Chat Adda - Indian Chat Rooms - Android Apps on Google Play is the best substitute. Chat functionality, though attachments are problematic and like Yahoo. Seems like the shift in the market toward video chat, made text chat less attractive. You can see tinychat, which is a nice solid video chat room service. As of writing, downloads of the legacy Yahoo Messenger are no longer.

There are simple solutions to problems. There is another one, – it supports one on one, or group video chat with up to 16 people. There was a comment earlier by some female chauvinist, “all men are pigs.

However, the public chat rooms of yahoo are closed. However, this doesn't actually retract the messages from the conversation; clearing the conversation just clears the history so that you can't go looking through the texts. I agree with the user room shut down if there is a room that is intising a child to comit a sexual act it is not welcomed at any extent. I am sorry that i took exception to such an extreme statement that generalizes on a rather large portion of the population.

Back in the 70 i was into cb radio (chaos central) kinda like the voice chat of now days but more like the wild wild west,people keying on each other whistling playing music drowning each other out.

Hello to ALL you LOSERS out their”GET A DAMN LIFE WON’T YOU! How about buying software to monitor your kids activites or software to block them from going into chat rooms. However, it seems like Paltalk - a platform for audio-video based communities - is likely to make most out of this situation.

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Can anyone say first amendment! Can't even hear the sound this app uses now. Cant see who is online, cant see my contacts, cant figure out (no matter how many time i go i to the help section) how to get into archived conversations.

They can and will just go to another place. They will learn about sex. This article is supported by (marked as). This is the new version of the old that worked just fine, now have to learn this version all over again! This is why I haven't been using it in years.

When it comes to the children it is number 1 the parents responsibility not only to inform their children but to enforce issues. Who is online that is not shown so it is sometime pathetic. Why do we need a link for finding invisible users?

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Non-Windows users are not good enough to look at our ads seems to be a strange way to run a business, but so it goes. Okay so you shut down the yahoo! Omg I hadn't used messenger in a long time but wanted to get some addresses off it so I installed it. Omg I hadn't used messenger in a long time but wanted to get some addresses off it so I installed it.

From the introduction I read "As of March 27, 2016, the only supported clients are the Android, iOS and web browser clients. From the main screen, tap Invite friends. From the top left menu, choose the smiley face icon to open a mini version of Messenger.

In resoponse to the iddiot that gave the idea of using an age verification system, such as a valid credit card(no charge) then there's one more question i have for this person and anyone else that had this idea, what would stop a child from finding their parents cc# and using it to falsify their age that way. Instead of shutting the chat rooms down, they did a major revamp of it. Is still available to download and people can add friends to their messenger list.

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  • "Someone however can block this by selecting 'allow only messenges from people in my buddy list', but this can be an annoyance in chat rooms, although Yahoo!
  • A long time ago for chatting.
  • According to Paltalk, some Yahoo groups have already relocated to the Paltalk community -- by Pankaj Maru -- MUMBAI, INDIA: While Yahoo's December 14 deadline to shut messenger public chat rooms features comes near, the global Internet company is facing criticism and rage from millions of users globally.
  • Account, you’ll be able to invite friends, create groups, draft messages, "like" messages and send your own photos and GIFs.
  • After the message you receive.

You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm). You can only upload videos smaller than 600MB. You may set the checked=, on this template, to true or failed to let other editors know you reviewed the change. You're asking for problems when you do that. You're post has not only spotlighted your hypocrisy but validated my original post.

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I have just added archive links to one external link on. I may be wrong, but has Yahoo also joined Skype as their option for video chat? I miss the old yahoo chat rooms so I'm looking for other messengers with chatrooms like yahoo used to find but can't seem to find any. I thought you were different.

Please add option to copy-paste multiple IMs from one chat box to another currently it supports only one line copy-paste. Please include your IP address in your email. Please include your IP address in your email. Please tell me how can I see my old conversion history which was carried on old version of yahoo messenger. Programs like and offer voice and video chat if you are using Mac OS X.

Even months after they are sent, you can recall typo-laced messages or photos you regret sending. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Finally stepped up to the plate. For instance, you may enjoy typing, or may feel it apt to play a game right from your browser when conversations get monotonous. For the last time: this is a news opinion and comment site!

Wikipedia:WikiProject Apple Inc. Yahoo Messenger is also available for Windows/Mac at messenger. Yahoo Messenger lets you delete, or send a message so that it will be removed from the conversation for anyone else who's a part of it. You can also get to the web version of Yahoo Messenger through Yahoo! You can build a group message from the mobile app in the exact same way it works through the web app (see above).

I assume I cannot get into it because the software has been discontinued (this is how I read "legacy Windows. I bet if they made it adult only and charged more people then you know would be upset. I don't see how this is a COI, as any encyclopedic entry about a communications medium must be responsible enough to also cover the risks inherent in the use of it. I get notifications of new messages but when I try and load them it shows nothing. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium in my computer.

As a Windows user, the free version of the popular chat program will allow you to connect to the IRC network.As clients such as pepsi and state farm pulled their advertising due to the issue.August 2007 (UTC) Significance of yahoomessenger.

Fyi, i also have a young man in the house i'm teaching to be a strong young man, and how to show a woman that he's not as much a dirt bag as all the other men. Gd tramp and “tired of saying it. Hated it at first because it changed so much. Having 2 daughters aged (now) 19 and 12, we have a simple rule in our house – no chat rooms. Hellllloooo all the predators used yahoo.

The Mac client is much, much closer to being on par with the Windows client now, even if it's only a beta version. The all-new Yahoo Messenger is the fastest, easiest way to chat and share lots of photos and animated GIFs instantly. The devs want Yahoo to fail. The iPhone link takes me, which has no mention of being able to make calls.

