Address: House of Brides 607 East Golf Road Schaumburg, IL 60173. House of Brides has the largest online selection of wedding, bridesmaid, mothers & special occasion dresses at the lowest prices guaranteed. Reviews of House of Brides "I will start by saying I really only leave a yelp review if. All my ladies Photo of House of Brides - Schaumburg, IL, United States. House of Brides is a Bridal Salon in Schaumburg, IL.

  • I hope that my review can save others from having such a negative experience.
  • Did NOTHING to confirm that it was the right color, dress, or size and began to walk away.
  • Also, I think this salon really needs to take the time to read these abhorrent reviews and make some changes because it looks like most of the folks on Yelp are extremely dissatisfied and plan on never returning.

She then said she was sorry. She told me she didn't have time to wait and had already sent in the order, WITHOUT CONSULTING ME. She told me that she would go check back with accounting. She was measured for her wedding dress on 9/16/11 and she ordered her dress that same day, after many phone calls and unreturned calls she was finally able to determine when her dress was coming in. So I try on the rest of the dresses and they're all OK.

It doesn't even make sense that a dress would sit in a distribution center rather than being sent to a store or a customer. It was supposed to be in a month befpre the wedding and it arrived 1. Let alone getting my dress here sooner.

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Thank god for David's Bridal! Thank goodness for my sister who made them work on my dress right then and there and said we would come to the store the next day to try it on. That same evening I went home and tried on the gown to show my husband and he agreed that the dress was too short and that the back section was too tight and looked very unflattering. That was two weeks ago and nothing-- no communication, no dress. The color was suppose to be Gold but ended up being pastel yellow.

I cancelled this first appt based on her behavior. I considered covering it up with a new belt that I liked better than the one that came with it and the seamstress told me no. I decided that today would work best. I decided to leave a deposit on 8 dresses so my girls would receive a discount. I don't understand since she purchased and ordered her dress prior to even ordering for her wedding?

I also requested to have a bussle put in as well. I am so sad I did not read the reviews before I took my bridesmaids here to pick out dresses. I arrived before my matron of honor. I asked them for the phone # of the accounting department, they said they don't have it!

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They do not have a tracking number. They don't call, they don't follow up, wouldn't track the order, and every little thing is an added expense. They had a floor model of the dress, but without the sash. They then told me that they "spoke to the bride at a later time and the bride gave them permission to have the dress delivered after the wedding date. They want to hold it for 30 days.

The manager refused to send the dress back to the vendor for another size. The material was see through and the colors did NOT match what we had picked out. The only thing they said they could do is forward my chat to the accounting department! The pricing for dresses is pretty hard to beat, my dress in other stores would have easily gone for at least triple the price and looks even more expensive than that. The rest of the dresses were taffeta except mine.

She advised me that my MOH's dress only came in black or white lace and not the teal lace that I wanted. She advised me that my MOH's dress only came in black or white lace and not the teal lace that I wanted. She again assured me that the length was fine and that the dress looked good. She also claimed the Orland Store manager would have to call me with more information. She did not give me a name, but rather an address of 1184 Roosevelt Rd, Suite A, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

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I ended up calling them to ask about my wedding dress and lo and behold it was already in. I even called to let a manager explain and apologize before I wrote this review, but no one bothered to call back. I had heard all the horror stories about HOB but decided to check it out for myself once and for all.

So i was able to try on two dresses that were mermaid/trumpt cut. So the receptionist then told me that the check would be mailed to me TOMORROW MORNING. So we walked to the back and started to look through the dresses, when suddenly my girlfriend noticed that the dresses in the first 2 racks were priced SIGNIFICANTLY higher, like hundred's of dollars more. Store manager never returns my calls, she's never in the store when I call; I'm still convinced she doesn't actually exist.

Waited for someone to come by to congratulate her and bring us champagne and that never happened. We apologize for any inconvenience and invite you to contact Customer Thank you for your review. We invite you to contact Customer Relations, to further discuss your issue. We invite you to contact Customer Relations, to further discuss your issue. We invite you to contact Customer Thank you for your review.

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I had the seamstress schedule me for a fitting during hours the store wasn't open, and nothing was done to help me get in quicker, they simply made me stand outside until they opened. I had to put in a better business bureau complaint, which they responded to 2 weeks later saying they could contact their "expeditor" to contact the manufacturer to get the dress sooner (no kidding).

One of the seven dresses is not even the same dress, not even close. One of them had only 2 days to get alterations because of a trip she was taking. Other people at the store were no help. Prior to making an appointment I looked on the House of Brides website and was pleasantly surprised to find that the were 513 dresses listed that were $500 and under. Put in the same measurements for two of them. Reload this Yelp page and try your search again.

  • " Instead the only words I got resembled, "I won't help you for 10 more minutes", "Write down the brides name", and after significant coaxing "Dusty".
  • About a month and a half before the wedding, one learned that her gown would come in two weeks before the wedding with no explanation for the delay.
  • After speaking with the manager (Chris Richards), she states the dress cannot be ordered in time for a July wedding that's four months away.
  • Alicia put an order through without my wife's consent, as well as ordered the wrong wedding dress, and was " out for the day" every time we tried to contact them!
  • Also the price in the store was different than what they had listed on their website.

