have the completely same interests to be compatible, so I wouldn't count anyone out just because they're not nerdy or geeky or a gamer. OUR RULES Be polite and respect each other. Obviously, nothing is a guarantee, but it's a good place to start imo. On Dating For Muggles, there’s “no Felix Felicis or other spells required” to catch the eye of a fellow Potterhead.

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It’s super easy to join, and does not require one to fill out a questionnaire first. Just email us at info@cuddli. Know of any other reputable online dating sites for gamers? Know the games people play, know the storylines to tv shows or comics, etc. LOL I'm like a 6 1/2 to 7 gamer chick but I am picky AF on dating sites.

Com you can also download the app on iOS and Android in the app stores. Completely by chance on Tinder & it's been the best relationship I've ever had so far, creeping up on a year & living together now. Cons: As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, I might get approved to this site, but I’m not so sure I want to. Cons: The site reads more like a fan forum than a dating site, but that might change if you actually sign up for an account, which I did not.

Shrug my fiancé is not as big of a gamer as I am, but it's healthy to have hobbies that are different. Sick of writing long descriptions? Signing up is an easy two-step process with a quick questionnaire. So I got in touch with dating sites. So I tried logging with my facebook to keep checking and I can't anymore even with other facebook accounts I tried still doesn't work as well as on other devices.

  • If you do not agree with a post, ignore it and move on.
  • SoulGeek has all the usual bells and whistles but also has a free dating advice blog and free lists of events and conventions around the country.
  • Have you tried any of these dating sites?
  • However, I disagree with your phrasing that our site isn't fully functional.
  • Their questionnaire includes things like: what is your favorite anime genre, and which character from an anime or manga represents your perfect match (um, it would totally be Kakashi, but Minato or Kyoya would be just fine too).

Thus, when a woman decides to give a nerd a chance, she may find herself in uncharted territory. To belittle or make fun of his hobbies is to belittle him and sends the message that he isn’t good enough the way he is. Ultimately, Patrick (the other co-founder) and I feel like we let you down - and we did.

One asterisk *is placed on either side*. One of them is a check box that differentiates between the United States and international members. Or did I hit too close to home to some of the female redditors out there? Or maybe offer a better filtering system that will help people feel that this is truly geared for people with a nerdy side (events, meet ups, etc) while allowing them to not be seen by people they wouldn't be interested in.

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Downsides: profile text is EXTREMELY limited in size and app requires Google+ or Facebook to sign up. Everything is so easy, I don't get a frown if I put on my Achievement hunter t-shirt, if I sit & play Rainbow Six all day she only interrupts to ask if I'm hungry. Exercise, leisure, favorites), and ending with miscellaneous details regarding education and family.

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Clearly this company likes to save face with such aggressive responses. Com if you're still having trouble and we'll be happy to help.

So on that site there are still a lot of women, really good women who want to find love. So while I apologize for our site not meeting your standards - We have members who would beg to differ. So, go ahead and join, view profiles, chat, interact in the messages boards, and send private emails — no wallet is necessary! So, realistically, they’re worth a shot but you should not expect immediate success.

Immensely popular, Game of Thrones chronicles seven noble families fighting for control of a mythical land. In addition to being a popular nerd dating website, Match Geeks is also a popular social network, so if community and friendship are all you’re looking for, it’s here waiting for you. In other words, it kind of feels like a hipster website.

The only problem during our acquaintance was that Masha did not speak English. The only problem i have is that with all the people i clicked yes on. The site has more than 6.

But for best results, you should create your own account.But the point is/was, i got confronted with the subscription model.

Get the most out of your 140 characters! He is the technical copy editor for MakeUseOf and spends his free time reading and writing novels. Hope you will check out our app and review us! Hopefully it will help you too. How much it costs: The price for this exclusive dating site is $75 for a six month subscription. However, this data is provided without warranty. I don't know if this is temporary or permanent at the moment, but I will update with more information if it becomes available.

So, you might use or look for other descriptors too - enjoying learning new things, being intellectual, loving to read, liking museums, science fiction, etc. Spam will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in a ban. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Talk about your favorite games, books, movies, etc.

Then you’re on your way to finding the geeky pal or partner of your dreams. Then, you go through the same exact process to describe your ideal match. They need to wipe the app clean of people and start a better version, with better features such as seeing only online people. They typically mirror the males in the community. They're getting married in a few months. This also gives users easy access to Facebook and Google photos. This helps to cut down on spamming and trolling.

  • " That's what people said about the Wiimote, the Kinect, and more recently Google Glass, and that's what they're saying about the Oculus Rift.
  • "Nerd" doesn't mean gamer/pop culture/comics fan to everyone, and the term being used to specifically mean that is fairly recent.
  • ' But if you only want to date someone who is guaranteed to be intelligent (and probably successful), and you went to a prestigious college such as Harvard, then this is the site for you.
  • A leader in the dating app space, is a great choice for busy nerds, geeks, and dorks who are practically attached to their phones.
  • A month for those with recurring memberships, i.

You don't have permission to view this page. You may have different interests, but one way to spend quality time with your nerdy guy is to watch sci-fi movies or TV shows that also appeal to female non-nerds. You’ll only find real people on Cuddli.

Finally managed to make a profile, after posting this review it accepted my photo from my facebook account only to find no members within 100 miles. First time looking up a reference to dating sights for gamers; so I'm hoping I'm not gonna find a bunch of rip off reports about these sites or find out they're all based out of Singapore or some ridiculous location in the next 10 minutes while I check them out. For starters, consider looking into, and.