Sex isn't something that only disgusting depraved people do. Shutting down yahoo user chat rooms is overall a good thing. Since then, Yahoo has released a new desktop messenger at; however, it is only supported by newer versions of Microsoft Windows, meaning that if you use an older version (like XP), the new desktop messenger will NOT install.

It it would replace the tool, along with other services being removed, with new features. It just happens to be more common there. It might help if people encouraged this and actually worked with yahoo! It now supports setting your status to the current iTunes song, it has avatar/display picture support, and stealth mode, all "differences in a major sense" in my opinion.

  1. And there's no apparent way to get rid of it.
  2. And with that hammer: Rule The World.
  3. Are there any available numbers on how many people use Yahoo messenger?
  4. Are you trying to tell me men aren't pigs?
  5. Most of the people i have had as friends are saying that if yahoo charges, they're gone as well it's not worth paying for. My kids would never in a million years be allowed on the internet without parental supervision. My only reference so far is my own experience, and the official blog listed, as well as This is basically a plea by Chet Simpson, the creator or ytunnel begging for improvements in its chat rooms.

    If you create an ashamed overregulated environment they'll look for an unregulated one to ask and talk about things that do not make them a sick person but a human being, the problems is that unregulated environments are full of people who's view we don't like (not only sickos). If your address book has a few different methods of contact (e.

    If ‘she’ posted something untrue then you have can have an attorney draw up and send a legal document warning her to remove the posting or you will proceed further with legal action. In any case, i'm sorry to see the yahoo role playing community die, when it is equally simple to control where underaged users go in the first place.

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    The last word of a sentence seems to become the first word of your next sentence. The passage even finishes with an admonition to take precautions. The reason why it happened is the continued tight integration with Microsoft. The room adults setup make then room maker a monitor with the power to kick the pervs or even children that come in them. The threat of infection by these two methods is substantial and growing. Then, along comes a major product revamp -- about a year in the making.

    Once you log in to your Yahoo! Our chat rooms are similar to yahoo messenger chat room. Over the millions of years we have been on this rock technology has grown by leaps and bounds but socially were are still in the dark ages. People don't want a UI that was designed by a drunk marketing monkey at 4 am at night. People would have a whole different impression if he did the same in the physical world.

    Chat rooms are all poop anyway. Chat user rooms in the past week. Chatrooms like young girls for older guys are disturbing but whats more disturbing is the parents who fail to even notice their children are on those sites. Dan —Preceding comment added by 21:37, 30 March 2008 (UTC) Vendor lock-in?

    But it works perfectly well. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.

    So yes i do go in chatrooms do not try to make it sound glorious we are talking children here, i know if you frequent chatrooms you have bot blockers and im blockers. Still find it fairly bland and boring. That's a big deal because no other major messaging service lets you do that.

    This is why I haven't been using it in years. Thus, online chatters have no free service to find random people to make new friends. Tried it out a couple of years ago and video chat only once.

    We offer a premium product (subscription), users can buy virtual currency and we serve advertising," says Kriegel. We would welcome working directly with Yahoo to help them with this challenge," says Paltalk's president and COO, Wilson Kriegel. Well most women in these chat rooms are nothing short of hypocrites. What do you mean not correct? What you said is a perfect example of what i was saying about room mother and child ip banning.

    It's close to the computer so while i'm whipping up a tasty dinner for my kids i can bounce and show my kids some cool space and science stuff online. Let me see if I understand this correctly: you get kicks out of pretending to be a girl and getting hit on by desperate men of all ages. Like Yahoo, Paltalk messenger has free rich-features like audio, video and text based communication along with file and photo sharing - all in a single window.

    Both websites claim to monitor chatting for any objectionable activity, but it is best left to the users to be careful while connecting with complete strangers.But it doesn't actually mention that here though, only on.

    Do read the and refrain from personal/vindictive attacks while commenting. Do you think Yahoo messenger contributes to? Doesn't look like the old one but I think this look is much better. Earlier this week, news reports citing anonymous sources said that of its entire Web products and advertising business, presumably because. Email and text), you can use the menu next to the contact to reach them in those ways.

    If there going to do this they should set it with there own monitors in there rooms & make it no user for teen chat. If there was a machine that would bring up kids for you, i'm sure 90% of all parents would buy one. If you are using Mac OS X, you can connect to IRC chat rooms with a free program like.

    I want to know why kids and teens are visiting adult chat rooms. I would like to talk about star wars. I'd agree with you, but she know's i'm not raising a “man hater”. I'd suggest tying it into the abandon-ware Yahoo Messenger for non-windows users but I don't want to make it seem shrill. I'm showing my daughter on a day to day basis how a “real man” acts. If it comes great, but until then it's not a milestone, it's press release.

    Put new text under old text. ROLL DAMN TIDE, FLY FUCKING NAVY! Seems awful that we can't protect our kids.

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    • I would like to talk about star wars.
    • However, I can see chat contacts from within Yahoo!

    Like would you leave your kid in a mall by him/her self? Livetext lets you videoconference with other people, but with text instead of sound. Loving the updates so far. Made a surprise move last week and shut down its user-created chatrooms. Messenger for iPhone, use voice and video calling to connect with your IM friends in brand new ways". Might pop in later to see what's happening.

    1. Along with public chat rooms, Pingbox and Windows Live Messenger interoperability are all scheduled to be removed on 14 December, and some other features will disappear at the end of January.
    2. Also and it is not worth paying for.
    3. Alternatively, you may want to consider one of various free casual gaming sites around the internet.
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