I was thoroughly pleased with my experience there from start to finish and would recommend them to any bride! I was told that everything would be in come February. I wish I had read the reviews before doing business with them. I've never encountered such rudeness. If this shop really felt the need to address this issue they would have addressed our individual concerns directly. If you want good prices, you can find them at HOB. It appeared that the dress was?

  1. Be prepared if you work with this store that you might have to stay on top of them a little bit.
  2. Before going to House of Brides my daughter read the reviews and BBB rating and majority of them were bad and had low rating on BBB.
  3. Well I was in a time crunch as they were telling me it would take 9-12 weeks to order and we were 16 weeks away until the wedding. When I checked my email, it had sent me 2 separate emails for 2 separate order numbers. When compared to David's Bridal in Vernon Hills, the styles and quality of the dresses at HOB are more elegant. Who was in from out of town and we had a horrible experience. Why would I make something like that up?

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    Now I'm fuming because all I want is for one of these ladies to recognize that they dropped the ball by not at least updating their voicemail to let those of us who do not live near know that they will be opening 2 full hours late so I said (now at a 7/10), "thanks for your apology regarding me having to wait around here forever this morning. Now, the deal with alterations. One of the bridesmaid asked if they had some water and they said "no you need to talk to your consultant".

    • As with all reviews, Customer Relations contacts management to discuss Thank you for your review.
    • At smaller boutiques and even David's Bridal the selection was just too small for my bridesmaids to all find something they felt comfortable in.

    My daughter weighed more when she got measurement the first time for the dress. My dress arrived at the store a lot sooner than I expected - score! My future bride came with. My sister and friend put on ugly stuff they knew would make me laugh and we looked through two other possible choices but they were in bad shape and badly priced.

    The company has quite a history of making similar mistakes per the reviews I? The dress arrived late and it was made poorly. The dress was shipped ONLY after I requested a refund ON THE FIRST OF JUNE.

    Finally, after months of struggle, my husband gets involved. Five weeks from the date of order would be May 25th.

    But if you want customer service or someone to take responsibility for their mistakes, go somewhere else.Check online yourself for "custom wedding dress China" or some similar search engine search.Coincidentally, the tuxedo place next door, Modern Tuxedo, is fantastic.

    None of the departments answer their phones, people do not return messages, and I've been told multiple times that I "need to talk to a manager" and when I ask to speak to a manager, there never seems to be one around. Not even to ask for directions. Not only are they refusing to refund the money for the dress that I've never even opened (it's still at the post office!

    Toni at the store to try on bridesmaid dresses we asked that the dresses be in by May because all of the bridesmaids live in different states. Tux guy was nice. Unfortunately, everything was coming up above the budget or wasn't what I had in mind.

    I had to spend the day before my wedding finding another, more capable, seamstress who had no problem understanding what I was saying and saw the issue immediately. I have been told that it is my fault for not giving them an earlier wedding date if we needed the dresses earlier. I have had to plead with my boss at least 4 different times to change my schedule because I had made travel arrangements (based on what the store told me) to go home and get fitted.

    She explained to me I really need an appointment, because if I have any questions their would not be anyone to help. She had to do a lot of alterations because they ordered wrong. She said these are the dresses you have available to try on. She snatched one dress that I actually liked and said it does not fit me so I can't buy it.

    Let me tell you a little bit about HOB. Like other brides here they are putting me through every bride’s worst nightmare! Margie did call me back, however.

    This entire ordeal would have been avoided had the first customer service person to receive my request on June 1st just admitted to the mistake and processed a refund instead of ignoring my email and shipping a dress that was no longer needed. This impostor dress was unquestionably ivory. To clarify the colors of the crystals as they looked pink online, which is not what I wanted she assured me that she spoke w/ the manufacturer and showed me a sample or irridescent crystals.

    We ordered my bridesmaid's dresses from the Glen Ellyn store in January of this year and paid in full. We received the same lied that everyone else got. We then had to track down the store manager, Chris.

    Without a hello or anything else, she said "what's the brides name" and I gave it to her. Worst bridal store ever! You can also search near a city, place, or address instead.

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    Com (on subject line please write HOB).Every time I ask to speak with the manager, Chris, she is ALWAYS with another bride.

    The girl at the front desk was annoyed and walked away. The hardest part of my job was remembering all the orders your clients wanted. The manager obviously has no clue about shipping because she insured me my dress would be in their store no later then the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, but when I called that Tuesday and (my miracle) talked to the ONE lady in charge of the dresses she told me it hadn't even arrived at the manufacturers yet.

    I ordered bridesmaids dresses from this store in JUNE 2014 and they did not come in for NINE MONTHS! I showed her my folder orgnazied with the designer and style number. I told the House of Brides I thought $375 was a lot for a hem and taking in the sides 1" so I took my questionable dress with me. I tried to send emails to them! I walked in with one of my bridesmaids on a Saturday afternoon with no appointment. I walked the other way towards the jewelry displays.

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    For that apt I also had to wait quite awhile for them to meet with me for me to try on the dress. Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. From the mother of the bride of Alexis Hyde. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted.

    The selection was awful, and half the bridesmaids dresses are not even available any longer. The store manager, Chris Richards, is rude and not helpful. The website listed a 4th of july sale. Their consciences are non existent. Their selection is beyond huge and is at all price levels. Then I asked if they had any dresses on sale. They are not proactive and are terrible at picking up calls when you try to take initiative.

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