A Meeting by the River is an album recorded by Ry Cooder and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt; it was recorded in September 1992 and released in April 1993 through the. Oct 2009 - 10 min - Uploaded by DRANTJERy Cooder & V. Bhatt - A Meeting by the River from the album A Meeting by the River.

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The splendor of the music is aided in its transmission by the fact that, like all Water Lily Acoustics releases, this album is masterfully recorded; each instrument is clear, distinct, and three-dimensional sounding. The voices of the two instruments blend marvelously, first alternating melodic statements, then doing so together, each dancing around the other, playing cat and mouse, probing, answering, reflecting.

Gioffre wrote a positive review of the album and called Cooder and Bhatt "genuine masters" of their respective instruments. He described the musical interplay between the musicians as "nothing short of astounding" and the album as a rare instance in which a combination of genres works. However, one can theoretically separate guitar from vina, America from India, the Mississippi from the Ganges. I did my best to help you build up a reserve to keep going on.

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Cooder had heard a recording of performed by Bhatt and was impressed by his playing and the "haunting clarity" of the Mohan veena. Credits adapted from Allmusic. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Frith, Simon; Straw, Will; Street, John (2001). Gioffre also wrote, "this album is masterfully recorded; each instrument is clear, distinct, and three-dimensional sounding.

  1. A Meeting by the River reached a peak position of number four on 's Top World Music Albums chart.
  2. A Meeting by the River was by and Jayant Shah, by Alexander, and by Kevin Michael Gray and Paul Stubblebine.
  3. A Meeting by the River was recorded in September 1992; it features Cooder solely on slide guitar and Bhatt on the Mohan veena, a stringed instrument he created.
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    Called the album "fruitful" and awarded it three stars out of five. Can best be described as a spontaneous outpouring of music, unhindered by convention or form, brought into being by musicians so supremely capable that the music is never labored, the technique of their craft always subservient to the final product. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India: The Hindu Group. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:.

    The album contains four tracks, three of which are credited to Cooder and Bhatt; tracks range in duration from approximately seven-and-a-half minutes to twelve minutes. The album is included in Tom Moon's 2008 book. The album is included in Tom Moon's 2008 book: A Listener's Life List. The album was produced by Kavichandran Alexander, founder of, and Jayant Shah.

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    It was engineered by Alexander, and was mastered by Kevin Michael Gray and Paul Stubblebine. Listen to A Meeting by the River now. Listen to all your favourite artists on any device for free or try the Premium trial.

    In 1994, the album earned Cooder and Bhatt a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album. In private, they called themselves The Animals. In, the album earned Cooder and Bhatt for. Is a must-own, a thing of pure, unadulterated beauty, and the strongest record in 's extensive catalog.

    Is one of those few cross-genre albums in which the listener never feels for a second that there is some kind of fusion going on; one does not hear the component parts so much as the integrated whole. It peaked at number four on 's Top World Music Albums chart, and earned Cooder and Bhatt for at the (1994). It shines compared to other recordings; the sonic equivalent of wiping a layer of grime off a window.

    1. According to Gioffre, Cooder and Bhatt use improvisation and "voice-like" phrasing, showing melodic performances in an alternating fashion and in unison.
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    3. All tracks by and unless noted otherwise.
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      London, and New York. Margasak wrote that the fusion revealed a "rare, often transcendental beauty" as the two artists "gently and intuitively" found common ground. Meeting by the River (1967), which has a profoundly serious theme of religious conversion, seems to fail because of the excessive informality and chattiness of the letters in which the story is. My composition – 'A Meeting by the River' – aims at explaining this. New Delhi, Delhi, India:. Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

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      2. Although I can't exactly call it an "ambient" album, it is most certainly in my top 12 of all time.
      3. American composer, musicologist and guitar legend Ry Cooder teams with North Indian musician Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to create an exquisite musical realm, with both musicians playing exceptional slide guitar.
      4. Author George Plasketes described Bhatt's playing as "highly nuanced" and said, Cooder performs in a more "loose-jointed, slip 'n' slide style".Author Tom Moon said Cooder takes the lead on the hymn "Isa Lei" as Bhatt contributes "elaborate squiggling asides" and "swooping nosedives".
        • A Meeting by the River is an album by and, released in 1993 through the record label Water Lily Acoustics.
        • A Meeting by the River is an album recorded by and; it was recorded in September 1992 and released in April 1993 through the record label.
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        The musical interplay between and is nothing short of astounding, especially so considering that they met for the first time only a half-hour before the recording of this album. The series is capped by a play the lovers wrote together, A Meeting by the River, starring Dominic West, Kyle Soller and Penelope Wilton, and directed by Anthony Page.

        Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, a celebrated novelist and a talented painter, were openly gay in conservative 1950s Hollywood. Cooder and Bhatt are accompanied by Cooder's fourteen-year-old son Joachim on, a Middle Eastern drum, and by Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari on. Cooder and Bhatt met for the first time less than one hour before recording began; they improvised much of the set; the album's liner notes state, "this recording was unplanned and unrehearsed".

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        Pure analogue recording, no noise reduction, equalization, compression nor limiting of any sort was used in recording or mastering this record. Ravi, Bhama Devi (February 2, 2010). Recorded at Christ The King Chapel, St Anthony's Seminary, Santa Barbara, California, in September 1992. Sign up here to get Britannica Explores delivered right to your inbox!

        And are genuine masters of the guitar and mohan vina, respectively.And it seems to do so regardless of the playback equipment: headphones, speakers, and even computer speakers (the castrato of the music world) all seem capable of reproducing the event with great fidelity.Answering nagging questions like “Is zero an odd or even number?

        Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Once this is done, the resulting music makes more sense than ever before, the combination of two traditions of stringed instruments that use slides to produce sound and value improvisation and voice-like phrasing. Our new Britannica Explores newsletter has all the latest stories along with other great content. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Previous Indian award winners had been recognized jointly with Western artists.

        The collaboration between Cooder and Bhatt is Alexander's first attempt to record musicians of different cultures together, one of his goals when he founded the record label. The event was captured perfectly by Tim de Paravicini of Esoteric Audio Research (EAR). The latter, an instrument created by himself, is a sort of hybrid between a guitar and a vichitra vina, and is played with a metal slide.

        I mean, I'm not naive enough to imagine that anyone can be satisfied indefinitely by memories, especially if he's young and full of life, like you. I second The Orb's ringing endorsement of this album. If you are encoding your music in iTunes or the like, do yourself a favor and make this one Lossless. If you would like to browse in a different language, please choose a language using the dropdown. If you would like to browse in a different language, please choose a language using the dropdown.

        They are ably accompanied by a pair of percussionists: tabla player and 's own son, on dumbek. This fact is just one of the many things that connect 's playing to 's, who plays nothing but bottleneck guitar here. This improvised, collaborative album features Cooder on and Bhatt on the, a stringed instrument created by Bhatt. This is an amazing meeting of two fantastically talented musicians having a light-hearted, joyous musical conversation.

        • In 2011, Bhatt performed "A Meeting by the River" at a music festival in honor of.
        • As good as this sounds on paper, the actual results are even more impressive.
        • A Meeting by the River by Ry Cooder & V.
        • " Bhatt has said he considers working with Cooder his "most special" collaboration.
        • " Peter Margasak of the awarded the album four stars out of four, describing Cooder's performance as "arresting" and Bhatt's as "haunting".
        • "Longing" has a structure similar to a.
        • 's Daniel Gioffre described the instrument as a hybrid between a guitar and a; it is played with a metal slide moving across steel rods along the neck.
        • A Meeting by the River is a must-own, a thing of pure, unadulterated beauty, and the strongest record in Cooder's extensive catalog.

        The February 25, 1995, issue of Billboard, which featured the annual "Indies Spotlight" and covered independent music between the January 29, 1994, and January 21, 1995, issues of the magazine included A Meeting by the River at number ten on its list of the "Top Indie World Music Albums". The absolutely minimalist recording techniques produce a CD that transports the listener to the performance.

        Be on the look out for the Britannica Explores newsletter to deliver more Demystified stories right to your inbox.Bhatt became one of a few Indian musicians to have received a Grammy Award until won at the in 2010.Bhatt said of the song, "Music has no religion and no geographical or linguistic barrier.
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