Younger men are the product of an evolving world. You may easily discover your younger man is more enlightened than anticipated. He may be able to handle things in the dating/relationship process that you can't.

Yes, their women hated me and used to send nasty emails to me but after two years of not interfering with their relationships they now know I would never do anything to disrupt their lives with the two men and actually one of the women has talked with me on the phone for advice on her guy. You can do this simply by using touch more and more during your interactions. You make him feel like the man he wants to be.

We met at a time when our relationships had recently ended and we instantly had chemistry. We recently ended it due to the age difference. Well he was 21 (first he said 25) and I was 52 and that was 2 years ago and we have been married a year and still very much in love.

I've tried dating men my own age and honestly, that was not a good time. If you consistently pay when you go out, he may begin to feel that you think he can't take care of you, or he may allow you to begin taking care of him and take advantage of you. If you think it’s just a booty call, that’s pretty misleading.

I am 36 (look 27) with no kids and he is nearly 23.I am in love with a guy 15 years younger than me.

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Or should she continue seeing the guy, enjoy dating him as much as she can while she can, and not worry about the outcome of the situation too much, without thinking about the future too much? Regardless of how sexually permissive and progressive we think we are, there’s still a bit of eyebrow raising when a woman dates younger. Remember, age is just a number. She always said to me and to my sister: “I will love whoever you love”. She flared up and blasted me for saying such a thing.

I am trying to keep my senses about this but its difficult.

We are currently living together and it has been great! We have been together, off and on, for two years now. We met at a friends party, and things eventually progressed from there.

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  1. But I learned from three of my younger partners one of twelve years and two of twenty two years, that they did indeed enjoy having sex with me, but, it was just for that and that only.
  2. But don't assume this younger man is a toy or easy prey.
  3. But i am too much attracted for 40+ i know thats crazy but i just love oldies.
  4. But is it fair that we take away from them the opportunity to keep experiencing the different things they have to learn in life.
  5. Despite him being a younger man, he is still a man.
  6. Things can be complicated when it comes to embarking on a romantic relationship with a younger guy. To have a stable in finance (at least) and improve my personality, learn how to sacrifice. Ultimately though, these are just guidelines to help you decide if you should date a younger man or plan something that’s long-term with him.

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    I have read most of the posts here and have a situation that I didn't come across here. I have three children that adore him, he has three children that he adore. I hope he feels the same way that I do! I often use Tina Turner as my example. I said well I'm sorry you can ignore this.

    You might want to enjoy what you have while you have it without looking forward too much unless you believe that being around him and falling in love with eventually really hurt you. Younger men are less likely to be cynical. Your interesting story with the 36 year-old gentleman just proves yet again that just because someone says that want to keep it light, doesn't mean that time will not change things and will not make people develop feelings for each other.

    • An older woman still has a vibrant life and many still love to be wined and dined and even taken out to clubs.
    • And am with her since a year and a half.
    • And thats good enough for me.
    • And we have been together now for over 5 yrs now he loves the Lord and I love the Lord.
    • Basically, all those things that impact how you think about, respond to and take in life.
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    • Leave you because you can’t have children?
    • At first when we started getting interested in each other, I paused for a moment and thought this is a losing situation for me.
    • In turn, you can open his mind to more mature things as well.
    • I’m educated and have my own job.

    If you're thinking about dating a younger man, congratulations. It is probably different for everyone else. It is trust, mutual respect, committment and honest love that keeps us together. It is very nice to know that most of the above couples are finding a slice of happiness in this somewhat odd relationship.

    I will not judge othersbased on some of the responses of the age differences. I'm glad i can find articles that i can relate to about 3 months ago i broke with my ex, we were together for 3 1/2 years. I've had long term relationships with men 6yrs, then 15yrs younger and dated younger men almost exclusively.

    1. He adores me and he really likes the attention and devotion I give him.
    2. He and I get alone great.
    3. He’s just the total package.
    4. He’s never met my kids and knows I have no plans to go that route either.
    5. However, he’s young and immature and lives the bachelor stoner life while I’m an “upstanding member of society” in a town 100 miles away with two kids and the life that goes with that.
    6. It was easy and it was great! It's been awhile since I last wrote, I believe mid-September was my last send. It's mutually understood there is no 'happily ever after', tho it seems the only issue at this point is on her end, im a pretty big part in her life, her young childs life, yet on my end i keep it very seperate and even tho she gets why it still does not make her feel good at times.

      I could use some advice. I cut things off completely.

      So during my relationship with the young guy i started to realize alot of things that were just not right. Some are offended by the term but some of us shrug it off. Someday he’ll have a better job, and you’ll be able to enjoy the finer things in life again. Something some of them are not getting from younger women.

      The first step to dating an older woman is attraction. The sex was important—but I was really concerned about what she needed and desired. Their thoughts have solidified. There are also other significant reasons why a. They are both still very close and see each other regularly.

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      1. Even though he is 21, it says a lot about his personality that he is so influenced by societal norms.
      2. Everywhere I go I just think about or look for her.
      3. Dating advice from my future self

        I think its if we are willing to take the leap of faith and it doesnt matter what circumstances or age differences. I think my mother qualifies for a perfect in-law. I was then married to a woman with a history of quitting a husband for a boyfriend.

        Since I'd done all of the hanging out w/friends, frequenting bars and the like in my early years, this does not bother me at all. Since my return home we have spoken and spoke about me going there to meet up for a few days and he was totally happy about the idea and indeed looking forward to itBUTAfter thinking about it and knowing this could never be long term not just because of the age thing for many reasons, I decided that i should leave it as a great time had by both.

        What a refreshing blog, and a relief to find that I am not alone! When we met at the airport, I was on the phone with him asking where he was waiting for me. When we're together the age difference leaves my mind, and only comes back if/when I'm around my old school friends. When we’re in public, we hold hands like any other couple might.

        I am very confused, if anyone out there can give me some good advice i will be very thankful as I have thought of everything and have been feeling down and confuse because of this.I can verify that although hearing his real age was like wow!

        Its been years and the other two guys still keep in touch with me even though they both are with women their ages now. I’m 32 and i have taken a liking in a 22 yr old young man. I’m now 43, blessed with two most wonderful teenagers who’s been previously actively bugging me to settle down instead of dating around so frequently. Like being ignorant and not knowing anything makes them ‘cuter’.

        Mr disrespect, so bills we both pay, im surprise any woman with you, with your level of respect, saying the word fool was not enough for your weak azz to call me a b****. My father became billionaire and was fond of other woman also. My feeling towards her changed. My parents as supportive didn't like it and felt that if before marrying this is the case what would it be later. No one can make you feel old—that’s on you.

        I decided he can give me as much happiness as a man my age and why miss out on the love he has for me, the great sex, and all the things we love in each other. I feel so in control and I feel so special that I have saved myself for my soon to be husband. I have never dated anyone younger than me before i have always dated up my ex was 31.

        Not sure though on kid thing, raise 3 boys but he say if not he is ok with only me and him and travel and enjoy our home-life til God call us both home and what not. Now if you don't have the energy or the willingness to enter and enjoy her world than forget it! Or maybe he really is interested but is too shy to say anything.

        • "If I look at a girl in her twenties, I might find her attractive, but thoughts are only on sex.
        • (or maybe they think they do?
        • Also, I have not told him my full age yet!
        • Although you both may be sexually attracted to each other, limit your physical contact.
        I am sad to know that many older women are in denial about the fact that a big age difference is a virtually insurmountable obstacle as far as long term relationship goes.
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