Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim Live Chat) Zendesk Chat. Live Chat by Formilla – Real-time Chat Plugin. Pure Chat – 100% Free Live Chat Plugin & More! Author(s): Pure Chat, Inc. In this article, we will share the 7 best live chat support software for your WordPress site that are easy to install and setup.

MyLiveChat 10,000+ active installs Tested with 4. Navigate to your WordPress admin section and click Plugins. Need help deciding on what message to display? Never miss the chance to hear from a prospective customer by receiving their email address and message right to your favorite email client.

The Plugin ID is shown to you immediately upon creating your account and it is also sent to the email address you registered with your Formilla account. The is used by over 9,000 WordPress and WooCommerce websites today. The live chat button will install to your website in the bottom-right corner by default. The next step is to copy your unique chat script from within your Formilla account. The position of the button can be altered with some CSS changes within your Formilla account.

Everything is installed but if you’re still having trouble, aren’t appearing online, or have no idea what to do next: Don’t get frustrated, just We’re always happy to help and we mean that! Finally, enter a message and click “Save Changes”. Finally, enter a message that is warm and personable (have fun with it! Find the Formilla Live Chat plugin and click the “Deactivate” link. For a demo of the chat and agent dashboard in action, check out our.

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Just to your Formilla account and choose “Widgets” from the menu, then click the edit/pencil icon for your chat widget to enter the settings area. Learn PROVEN strategies to generate thousands of visitors that CONVERT. Live chat software with real-time visitor monitoring for your WordPress site! Live chat that learns from you as you engage with your customers. LiveBeep is a comprehensive communication tool for the e-commerce.

To install live chat on a specific web page or without using the plugin, start by disabling the live chat plugin if you have already installed it. To make the most use out of the live chat software on your WordPress site, be sure to use these best practices to be extremely efficient, and improve engagement with your website visitors to turn them into actual customers. To respond to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once logged in to your Formilla account, click ‘Widgets” from the Formilla menu on the left-hand side, then click the edit/pencil icon for your chat widget (usually labeled as the default widget). Once you have accomplished this, check your website to see if the live chat button appears as expected.

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Our Premium packages allow you to customize your live chat widget in any language, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, and much more! Paste the chat script you copied above as shown, then check the boxes you want it to display and click Save. Please email if you believe this is an error. Please email if you believe this is an error. Please include your IP address in your email.

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Use to initiate an automatic live chat conversation with your visitors while they’re browsing your website. View your website to ensure the live chat button and widget was installed properly as shown below. Visitors to your site can take advantage of a rich knowledge base and plenty of help options, with no indication that they've ever left your site.

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If you find yourself repeating the same message to your customers, simply save the message as a shortcut such as “hello”, and use the shortcut when chatting to recall the full message such as “Hello, how can I help you? If you follow any tip within this guide, this is the one tip to follow. If you have any issues with the installation in this step, it’s likely due to the directory permissions on your web server.

Remember, you can directly going forward; there is no need to login to your WordPress admin panel to access chat once you have it installed. Returning, IP address, and more. Select the 2nd tab in your browser and enter the relevant information as shown below. That's where having a live chat plugin integrated with Zendesk Chat on your site can help.

Once you have our live chat WordPress plugin, you can chat with your website customers using the Formilla web dashboard, our Windows desktop app, or iPhone, iPad, and Android apps when you’re on the road (Premium option). Once you save your Chat ID, you should see a Launch link to begin testing your chat. Or better yet, you don’t even see the widget installed at all even after activating the plugin and reviewing the other troubleshooting steps above.

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To your Formilla account and choose “Widgets” from the menu, then click the edit/pencil icon for your chat widget to enter the settings area. To your Formilla account and choose “Widgets” from the menu, then click the edit/pencil icon for your chat widget to enter the settings area. Use our Standard (free) package for life, or upgrade to our after your 15-day free Premium trial for more powerful features.

This post will show you exactly how to get the Formilla Live Chat plugin installed to your website in just a few steps. This will open a 2nd browser tab where you can sign up for a free Formilla account. This will take you to the Formilla Chat section of your WordPress admin panel. Tip: this is what we use as an Auto-response message to ensure we can get the visitor’s contact info at a minimum: “ Thank you for your patience.

If you installed Formilla Live Chat and don’t see it on your WordPress site after following all the instructions, check to see if you’re using a plugin such as, or some other similar caching plugin. If you need any help with this, just and we’ll be glad to help. If you’re stuck, just so we can help! In short, the WordPress live chat plugin is a customer service channel that reduces support costs and improves customer satisfaction.

For more details on our live chat app and how real-time chat support meets the needs of our fast moving society, Start your free 30 day trial today. Formilla will automatically mark you “Offline” from chat outside of your hours of availability. Free Live Support Chat for your WordPress website. FrescoChat 600+ active installs Tested with 4. From the Formilla Chat menu, click the Sign Up link if you don’t currently have an account.

Note: while it is extremely rare to experience a website issue upon installation, it is always recommended to install plugins in a test or development environment first or at least after taking a back-up of your website. Notice the “Alerts” bell icon on the bottom-left corner of your dashboard where you can modify alerts and sounds (this tutorial won’t get into those details).

You don't have permission to view this page. You have now successfully activated your Formilla Live Chat plugin! You should appear online and the button should display “Chat With Us” on your website by default. You’ll really enjoy the Real-time Visitor Monitoring feature as you get to see the number of active visitors on your WordPress website, and initiate live chats with them. Zendesk Chat's WordPress chat plugin can accomplish just that.

