If you need help to stop drinking now, call 1-800-245-1377 or (908) 687-8566. Volunteers are standing by 24 hours a day to help you! Northern New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous. Near a Town · Near a Zipcode · In a Town.

When we are operating under the influence of our emotions verses the influence of our intelligence -- we are Emotionally Inebriate. With more than 130 crisis centers across the country, our mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services. You can find times and places of local A. You don't have to be a member, but if there is a part of you that wants to stop using drugs then you already meet the requirements for membership in NA.

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Our experience has shown that those addicts who come to meetings have the best chance of staying clean. Over searches for AA Meetings by Zipcode. Pick A City From The Menu Below!

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This is the official Website of the General Service Office (G. This is why it is important to contact one of the New Jersey Central Offices, Intergroups, or Alano Clubs for the most recent information. This list is frequently updated so stay tuned for changes.

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous help, information, literature, books and AA meeting directories.
  2. Alcoholics Anonymous help, information, literature, books and AA meeting directories.
  3. Alcoholics Anonymous help, information, literature, books and AA meeting directories.
  4. And much, much more.

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    Alcoholics Anonymous help, information, literature, books and AA meeting directories.Alcoholics Anonymous is worldwide with A.Although some meetings are listed as closed to non-addicts, if you are wondering if you are an addict, you are invited to attend ANY meeting whether it is closed or not.
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    Recovering addicts help other addicts recover from the disease of addiction one day at a time. Recovery from the disease of addiction is an ongoing process. Resources below for a meeting list in that location and the surrounding area. Scroll down to view the AA Meeting Schedule.

    Please Support Sobriety Online. Please help us keep the meeting directory accurate! Please select one of the following links provided below: by Town or Zipcode. Princeton House Behavioral Health, a unit of Princeton HealthCare System, is a leading provider of highly skilled and compassionate behavioral healthcare. Read this and get immediate medical attention for anyone suspected of having Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms!

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    If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If you think you might have a problem with drugs we encourage you to attend an NA meeting. If you would like an AA Meeting added, modified or deleted from our Directory please contact us at.

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    MAPS: To get directions to the AA Meeting click the word map at the left of the meeting. Meeting contacts will have -- a local telephone number, a toll-free number, a website, and/or an address where you can get specific and accurate information about the New Jersey A. Meeting scroll down this page and select the New Jersey local A. Meetings as this database is updated regularly by our members. Meetings in your area of interest. Meetings or events by contacting the A.

    Direction in able for you to find a AA meeting in the state of New Jersey. Do you know someone that you think drinks too much? Do you want to stop drinking? Emotions produce euphoric and intoxicating effects. Find New Jersey AA Meetings in your town. For FREE Recovery Coaching from a certified coach, please complete the form below. Groups in the Trenton, NJ and surrounding areas.

    The “Blue People” graphic is a trademark of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. They can also produce the opposite. They can produce a sense of ease and comfort and contentment. They will help you locate a meeting that is nearest to your location.

    Take this test and then you decide. That is because even though geographically it is in Middlesex county, New Brunswick is actually its own area (Areas are groups of meetings which work together to carry the message of recovery). The 24 Club of Princeton does not endorse the organizations listed on this page, but provides them solely for informational purposes. The AA members in these offices will always have the most recent information and change notifications.

    CJI provides local services to alcoholics in the area that individual groups are not able to provide, such as meeting lists and maintaining a 24 hour emergency hotline. Call (609) 586-6900 You've come to the right place. Call for yourself, or someone you care about. Carrier Clinic is a private, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare system founded in 1910 specializing in psychiatric and addiction treatment.

    Meetings: To locate a local New Jersey A. NA Meetings in Middlesex County New Jersey Narcotics Anonymous of Middlesex County Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800. New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting A. No single drug addiction or alcohol treatment approach works for everyone.

    Local Area Web site(s) that May Have A. Looking for a meeting in Cape May, Atlantic, or the Southern part of Ocean County? Looking for a meeting in Mercer or Middlesex County? Looking for meeting in Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Salem, or Cumberland County?

    Videos or graphic images may not be downloaded, copied or duplicated without the express written permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Volunteers are standing by 24 hours a day to help you! Volunteers are standing by 24 hours a day to help you! Welcome to the new CJI website! What is one of the long-terms symptoms associated with alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

    Note - Office hours are subject to volunteer availability, please call to confirm the office is open before attending. Note: If an AA Meeting is listed in our Directory, the AA Meeting Schedule will be displayed below. Offers relief at times when life becomes clouded by mental illness, emotional difficulties or addiction. Office address: 348 Farnsworth Ave.

    However all addicts are always welcome, without exception, at any of our meetings. If there is not a listing for a New Jersey AA Meeting for your city (in the list below) -- Contact the local AA in the city that is nearest your city. If you are in need of a meeting, do not hesistate to attend. If you feel you have a problem with drugs and would like to speak to a recovering addict. If you feel you have a problem with drugs and would like to speak to a recovering addict.

    Select a Town in Southern New Jersey. Some will offer a Hotline or Help Line telephone number that you can call. Sometimes, new or small AA meetings, or newly moved meetings will not be listed in the directories yet -- or the information may have changed or it may be private, and not listed at all. South Jersey Intergroup Assc.

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. The following search links are the most up-to-date listing of our New Jersey N. The list is sorted by day and then time. The meeting changes you submit from this website will go into the next printing of the NJ Statewide Meeting Directory as well as update the recordings on the Helpline. The meetings below are located in Middlesex County.

    Your call is free and confidential.

    This may be an individual, a Central Office, Intergroup, an A. This study of the book Alcoholics Anonymous was used as the foundation for this test. This website does not contain a meeting finder. Treatment service to New Jersey women for 30 years. Two years of continuous sobriety is required.

    • Welcome to Central Jersey Intergroup!
    • Within 25 miles of New Brunswick, New Jersey.
    Alcoholics Anonymous help, information, literature, books and AA meeting directories.

    You may download a complete, up-to-date copy of the NJ Statewide Meeting Directory in or format. You may notice that New Brunswick meetings are not on this list. You will be routed to the closest possible crisis center in your area. Your Intergroup is often where the sick alcoholic first calls or shows up for A.

    If you would like to volunteer please attend the CJI body meeting on the first Wed of every month at the Hamilton Township Library at 7:00pm. Is it true that it is very often fatal and can kill you? Just right click the desired link and choose "Save As". Know of a (New, Moved, No longer meets) Meeting? Likewise, the 24 Club is not endorsed in whole or in part by any of these organizations, their membership, staffs or operating boards.

    Answering Service that is listed for the area nearest you.Area, Region, or District contact.Be sure to check it out on your smartphone or tablet, too.

    Central Jersey Intergroup (CJI) is an Alcoholics Anonymous service entity. Certain meetings may be oriented to meet certain addicts (i. Check out the new Meeting Search! Click the button labeled Search to search the AA Meeting Directory. Code (NJ, NY, PA and DE zips only). Copyright © 2017 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

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