Our is a very transparent one: we needed to start somewhere, and we chose the US because that is where we founded LFGdating. Our next best nerd dating site is Whovian Love, which, as you can probably tell, is dedicated to singles who are obsessed with the “Dr. Our second dating site for Star Trek fans, Trek Passions is as straightforward as they come. Paid accounts, like most sites, are in tiers. Paper We're located out of Chicago and Houston, so if you're in the US, we're locally based.

Lastly, it is fairly limited in functionality and content. Let me say that again. Live your life to your fullest desire and get the nerd you want now, instead of settling for what you get. Make sure he knows you recognize what makes him great!

If you have an issue with the content on the subreddit, use the report button or contact the moderators. If you have the time, I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your thoughts on how we can make LFGdating better. If you haven't seen it yet go look up cowchop, Trevor's hot date! If you want an attractive nerd, then hopefully you take care of yourself and groom regularly (not that you don't already).

People find love in the strangest of places and with people they never thought they would. Please email if you believe this is an error. Please include your IP address in your email. Please reach out to us at bugs@cuddli. Plus, you get to pick and choose who you want to give your information to, and have the option to remain anonymous. Props for the quirky dance function though.

  1. Afterwards, LFGDating lists all members who fit your match criteria.
  2. Also, like their male counter parts, nerds aren't concerned with fashion so make-up and clothes that attract men typically aren't there.
  3. Also, we're sorry if we came off too aggressive with our first comment.
  4. And don’t even think about getting out your credit card because the app has tons of free, helpful features, including browsing, receiving matches, and communicating in certain ways.
  5. I honestly can't say they're even trying. I hope you guys will consider this or get in the back of your heads that not the whole entire world runs on creditcards. I just wish you guys were more Non-American friendly. I like the idea of this app and the layout is good be but I would like to be able to message people without them having to like me first. I really do, but there are so few people on the app. I'm Casey Tebo - one of the co-founders of LFGdating.

    Cuddli August 15, 2016 We're a new app and the word isn't out everywhere yet. Cuddli March 26, 2017 Like most mobile dating apps, Cuddli is only available on mobile devices, not on a PC. Cuddli March 8, 2017 That doesn't sound right! Cuddli March 8, 2017 Zeyda, thanks for your feedback. Cuddli September 5, 2016 That doesn't sound right! Cuddli immediately sends you new matches.

    With 4 million users and a profile verification system, Hot For Geek is a large and safe dating website for nerds. You can meet people both offline and online and every month a list of profiles is e-mailed to you. You could see this more as in, more potential, perhaps alot more community/playerbase of a increase if you would address these things i would like to have your email sir, so we could talk/mailing a bit more privately about the matters at hand we're both currently facing.

    Reading this on the screen of your desktop, tablet, phone or whatever cannot adequately express our enthusiasm over this. Right away, without creating an account, you can perform a Quick Search to browse through potential matches based on age, location, and distance. Safer and more secure dating.

    1. And finally, the Match Preferences section of the profile setup is actually not cut-and-pasted, but it does take on that feel - intentionally.
    2. And there's always at least 6 or 7 different girls there at a time of all ages and looks.
    3. As a nerdy girl, I find dating mildly annoying.
    4. As a start-up, our focus was upon the United States, and we understand your frustration that we have not addressed this until now.
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      Update: At the moment the website appears to be down. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Users should always check the offer provider’s official website for current terms and details. We also have a Cuddli Ambassador program if you're interested. We think it's better when people describe themselves with pictures. We're the best way to meet gamers, geeks, otaku, and cosplayers in the real world. We've come a long way since our beta in 2013, but yes, we still have work to do.

      This involves splitting up your long posts into paragraphs, and proper punctuation and grammar. This is the best woman in my life, I love her so much. This sub is mainly for talking about dating experiences, advice, and questions.

      IMO, It's the same as how you'd attract anyone, except that for such things you'd know only after you know them better. If I could leave one piece of advice, it's to not instantly try to decide whether or not a girl truly is 'nerdy'. If you don't know what any of that is, then this site is not for you. If you have a good sense of humor, and you've just binged watched all 600+ episodes of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, and need a new anime to watch, this site is for you.

      Despite the name, however, this is not just a site for Star Trek fans, but for fans of all things sci-fi related, in books, film, and television. Did you know that we have members, on a monthly basis, who cancel their subscriptions because of people they've met through LFGdating? Don't worry - when you try to match someone, we let them know right away and they're required to respond to your match before matching other people.

      Thank you so much for the time you spent researching, writing, and sharing your honest thoughts! Thanks to Zoosk’s integration with Facebook and Google+, the registration process goes at the speed of light. That you can't or simply can't get in order to get it/buy it. The free package only lets you access the site and browse members while $35 grants 6 months of premium and $70 grants 12 months of premium. The movies (or any other Trekkie discussion points) with someone who’s just as passionate.

      When checking matches the page has all this useless space that could be used for a location because someone half way through the US is not a useful person for me to pursue at this time regardless of them hitting all of the match filters. Who or your favorite anime, study for that Quantum Mechanics test you have coming up, or any of the other thousands of things that are more fun than going out and drinking at a bar.

      But you don’t have to give them your credit card information.By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.Can you please contact us at bugs [at] cuddli [dot] com to help us track down the problem you're having?
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