If you appeared online (Chat With Us) in the prior step when visiting your website, you should successfully appear as a visitor on your own live chat dashboard similar to below. If you are in a hurry, please leave a message with your contact information and we will get back to you quickly!

  • From here you can drag the Text widget to the right-hand side called Widgets Area.
  • The best FREE live chat support for your WP website (no 3rd party dependencies)!
  • View the visitor’s Country, their recently viewed web pages, operating system, internet browser, referring site, new user vs.
  • Now check the box next to the “Enable Auto Display” setting and specify how long after a visitor arrives to your web page before the message is to be displayed (we recommend setting this to anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds).
  • You can always retrieve the Plugin ID from within your account at anytime as follows: Click “Widgets” from the Formilla menu.

Then click the edit/pencil icon for your chat widget to enter the chat settings area. There are times you will be busy doing something when a chat request comes in, or you might just simply miss a chat from time to time. These are three different, but very good wordpress chat plugins. This can be found on the Custom Appearance tab of your chat widget’s settings. This next step you will copy the Plugin ID you received upon signing up.

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When you’re unavailable from chat, the live chat widget automatically turns into an offline email widget. Why waste time requesting chats manually from the dashboard when you can enable Proactive Chat to automatically pop-up and ask your visitors if they need any help? Willow Hunt 90+ active installs Tested with 3. With the customization option, you can customize the text of the live chat buttons, chat forms, and offline email forms.

Now let’s navigate back to your WordPress admin section and mouse over the “Appearance” menu, then select “Widgets” from the sub menu as shown. Now that the plugin is activated, find Formilla Live Chat from your Plugins page and begin by clicking the “Get Started” link. Now you can go back to your WordPress Admin in the first browser tab and paste the Chat ID you copied from the prior step. Nowtalk – free live chat for your website in 1 minute.

  1. Check the box next to the “Enable Auto Response” setting and specify how long before Formilla should respond on behalf of you (we recommend anywhere between 60 and 120 seconds).
  2. Click on the tab called “Advanced Options” to find the feature as shown below.
  3. Click the “Install Now” button to begin the installation.
  4. Com 9,000+ active installs Tested with 4.
  5. Com live chat dashboard, where you can respond to website visitors in real-time.
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    With, you get to sit back and relax, while Formilla does the heavy lifting for you. You can easily configure Proactive chat (auto-display) to display a custom message after just a few seconds. You can read more about the. You can see what webpage your visitor is currently viewing, what country and region they are located, and send a chat request all from the same screen.

    WP Super Cache displays a timestamp when your webpage was last cached. WPMUDev 2,000+ active installs Tested with 4. We always highly recommend enabling the Auto-response feature when using live chat software. We will be with you shortly.

    Please include your IP address in your email. Plus, you'll learn 5-star customer service tactics along the way. Powerful, affordable and most loved Live Chat solution for everyone.

    LiveSupporti 2,000+ active installs Tested with 4. Make sure to paste the entire chat ID and click Save Settings. Meet Tidio Live Chat – a free live chat for your website. Most caching plugins operate similarly in that there is a way to refresh or delete the cache.

    Configure Formilla to alert you with to get notifications when your visitors arrive to your website.Copy the script shown in the box from the Widget Details tab.

    It’s really easy to enable, and you’ll notice a lot higher live chat engagement from your website visitors with it enabled. Join the elite group of other people who have also signed up for our mailing list. Join us for a live product demo We’ll walk you through the product family and answer any questions you have about Zendesk. JumpUnstar this message Requires at least: 2.

    Easily hide the widget by dragging the Text widget to the Inactive Widgets section as you see below.Enable Auto-response to save the day.

    We're an instant gratification society and as such require quick resolutions to problems or questions. When issues take a long time resolve, customer satisfaction levels dip and companies lose out. When you click your button, does it open the chat widget only in some browsers but not others?

    Crisp IM 3,000+ active installs Tested with 4.Dallas Read 1,000+ active installs Tested with 4.Don’t worry, we don’t take any billing information from you and it’s a completely risk free trial!
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    1. Below is a list of our most popular features.
    2. Below you can see the Real-time Visitor Monitoring tab in focus on the mobile app (left-hand side), where you can watch your website traffic from anywhere in the world.
    3. Boost your visitor satisfaction with Crisp, the best live chat software.
    4. On the first tab called “Widget Details”, you can define your hours for weekdays and weekends, along with your timezone. On the next screen, you’ll see the installation occur and a message that the plugin was successfully installed like below. On the right is a view of the advanced visitor information at your fingertips.

      • Active installs Tested with 4.
      • Add chat to your blog.
      • Also note that your Formilla account starts with a Premium trial for the first 15 days, then automatically downgrades to the Standard free live chat package if you choose not to upgrade.
      • Be sure to check out our guide to help you get started with a ton of canned responses right now.
      • Be sure to read our full to learn even more.

      Install our and apps to never miss a chat when you’re away from your computer (Premium option). It is one of the best live chat plugins for WordPress today, with over 80 reviews and almost a 5-star rating. It turns more visitors into buyers, increasing conversion rates. It’s best to reach out to your website administrator or host to determine the correct access level rights.

      From the WordPress Add Plugins page, do a keyword search for “Formilla” to find the plugin. From your WordPress admin panel, find the WP Super Cache plugin settings and click the Delete Cache button from the Easy tab. Go ahead and click the “Activate Plugin” link as shown. Here is a link to our for comparison again. If this date and timestamp is before your installation of Formilla, then you likely just need to refresh your cache.

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